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Kansas has beaten neighbor Missouri in legally launching sports betting sites going live on September 1st and becoming the third state in 2022 to join the ever-growing list of states now permitting online sports betting. We can expect a swathe of Kansas sportsbook promos being used to entice users to register with legally licensed operators and stop using unregulated off-shore companies which offer no benefit to the state itself.

The four casinos in the state have been given licenses to operate up to three skins each meaning there is a maximum of 12 online sportsbooks potentially launching, with some like BetMGM, and Caesars joining Pointsbet as the first online sportsbooks available for Kansas users.

Is Online Sports betting Legal in Kansas?

How Many Sites Will There Be?

12 is the maximum number of sports betting sites that will be able to accept wagers legally in Kansas under current rules with four casinos offered 3 licenses each.

These are some of the current license holders/connected casinos and their likely online brands

CasinoSkin #1Skin #2Skin #3
Kansas Crossing Casino & HotelBetMGMCaesarsPointsbet
Boot Hill Casino & ResortDraftKingsBallybet
Kansas Star CasinoFanDuel

Hollywood Casino at Kansas SpeedwayBarstool

Why use a Legal Sports Betting Operator?

While many Kansans may be used to online sports betting with offshore operators, the introduction of legally licensed sportsbooks that can be used i the state offers benefits not associated with offshore gambling.

  • Safety of Funds
  • Taxable income for the State

Safe Sports Betting

With no regulation or licensing, if you wager with an offshore operator, there are no guarantees to the safety of your funds deposited in the account, and should there be any dispute around this or payment of wins and withholding of funds, there is no recourse from within the state - You are pretty much on your own in that regard - The benefit of using a legally licensed Sportsbook tied to a land-based Casino in the Sunflower State is that strict operation regulation is in place and along with it, safety and security that the sportsbook is not going to disappear with your money without questions to answer to the government.

Kansas State Benefits

Each operator given a license to operate a retail and online sportsbook in the state will pay 10% tax on revenues. This money will feed directly into beneficial areas for the state, not least $750,000 annually will go into the White Collar Crime Fund, 2% will go to the Problem Gambling and Addiction Grant Fund, and of the remainder, 80% will go to the Attracting Professional Sports to Kansas Fund and 20% to the Lottery Operating Fund.

Which Online Sportsbooks are Available?

There has been a little delay in seeing the first sportsbooks operating online in the state and going live on September 1st, including the Kansas Crossing Casino & Hotel launching all three of their skins, as BetMGM,  Caesars, and Pointsbet sportsbooks. The latter is a new way to wager on sport with extended spread betting options and alternative lines to the more traditional options you'll find at the big Caesars and betMGM brands.

The Kansas Star casino brings us FanDuel thus far, with two spare skins yet to use, while Boot Hill, will be Draftkings and Ballybet with a spare seat, and Hollywood at Kansas Speedway has Barstool sports.

How to Register and Sign up to an Online Betting Site

In-person visits to brick-and-mortar casinos are not a requirement to register and verify an account. You will be able to complete the online registration and be able to manage all deposits and withdrawals the same way.

Registering for an online betting account in Kansas is as simple as providing personal details and setting up security. Let's take you through the steps. You may be able to find a deposit match bonus to get you going.

You do not have to be resident in the state of Kansas to have an online betting account, but you will have to be within state boundaries and geolocation tracking on your mobile to prove that you are when registering, funding, or making wagers

4 Simple Steps to Register Online

  1. Hit a SEE OFFER button on the betting site of your choice below
  2. Enter your personal details, Name Age, address Etc
  3. Set up security info - password etc
  4. Make your first deposit

That's it, you are registered funded, and ready to place your first online wagers.

How much will Legal Sports Betting in Kansas be Worth

With an enormous College sports interest and despite smaller populations, comparisons have been drawn in sports betting handle forecasts with states like Arizona and expectations of exceeding recently launched Louisiana given a similar number of license take-ups from the get-go.

This has all resulted in expectations coming in the region of $1.7b in year one. When we begin to consider the 10% tax levy on revenue, it is plain to see the benefits for the state in terms of that additional revenue previously off the radar.

Historical Sports Betting Handles in Kansas

As 2022 turned into 2023, the betting handle in Kansas had shown a level of consistency running through the final quarter of 2022, and the first online sports betting figures looked pretty consistent.

January 2023 saw the figure inching closer to $200,000,000

Year Month Betting Handle Tax Handle growth
2023 June $94,947,384.00 $400,055.00 -17.86%
2023 May $115,598,817.00 $874,385.00 -8.44%
2023 April $126,251,069.00 $907,631.00 -35.92%
2023 March $197,023,461.00 $905,676.00 6.01%
2023 February $185,858,023.00 $1,134.00 -5.50%
2023 January $196,673,414.00 $584,242.00 14.89%
2022 December $171,184,862.00 $951,813.00 -3.31%
2022 November $177,051,484.00 $715,796.00 -2.55%
2022 October $181,682,175.00 $89,261.00 17.06%
2022 September $155,205,570.00 $32,615.00 n/a

What Sports Can be Wagered on in Kansas?

