About Us - What is OLBG?

OLBG is focused on helping sports bettors to improve their enjoyment of betting through learning from each other.

This is why OLBG is:

  1. Growing a community of knowledgeable sports bettors
  2. Empowering that community to share its expertise 
  3. Making it easy to access and use the valuable content which its community creates

OLBG The Sports Betting Community

At OLBG we believe that the experts in sports betting are the sports bettors themselves. We believe that sports bettors can improve their enjoyment of sports betting by learning from other sports bettors. 

This is why OLBG is focused on growing a community of knowledgeable sports bettors. 

OLBG attracts and retains knowledgeable sports bettors through inviting them to become members of the site (for free) after which they can take part in the tipster competitions, interact through the forums & blogs, leave betting site reviews or engage in other ways within the OLBG members area.

 If you haven't joined us yet, we would love to have you in our community. It's free and will take less than a couple of minutes to join, then you will have access to all the benefits including the free to enter tipster competitions.

About OLBG's Products & Services

OLBG sports bettors have a huge amount of knowledge and experience of online betting which will benefit others if shared. This is why OLBG empowers its community to share that knowledge through these products; 

  • OLBG tipster competitions 
  • OLBG betting site reviews 
  • OLBG forums & blogs 

As this content is so valuable, OLBG makes it easy for sports bettors to access it and to learn from it through these services;

  • OLBG tips pages & apps 
  • OLBG betting site reviews 
  • The OLBG betting strategy content hub

The OLBG Tipster Competitions

This is where OLBG Tipsters share their thoughts on what they think is a good bet and why. The reasoning why they think something is a good bet is hugely valuable because it encourages well thought out bets, helps other sports bettors to learn and to make informed choices.

OLBG tipsters are provided with a free to use platform so that they can get their expertise in front of hundreds of thousands of sports bettors. As well as gaining satisfaction from helping others, OLBG tipsters are rewarded with cash prizes.

  • £840,000+ paid out in prize money so far

  • 800 separate prizes monthly across 22 sports

  • 4.8/5 Trustpilot rating (no.1 in our sector)

  • The most advanced tipster competitions in the World

If you want to share your expertise with other sports bettors then we would love for you to join our community. It is totally free to do so and only takes a few seconds to register. We just need a username, an email address and agreement to our terms. Please Join In Here.

The OLBG Betting Tips Pages & Apps

This is where we can see the bets which others are recommending and use them to help us to make informed decisions about which bets we place. We can learn how others find good bets and benefit from expertise across 22 sports.

As an OLBG tips user, we are provided with a free to use platform via web or app which makes it easy for us to find and analyse tips and tipsters, to choose which bets to place and with which betting site to place them. 

  • 1.1million + app installs 

  • 22 sports covered 

  • 4.6/5 user rating from 6000+ reviews

  • The highest rated sports betting tips app in the World 

The easiest and best way to access the tips content is through the free OLBG app. Simply install the app here.  Or alternatively browse the tips pages on the web, starting with the best betting tips page.

Content Expertise at OLBG

Our in house editorial team is packed full of experts from all areas of sports betting and online gambling. In total the team has well over 200 years of experience! In addition to this we bring in expert guests and interview others with experience wherever we feel that we need to boost the insights we need to offer you. 

Above all though, sports bettors and casino players themselves are experts. That is why the vast majority of content at OLBG is written by those experts in the form of user generated content. We have a dedicated page about our experts which you can read here - Meet The Experts

Key Figures

  • 1.1 M+ app installs 
  • 22 sports covered 
  • 4.6/5 user rating
  • 6000+ reviews
  • £900,000+ paid out in prize money 
  • 800 prizes monthly

OLBG Betting Site Reviews

This is where we can leave our ratings and reviews of betting sites. Sharing our experiences and listening to others helps us all to make informed choices about which betting sites are likely to suit us best.

When we leave a rating we help OLBG to form a totally unbiased list of betting sites as the ordering is based on the average user score.

  • 100+ betting sites reviewed

  • 100’s of user ratings & opinions

  • Betting sites listed in order of user ratings

  • The most useful betting site review service in the World

OLBG Forums, Blogs & Betting School

The forum is the heart of our community where our members have been discussing betting strategy for more than 16 years.  Over 494,000 people have joined OLBG and more than 58,000 topics have been discussed in the forum. The blogs section is where members have written more than 10,000 articles on betting strategy.

