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The Great Football Giveaway

The great football giveaway help to enhance the lives of children around the World by giving them footballs to play with!

Here is some 2013 footage of the GFG Team in Africa

Any money given to the great football giveaway goes directly into buying balls, pumps, valves, transport costs and other costs directly associated with the projects. As soon as they collected enough to fill a container they set off to deliver the balls. Further donations then go towards more footballs for future projects. Simple.

The project was started a few years ago and is not some oversized corporate charity. They just love sport, in particular football, enough to see the opportunity to use it as a force for good. Malawi & Angola is just the start. Over time, with the support of football fans and players, they want to extend their reach into more countries across Africa, South America and Asia. They want to go to refugee camps and where appropriate areas of civil conflict, wherever kids are denied the chance to kick a ball about, they will go.

The great thing about The Great Football Giveaway is that anyone can do it. You don't have to be a doctor, engineer, celebrity or politician. All you have to do is love sport & football enough to want to do something positive with it.

Why They Need Donations

No kid should be denied the chance to kick a ball about. It's one of life's most simple pleasures. Every £10 donated is converted into a brand new football, pump & spare valves and hand delivered by The Great Football Giveaway. Every ball goes direct to kids in schools, orphanages and by the side of the road. Last year they gave away over 3,000 balls to children across Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world.

In June/July 2007, because of the support they off to rural Angola, a country recovering from almost 30 years of civil war. Footballs not only provide some much needed fun for the kids, but they can also be used by schools to help increase attendance. Orphan centres can use them to draw kids off the street and into care, and community youth projects can use them to run education programmes about HIV/AIDS. Put simply, footballs are a hugely resourceful tool.

Why We Are Supporting Them is committed to making sure all members donations go to a wide variety of charities. Football was a natural choice with members betting and tipping on football day in day out. 

The Great Football Giveaway especially wants companies & brands that have profited from the growth of football over the years to get behind them and give something back to the beautiful game.

For more information on the Great Football Giveaway, please visit The Great Football Giveaway Website

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For every £1 donated by tipsters, OLBG will also donate £1 to the fund therefore doubling the donation.
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