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Dan Tracey Data Scientist and Football Editor

Writer, analyst, podcaster, Spurs fan. Three out of four is not bad. If there is a data angle, I will find it.


Dan Tracey is a multi-talented writer, data analyst and podcaster whose six-year career in the sports data sphere has seen incredible successes. From helping UEFA create their annual technical reports to writing articles for Sports Betting Websites including sites like TheLinesUS and Goal - there's no shortage of areas where his expertise shines through! In addition, he can be heard on podcasts lending an insightful voice as well as providing weekly betting angles - all culminating with him teaming up OLBG.com in the present day. Simply put: wherever you find angled data being crunched? You'll also likely find Dan not far behind!

👨‍🏫 Specialist Subjects🔬📚

Dan's specialist area is data; and lots of it! Wherever we need numbers to create our unique deep dive articles, Dan is our go-to. Dan is also a Tottenham Fan and a football commentator for Newcastle Blue Star

🎯 Industry Expertise

Dan Tracey is deeply entrenched in the world of sports data analysis and football content creation, celebrated for his intricate understanding of the game's statistical landscape and his heartfelt enthusiasm for Tottenham Hotspur. With over eight years as the creative force behind Real Football Man, Dan has demonstrated a remarkable ability to dissect and distill complex football data into engaging content that appeals to fans and professionals alike. As a Football Content Creator, his work ranges from data analysis to podcasting, infusing industry expertise into every endeavor.

In addition to his self-driven projects, Dan has spent time as a Football Statistician at THE STATS ZONE LTD, where from May 2017 to June 2018, he meticulously curated statistics for UEFA. Here, his flair for data helped inform football strategy at the highest competitive levels.

His diverse skill set stretches into business analytics, with nearly two years as a Management Information Analyst at Collinson Group, where he provided vital data insights across multiple departments. Before this, he honed his analytical aptitude over seven years with The Rocket Marketing Group, contributing to management information that bolstered business performance.

In summary, Dan Tracey's experience showcases a dynamic blend of sports enthusiasm and analytical expertise, with a proven track record as both a creator and analyst in the football domain.

🎯 Goal in Role at OLBG

As an OLBG Data Scientist and Football Expert, Dan Tracey seeks to amalgamate his decade-long experience in data analysis and passion for football to revolutionize sports betting intelligence. His ambition is to deliver cutting-edge, data-driven insights to the OLBG community, nurturing a more informed and strategic betting landscape. Furthermore, he aspires to foster a symbiotic relationship with the platform, where his analyses not only guide bettors but also refine OLBG's predictive algorithms.

💬 Quotes from Dan Tracey

"Data shapes our understanding of the game, but it's the stories behind the numbers that truly captivate the fans."

"Football is a tapestry of narratives woven by stats – I just highlight the patterns that matter."

"Chasing the game's essence through numbers is like uncovering the football universe's DNA—one statistic at a time."

📰 Dan Tracey in the News

Dan Tracey's innovative approach to football content creation and his impactful presence as a sports data analyst have rendered him a subject of media interest. While he has yet to make headlines in major news outlets at the time of this writing, his work with UEFA, contributions to THE STATS ZONE, and the burgeoning success of his podcasts, such as the "Come On You Spurs" podcast, signal a rising profile that may soon catch the eye of prominent publications in the realms of sports and technology. With his brand becoming synonymous with insightful football analysis, it is only a matter of time before Dan Tracey becomes a household name for enthusiasts of the beautiful game.

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