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See today's most popular horse racing tips below.  



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  • About Horse Racing Tips at OLBG

    The most popular horse racing tips for today from the OLBG team of expert racing tipsters are shown above. 

    OLBG is a community of knowledgeable sports bettors. Perhaps partly due to our sponsorship of the OLBG Road to Cheltenham we have built up a particularly strong group of expert horse racing tipsters. 

    Our best horse racing tipsters are consistently profitable as can be seen by the Monthly Profit Trend figures by their tips. You can also see their 6 months level stakes profit (based on horse racing tips only) and their 6 month strike rate (also based on horse racing tips only). 

    Where we have extra information on our tipsters such as this months strike rate, this months profitability or a tipster with a number of days in profit in a row, we also share this information by the tips. 

    Tomorrows horse racing tips will be online from after the last race today. Our tipsters add their tips any time from final declaration stage right through to shortly before the race start time. 

    We cover all UK horse racing tips by providing tips for every race at every race track in the country. We also provide tips on all Irish racing as well. However we also have a seperate Irish version of OLBG so please head there to see todays Irish Horse Racing Tips  

  • How do I become a horse racing tipster at OLBG?

    Every month there is £1000 in cash prizes monthly for our main horse racing tipster competition as well as £500 for the daily horse racing naps comp and more for the competitions for flat racing, hurdles and chases.

    You can join OLBG for free via this form and take part in the racing tipster competitions. You will need to be good to win these cash prizes as we have some excellent and consistently profitable horse racing tipsters at OLBG. But don't be put off as there are currently prizes right down to 68th place!

    We also run a £1000 Cheltenham Tipster Competition 


  • How can I find the best tips on today's horse racing?

    There are many different ways to use the horse racing tips at OLBG. Some people like to follow the most popular tips and look at the number and % of tipsters going for a specific selection. Will call these Hot Tips. Make sure you look at for the most popular racing tips each day. We share these with you on our social media pages if you find that easier. 

    Some go a step further and compare the % of people tipping a horse with it’s odds. To help with this we provide a confidence rating. Some of our followers look for when the % of racing tipsters tipping a horse exceeds the % chances according to the horses odds. For example if 70% of tips are on a horse which is EVEN money (50%) chance, some believe that may indicate a good value horse racing bet. 

    Others drill down into the tips and look for highly profitable tipsters with consistent profitable months and good level stakes profit. We call our tipsters with a 6 months profit and consistently profitable record HOT TIPSTERS. You can see these hot tipsters in their own section on the app or on the pages in the site . We have some really good hot horse racing tipsters. 

    Others like to see a really well reasoned argument for backing a racing tip which is why we provide comments from many of our expert tipsters. Our site is very well moderated by an in house team as well as volunteer members. Tip comments can be rated and after a while we get to know the tipsters who really research the tips which they make. This really validates the time and effort that many of our top horse racing tipsters put in. Not only does this save you a lot of time as you they can research the best bets for you, it also helps you to understand how the best racing tipsters find their bets. Reading these comments regularly will give you great insight into their selection strategy.

    Some of our users who follow the racing tips pn the site look for a combination of all of this.

    If you don't want to look through yourself and choose the racing tips you like the sound of then you can subscribe to our daily email alerts for free where we will send you our best horse racing tips each day. Get OLBG's Best Horse Racing Tips sent to your in box every day.

  • Who are the best horse racing tipsters?

    Our Hot Tipsters page will show you the most profitable racing tipsters over the last 6 months according to their Level Stakes Profit, then their profitable months so you can gauge consistently good tipping, their current months profit and the strike rate over the last 6 months. If you like the stats, click the link the final column to see their tips today. Our best horse racing tipsters also add reasoning with their tips so you can use that content to see why the tips are being recommended and get insight into the tipsters strategy. Best is subjective but we provide you with lots of information to decide. 

    Soon you will be able to follow your favourite horse racing tipsters on the OLBG apps. Once you find a racing tipster who you like then click to follow them and they will be added to your team of MyTipsters. You can then receive notifications when several of your favourite horse racing tipsters agree. 

  • Can I discuss today's best bets with other horse racing tipsters?

    OLBG has a very active horse racing tips forum, full of highly knowledgeable racing tipsters. This is the place to discuss today's horse racing tips as well as in depth topics around the subject of horse racing tipping. The forum is focused on helping each other to improve our betting on horse racing, finding more winners and becoming great horse racing tipsters. Please come and join us, we would love to hear from you and will make you welcome. 

  • Do you recommend other expert racing tipsters?

    We advise against paying for racing tips. There are so many highly knowledgeable and consistently profitable tipsters here at OLBG who provide their tips for free that we don't believe you need to risk paying for information. Our best tipsters compete for generous prize money every month so they don't need to sell their tips. 

    There are some media outlets which provide racing tips for free via highly knowledgeable racing journalists such as the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Templegates horse racing tips through the Sun. The difficulty they face is they are often asked to tip on every race through todays racecards. At the time of writing, simply backing the favourite in every race would have yielded less of a loss than following any of the newspaper tipsters in the Racing Post Press Challenge. Tipsters at OLBG can be more selective, tipping on one or two races a day or if they don't find any good bets they can choose not to provide any tips at all - exactly how it should be! 

    The Racing Post of course provides great information and tips on the daily racing as well as being a great source for horse racing results. Available via the iPad you can see tomorrows racing tips from their top tipsters including Pricewise tips from 8pm the evening before racing. Whether they are profitable or not we don't know though as they don't provide the history of the tips for scrutiny. So best stick with OLBG tipsters as we will show you their tip history, strike rate, consistency via recent profitable months, overall profitability and return on investment. They have to back their tips up with good reasoning too so you can understand why they are recommending eachh bet. You can then choose which tips and tipsters you want to follow. See OLBGs best racing tipsters here.

  • I Would like More Detailed Horse Racing Tips

    Of course! You can read comments for every horse in every race by the tips on this page or in the OLBG app. For even more in depth research we also have detailed horse racing blogs written for you by our expert tipsters. These cover subjects such as key race statistics, trends, race by race guides for the main UK horse races, in form trainers, ante post horse racing tips and other analysis. There are also many specific articles written for the key races, covering Cheltenham Tips, Grand National Tips and Royal Ascot Tips