OLBG Charity Scheme

What is the OLBG Charity Scheme?

The OLBG charity scheme allows our tipsters to donate their real money tipster winnings to our charity fund which will then be used to help sports related charities.

Charity Of The Month Is


For every £1 donated by tipsters, OLBG will also donate £1 to the fund therefore doubling the donation.


Current Pot


Amount Raised By OLBG Members

How Do I donate?

If you are an OLBG member and have a positive real money balance then you will see a Claim Button under Real Money On the Status Page in the Members Area. You can donate any amount (in units of £1) even if your balance is below £5.

Where does the money go?

We have identified a few sporting charities (see the menu in the top right) and are continuing to look for more. We focus on lesser known but highly deserving sporting charities. If you have any suggestions then please email us.

How Do I donate?

Yes. Just like before you can still request a cash withdrawal by Moneybookers or Paypal when your balance reaches £5 or more, but you can make charity donations if you have a balance of £1 or more.

Can I still withdraw cash for myself?

Of course but we request you make your donations direct to the charity.

£1000 Cheques Paid To Charities
  • GreatwoodAug 2023
  • HerosNov 2022
  • GreatwoodFeb 2022
  • GreatwoodFeb 2022
  • GreatwoodFeb 2022
  • GreatwoodFeb 2022
  • Injured Jockeys FundSep 2020
  • HerosJan 2019
  • GreatwoodJan 2019
  • Retired Greyhound TrustDec 2019
  • Injured Jockey FundApr 2018
  • HerosOct 2017
  • GreatwoodApr 2017
  • Retired Greyhounds TrustOct 2016
  • Injured Jockey FundApr 2016
  • HerosDec 2015
  • Great Football GiveawayMay 2015
  • GreatwoodDec 2014
  • Retired Greyhound TrustJul 2014
  • HerosFeb 2014
  • Injured Jockeys FundJul 2013
  • The Great Football GiveawayApr 2013
  • GreatwoodOct 2012
  • HerosMay 2012
  • Great Football GiveawayNov 2011
  • GreatwoodJun 2011
  • GreatwoodJan 2010
  • HerosMay 2010
  • Great Football GiveawayJun 2010
  • The Great Football GiveawayJul 2009
  • Wheel AppealNov 2008
  • Injured Jockeys FundSep 2008
  • Cricket Without BoundariesDec 2007
  • The Great Football GiveawaySep 2007
  • HerosAug 2007
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