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Richard Moffat CEO & Gambling Industry Expert

Industry expert of 18 years, providing commentary on betting related news.


Richard Moffat has been contributing to OLBG since 2004 with a passion for seeking out value betting opportunities on any market the bookies price up.

🎯 Industry Expertise 

Richard Moffat stands out as a distinguished figure in the world of sports betting, with a flawless track record that spans more than two decades. Renowned for his unerring knack for spotting value betting opportunities across varied markets, Moffat's insights and analyses are highly sought after by both new and seasoned bettors alike. His deep understanding of the intricacies of the betting world, fueled by a data-driven approach and a meticulous eye for detail, has established him as an authoritative voice in the industry.

📚 Experience

As the CEO of OLBG from June 2005 to the present, Richard Moffat has played an instrumental role in shaping the platform into a vital resource for the sports betting community. Under his leadership, OLBG has not only facilitated a knowledge-sharing culture among sports bettors but also incentivized expertise through substantial competition prizes, thereby fostering a stronger, more educated betting community. Moffat's 18-year tenure reflects a steady ascent marked by transformative initiatives, resulting in accolades such as a 4.8/5 Trustpilot rating and multiple industry awards.

🎯 Goal in Role at OLBG 

Richard Moffat's primary objective at OLBG has always been to elevate the sports betting experience by leveraging the collective wisdom of a passionate and informed community. He envisions an environment where bettors are well-educated, decisions are data-backed, and the thrill of sports betting is maximized through informed strategies. Empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to make smart wagering decisions stands at the core of his mission, propelling OLBG to new heights as a leader in the sector.

💬 Quotes from Richard Moffat

"Success in betting comes from the value, not the odds. Our job is to find the sweet spot where true worth outstrips what's on the ticket."

"At OLBG, we're more than a platform; we're a meeting ground for minds that believe in the power of shared wisdom and the thrill of the bet."

"Every figure and forecast tells a story, and decoding that narrative is where the excitement lies. That's the thrill we chase at OLBG."

📰 Richard Moffat in the News

Under Richard Moffat's guidance, OLBG has consistently made headlines for its progressive contributions to the sports betting domain. From its exceptional Trustpilot consumer satisfaction scores to the multiple IGB Affiliate Awards and recognition from EGR Power Affiliates, OLBG's impact on the industry is both noticeable and newsworthy. Add to this a user base over a million strong thanks to the widely downloaded OLBG app, and it's clear that Moffat's innovative and unifying approach to sports betting continues to set trends and garner media attention.

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