With a wide choice of betting options, professional and collegiate sports can be wagered on in Kansas. The University of Kansas is well known for producing future professional sports stars, with 13 NFL players and 11 NBA players; from our research on which universities produce the most major league sports stars..  

The state has a wide range of sports and types of bets with online sportsbook apps. This is a short list; there are much more available, including major college sports with competitive betting markets.

Sports Available for Online Betting in Michigan
Motor RacingSoccerBoxing/MMA

Collegiate Betting

College teams betting is HUGE! How Huge? Well, more money will be wagered on the college games at March Madness than is on the Superbowl each year!! That HUGE! And Kansas has a huge collegiate sports scene.

Double-check college sports betting availability. There are no restrictions on Collegiate betting in Kansas as may be found in other states.

Thankfully the Best Sportsbooks for March Madness betting are listed on this page, so take a look at the offers and select whichever bonus you like the look of.

Look out for our College Football Betting Guide too.

Live Betting

Talking of March Madness, my favorite sport for Live betting is basketball. The speed and ebb, and flow of the action make watching and betting simultaneously exciting and throws up a lot of opportunities to find bets you might be able to find before the tip-off.

Live betting is legal, popular, and readily available at most online sportsbooks in Kansas. So to get in the thick of the action, find the Best Sportsbook for Live Betting. And find out the Types of wagers you can make this way.

Online Sportsbook Banking Options

In recent times it has been decreed within sports betting legislation that the in-person registration requirement has been dropped, and you can register for a new account online using mobile betting apps. This also includes all account management, including deposits and withdrawals being made online too.

Great news and real help in being able to fully manage your online sportsbook account at your convenience with remote registration.

The even better news is there are a whole host of ways to make deposits and withdrawals to your sports betting accounts with legal sportsbooks. Take a look at these banking options

Credit & Debit Cards

Whilst credit cards are widely accepted, we would advise using credit to fund your online gambling, especially if you do not have the funds to make a full repayment within the month. Betting with money you do not have is worse than betting with money you can not afford. Please see our guide to responsible gambling for more information.

Debit cards are a far better option; funds are available instantly in most cases. Withdrawals will often be processed by the sportsbook within 24 hours using this method, but depending on your bank, it could take up to 5 working days to receive your funds back to your physical account.

For quicker withdrawal methods, read on.

eWallet Solutions

E-Wallets for depositing and withdrawing from your mobile betting account include well-known brands such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Instant deposits and withdrawals within 24 hours are typical, and in most cases, there are no fees to be paid. Double-check if you want to make multiple transactions this way, as fees can be introduced if this method is abused.

Prepaid Cards

Quite often, sportsbooks and casinos offer their own branded pre-paid cards. You can load them up and make deposits and withdrawals with them quickly and be able to access the cash from ATMS. A superb addition to online money management that works seamlessly with most betting sites in Iowa

ACH Wire Transfer

A bank transfer can be a convenient way to fund your betting account. Do check for fees, however, which may vary by bank, and transactions can sometimes take time to clear on both deposits and withdrawals


A barcode scanning scheme where you can deposit cash using relevant retailers such as 7-Eleven


If you are close to the casino partnered with your online sportsbook you can make deposits directly into your account using cash at the cash cage in the casino. Likewise, you will be able to withdraw in the same manner.

Minimum Deposit & Maximum Withdrawals

All sportsbooks will have a minimum deposit requirement, but they are, in the main, around $10, so they are not prohibitive.

Also, be aware of when using deposit methods if any negate the qualification of welcome bonuses. Also, check Wagering requirements of any offer.

Being able to make deposits online also negates the necessity of a visit to a physical sportsbook to make a cash deposit.

Kansas Online Sports Betting Related Questions


Kansas Online Sportsbooks Related Questions

  • Can I bet on sports online in Kansas?

    Since online sports betting with legally launched with 12 potential licenses in the state of Kansas, you can now wager legally online with various sportsbooks without the safety and security issues of using an offshore sportsbook. Fanduel, BetMGM, PointBet and Caesars sportsbook are among the first online sports betting site available in the state.

  • Can I Bet with Kansas Sportsbooks from Kansas City?

    Unless you are physically located within Kansas state with Geo tracking data enabled on your computer or mobile you CAN NOT wager with a Kansas State sportsbook from Kansas City. On launch day some 16,000 Missourians tried to wager online with Kansas sportsbooks with the greater  majority of these attempts coming from Kansas City

  • Can I use BetMGM in Kansas

    BetMGM were one of the first online sportsbooks to launch on September 1st 2022 in Kansas state as one of the skins of the three licenses awarded to Kansas Crossing Casino & Hotel - the other two skins are Pointsbet and Caesars Sportsbook

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