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The idea of HEROS (Homing Ex-Racehorses Organisation Scheme) began to take shape in the early 1990s, when owners and trainers asked Grace to re-home their racehorses.

A large network of clients has now been built up and many other people contact HEROS daily, as the word spreads. With a lifetime's experience of horses, knowledge and experience of racing, plus a range of excellent contacts, Grace knew there was scope to give these horses a second chance, with a new career. There are many opportunities for them such as eventing, dressage, polo, show-jumping, hacks, companions and more.

Since she started re-homing racehorses, with the support of her father and mother, Ian and Agnes Muir, Grace and her team have successfully re-homed over 300 ex-racehorses. Grace has an excellent reputation for re-training and re-homing ex-racehorses and a new recruit to HEROS is assessed by her personally before being ridden by one of the experienced, fully trained staff after which a plan for re-schooling is developed.

The Thoroughbred is the most versatile of breeds and is able to adapt to other disciplines very quickly. Although they are primarily bred for racing, thoroughbreds excel in many other spheres, being highly intelligent and easy to train. They are also extremely varied in type and size, anything from 14.2hh - 18hh. Unfortunately, many people have misconceptions concerning the character and behaviour of thoroughbreds. The reality is that from an early age they are well handled, well traveled and have experienced a lot more than any other horses of a similar age. Obviously, like everything, some are easier than others, but the HEROS re-training programme has proven very effective for more than 300 rehomed racehorses.

Not all racehorses are champions but each one of them, however slow, has the potential for a new life after racing. They are all winners to HEROS as they move on to pastures new.

Although there are other charities in this field, HEROS aims to occupy a special place, by carefully matching horses to their new careers and owners across all the equestrian disciplines.

Why They Need Donations

HEROS could not continue its valuable work without the support of its many friends and donors, including corporate sponsors. The costs involved in the up keep, stabling, feeding and veterinary bills are sky. Without the kind donations Heros could not survive.

Why We Are Supporting Them

By supporting Heros, OLBG is helping to increase the awareness of smaller charities such as these, who have little mainstream or government contributions. The care and rehabilitation of these horses is first class, by a dedicated and passionate team of people, therefore this was natural choice for OLBG.com to make their first members donation to. This donation will enable Heros, to feed, shelter, rehabilitate an ex racehorse for an entire year  - the same horses many of our members would have placed bets on or included in their daily horse racing tips

Heros would like to thank all of the members who have kindly donated proportions of their winnings to help this cause.

To find out more about Heros, please visit their main website Heros Website

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For every £1 donated by tipsters, OLBG will also donate £1 to the fund therefore doubling the donation.
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