OLBG sports bettors have learned so much from each other. 

The OLBG Betting School brings this wealth of knowledge together through detailed guides covering topics ranging from understanding odds to 101 ways to find a winning horse racing bet. 

  • 58,000 + forum discussion topics

  • 494,000 sports bettors to learn from

  • Detailed betting school guides

  • The most in depth sports betting strategy content hub in the World 

If you would like to share your expertise with other sports bettors then we would love for you to join our community. It is totally free to do so and only takes a few seconds to register. We just need a username, an email address and agreement to our terms. Please Join In Here

Welcome to OLBG, The Most Knowledgeable Sports Betting Community in the World.

Key Figures

  • 500k online sports bettors
  • 76k competition prizes
  • 900k of prizes shared
  • 58,000 + forum discussion topics
  • 494,000 sports bettors to learn from
  • 4.8 trust score on TrustPilot

The History of OLBG

OLBG was founded in 2002 by Antony Portno

Antony had recently been made redundant so found time on his hands to explore the relatively new world wide web. Some of the information he was looking for wasn't there so he bought a couple of books to teach himself coding and set about building some informational websites. Antony was a big sports betting fan, particularly enjoying betting on NFL, horse racing and football, so one of the sites he built was Online Betting Guide with the aim of helping users to navigate the new world of online betting. Our founder Antony remains the Chairman of OLBG today.

Back in 2002 online betting was very new. bet365 had only launched online out of a portacabin in a Stoke car park in March 2001, so the vast majority of bets were still being placed in high street betting shops or via a phone call. The web needed a reliable and trustworthy website to help sports bettors and online betting guide set about fulfilling that role. 

The now famous tipster competitions began in August 2003 with the forum arriving in the summer of 2004. The forum was an idea from an early member PhilB. Thanks Phil! OLBG has been shaped by ideas from its users, so if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you. 

It was the forum which really kick started the growth of the OLBG community with a very active group of friendly sports betters chatting daily about their experiences and sharing their knowledge to help each other out. This community steadily grew based on some core values of working together, wanting to learn from each other, not criticising others, not gloating and generally being friendly and having fun!

Perhaps obvious values but other communities at the time were different, poorly moderated and often not nice places to be. So OLBG attracted knowledgeable sports bettors who felt comfortable sharing their expertise in such a friendly environment.

What was initially a bit of fun started to become a business. One of the sites earliest members, The Shark, become an employee in 2005 to help Antony to develop the business, Richard Moffat is the current CEO of OLBG. From there the team steadily grew as the site did. Many of the team at OLBG were users of the site before they joined the team. 

If you would love to work for OLBG then do follow OLBG on linked in and keep an eye out for any job opportunities. OLBG has been built by its users for its users so having a group of past, current and future members helping us to shape it is important to us; your ideas and opinions will always be listened to and taken seriously. 

To send your ideas in and for customer service enquiries please use the OLBG contact form which can be found at the bottom of every page on the site. OLBG runs a small Head Office for administrative purposes which is located at the address of One Temple Quay, Temple Back East, Bristol, BS1 6DZ. Telephone 0117 3184152 and email support@olbg.com .However most the team work from home so please use the contact form to get in touch. 

By September 2005 we had reached 1000 members.

Over the years the tipster competition has grown; new sports, leagues, countries and betting markets have been added regularly and many updates have resulted in it being by far the most advanced tipster competition available. 

By September 2008 we had reached 50,000 members.

By October 2009 over £100,000 in prize money had been given away. 

In 2011 we gave up on www.online-betting-guide.co.uk as it took far too long to say and switched to the much shorter OLBG.com as that was what our users were calling us anyway.

By February 2012, our 10th birthday, we had reached 100,000 members. 

We have always encouraged our users to explain their tips and this has resulted in hugely useful content which stands out from other sites where often just tips are given without any reasoning. By reading why a tipster recommends a good bet we can learn from that tipster but also it helps that tipster to really show off their knowledge and expertise. The more knowledgeable tipsters who demonstrate their expertise will gain more followers. 

As mobile usage grew we developed apps to make it easier for users to consume this amazing content. The first apps were launched in 2012 and to date we have generated  over 1.1m app installs. So if you add your tips to OLBG, a lot of people will see them!

