Retired Greyhound Trust

Who They Are


The Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) is the national charity dedicated to providing ex-racing greyhounds with bright futures in loving, permanent homes. The Trust was founded in 1975, since when it is proud to have rehomed over 65,000 greyhounds.

Each year, the RGT consistently finds around 3,700 loving homes for greyhounds. The charity strives for the day when every ex-racing greyhound has a loving home.

Why They Need Donations

The RGT is run with generous donations from the public and the greyhound industry. These donations get the Trust so far in meeting their annual expenses but further financial help is always urgently needed.

Major areas of expenditure are kennel charges, branch expenditure, veterinary fees, education and awareness, home-finding expenses, and generating funds.

Why We Are Supporting Them

A lot of us like to bet on the dogs but how many of us think about what happens to the dogs once they are no longer any use for racing? By donating some of your free winnings, you'll be helping countless greyhounds to live out their years in a comfortable home with the attention and love they deserve.

As always, you can donate to the current charity when collecting your winnings from the OLBG Tipster Competition! For direct contact with the RGT please visit their site

Current Charity


For every £1 donated by tipsters, OLBG will also donate £1 to the fund therefore doubling the donation.
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