2012 was also the year in which we began our sponsorship of the OLBG Mares Hurdle, a key horse race on day one of the Cheltenham Festival. The big race was supported by the road to Cheltenham programme which involved sponsoring a number of other live televised races through the season. This gave OLBG huge exposure. 

We wanted our members to be a part a big part of the sponsorship so we included some of their tips in the toilets around Cheltenham (on posters above the urinals or on the backs of toilet doors). This was a way to showcase our top tipsters. We shared 10 different tips around the course. Amazingly the first 8 tips ALL WON! With some at big prices. Wow! We tried to replicate this in following years and altogether we finished with a profit.

The sponsorship lasted 8 years and provided many "money can't buy" experiences for our members such as choosing the best turned out horse, presenting trophies, enjoying VIP hospitality in amazing boxes and mixing with horse racing trainers, jockeys and owners. This really helped us to grow our awareness and especially our army of superb horse racing tipsters. 

We had a bit of an imbalance with not as many football tipsters as horse racing tipsters so in the run up to Euro 2016 we invested in a TV advertising campaign aimed at football fans who hadn't heard of OLBG. Backed up with youtube advertising, branded taxis & promo events around football grounds, we attracted more amazing football tipsters. 

Providing experiences for our members has extended to football as well. We have given away hundreds of tickets including VIP hospitality at many grounds including matches at Wembley such as FA Cup Finals and internationals. Not to mention signed football shirts, TVs and other amazing prizes. 

We are also very proud of all our members who have given to the OLBG charity scheme. If you win a prize at OLBG you can donate this to a charity and OLBG will double that donation. So far over £28,000 has been raised for sports related charities such as Greatwood, Heros, The Injured Jockey Fund, Retired Greyhound Fund and The Great Football Giveaway. 

Some 500,000 people have joined OLBG over the years, the OLBG app has been installed more than 1.1million times and we have now given away over £850,000 in prize money. 

The growth of OLBG has been a huge amount of fun for many involved and we hope this continues as the more sports bettors who join our community and share their knowledge, the more we can all learn. If you haven't yet joined, please do so, we would love to welcome you. If you are a member then thank you for all you do and if you know a friend who would like it here please invite them to join in. 

Read About OLBG At Other Sites

Find out more about OLBG from other sites on the web. Look at third party sites, read independent reviews and you will soon see that OLBG is a trustworthy, reputable brand and website.  

OLBG Reviews & Background Information 

We are super proud of the reviews which our users have taken the time to write about us. If you want to find out more about OLBG from these reviews and other independent content then here are some links to try. 

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OLBG In The News

OLBG being discussed on news sites at various points in our history. 

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  • How much does it cost to become a tipster at OLBG?

    It is free to become a tipster at OLBG. All tipsters can win cash prizes in the tipster competitions without any entry fees at all. 

  • How much does the OLBG tips service cost?

    The OLBG tips service is completely free to use either by app or web.

  • Do I have to register to use OLBG

    Some parts of OLBG require you to register and login to use such as the tipster competition. However it is really easy to register at OLBG and it's free. Only after registering will you be able to get the full experience and enjoy everything that being an OLBG member brings. 

  • How can I claim cash winnings at OLBG?

    If you win money in the OLBG tipster competitions you can withdraw funds via Paypal, Skrill or even Cheque (if over £50 and UK resident). More information is available in the OLBG help section.

  • How do I Get In Touch With OLBG

    To contact OLBG you will find a contact us link at the bottom of every page on the site. Our customer service team are available 7 days a week but please do allow 24 hours for a reply as they may be busy settling tips. 

  • What does OLBG stand for?

    OLBG stands for OnLine Betting Guide. The site used to be www.online-betting-guide but became better known by it's users as OLBG, so we changed the name to that. 

  • What is the official OLBG Facebook page?

    The official OLBG facebook page is called OLBGUK and can be found here

  • Does OLBG have a twitter channel?

    OLBG has a very active twitter profile called OLBG which can be found here.

  • Are there any jobs at OLBG?

    Jobs become available at OLBG from time to time and will be listed on the official OLBG linked in page.

  • Are there different versions of OLBG for different countries?

    OLBG began as a UK focused site but has since grown to be popular with users throughout the World. If you are from USA, Australia or Ireland then please go to the menu in the top right and choose your country flag. We have localised most of OLBG for you. For other countries we have some localised bookmaker content and guides, you can look for your country flag in the footer. We also have versions of the OLBG app for many countries, please just search for OLBG in your local App Store. 

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