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Nap of The Day - Today's Horse Racing Naps

NAP is an expression used to highlight a tipster's best bet of the day. Use this page to see where several horse racing tipsters have chosen the same NAPS (best bets) for today.

For all of today's horse racing tips head over to our main horse racing tips page.


Experts are OLBG tipsters with high strike rates, current month or 6 month profitability for a particular sport.

About Horse Racing Naps at OLBG

Detailed above are today's best free naps of the day from the OLBG horse racing tipsters.

For each race where a runner has received a daily nap, they will be displayed above complete with the number of naps for that runner compared to the total number of naps in the race.

You can add the racing naps straight into your betslip from this page by clicking on the ‘Add to Betslip’ option or you can investigate further.

To get a more detailed view you can click on the race to view all runners in the race, here you can see how many naps each runner in the race has received.

If an OLBG tipster has entered a comment for their selection, then you can also view this on the race page for each runner to get more information regarding the horse racing nap.

You can also add the nap of the day to your betslip in the race screen just the same as on this screen.

What are Horse Racing Naps?

If you are one of those who get lost in the endless terminologies and abbreviations in horse racing, then do not fear we are here to help!

The term ‘Nap’ in horse racing is one of the simpler terms, it is the tipster's top horse racing tip of the day, they only get one daily nap and that horse is the one which they feel has the best chance of winning from all their horse racing tips.

If you are looking for the most popular horse racing tips in general then head over to the main Horse Racing Predictions page.

Which are the best Horse Racing Naps?

If you are looking for the best tipster on OLBG for the nap of the day then you could always have a look at our free Naps Table to see who is currently the best tipster for tipping daily naps, there are plenty of horse racing tipsters who produce monthly profits if you focus on their naps.

If you think you have what it takes to compete in the free Naps Table, why not join for free and start putting up your daily naps to challenge the OLBG tipsters? Add comments to those tips and get rewarded with cash prizes if you fulfil the criteria and finish in the prize positions.

We currently have a total of seven nap tipsters who are showing over a hundred point level stakes profit for their racing naps over the past twelve months and an amazing twenty-five racing nap tipsters who show over a fifty point level stakes profit over the past twelve months.

If you want a general overview of the best horse racing tipsters then be sure to have a look at the free Best Horse Racing Tipster page for those who currently have tips open for horse racing including horse racing naps.

Looking at the past twelve months by LSP (to 10pt stakes), the top tipsters for racing Naps at the time of writing (May 2024) are:

Why do tipsters use Naps?

Marking a runner as today's Nap helps the OLBG tipsters highlight the runner they believe has the best chance of winning on the day. Meaning if they put up multiple tips, when you look at them, you know which one is today's nap and therefore their best bet for the day.

This is not only used by our tipsters but this term and action are also used across the whole racing industry. If you are looking at Newspaper racing tips then you will find Newspaper naps also. That includes all of the well-known tipsters from TV and Newspapers including Alex Hammond, Racing Post, Templegate and Marlborough.

You can compare these newspaper tipsters with our very own, head over to Sportinglife to see their returns and the newspaper naps for today and then head over to our own Naps table to see the return of our tipsters and you will realise just how good our tipsters are!

Tipsters are a lot more selective when it comes to naps, this is an example of one of Ryanwe's naps which was successful...

"He went close off 64 & 66 back in Feb/Mar over tomorrow's CD, and run well enough on the turf since returning from a break, more so given how slow away he was.

The form book says he's achieved a lot more on the polytrack surface, and as he's down to 61, and in a class 6 too, it's no surprise a few books have him as clear fav in here.

He's got a great draw in 3, got a lot going for him in a really average looking race, so it stands out at the prices."

As you can see, they have targetted a runner who looks well off based on official ratings, this is based on the runner being 3-5lbs lower than encouraging runs over the same course and distance, he was also running in a low class and he also mentions that the runner was well-drawn. This is the sort of information that our tipsters look at when deciding on daily naps.

What are Horse Racing Nbs?

So we now know what Naps are but you may now be asking, ok but what are horse racing Nbs?

The term 'Nb' is used in the horse racing industry to describe a tipster's Next Best bet of the day. This means you have their Nap as their best bet of the day and then their NB which is their next best bet of the day.

Using these indicators highlights the tipster's best two bets of the day, it also means if for some reason their Nap does not run, then you know which runner is next in their pecking order for confidence.

So, keeping it simple, a Nap is the tipster's best bet of the day and an NB is the tipster's next best bet of the day!

OLBG's Horse Racing Naps Table

We have a dedicated competition each month just for horse racing Naps. Our horse racing tipsters can select their best bet on each day of the month and that selection only is recorded in the horse racing Naps table.

OLBG gives away £200 every month to the top tipsters in the horse racing naps table, with a prize structure of £50 to the member who finishes first, £25 to the member who finishes second and 25 other prizes of £5.

Please remember that only NAPS that have comments are included in this table.

The full qualifying criteria for the NAPS table are as follows:

  • You must have 15 or more settled tips by the end of the month to qualify. If you have less than 15 tips you will not be able to win a prize
  • You must have 5 or more profitable tips by the end of the month to qualify. A profitable tip is any winner or an each-way tip that makes a profit
  • You must make a level stakes profit in the month. Level stakes profit is the profit based on 1 unit stake (or 0.5EW). An overall loss or LSP of exactly 0 does not qualify you for a prize
  • Only tips with comments of 20 words or more are counted
  • Only tips on Horse Racing are included
  • Based on NAP tips only

So what are you waiting for? Start adding your NAPS today!

With a huge combined experience of horse racing between them, this content has been created and is maintained by Darren Brett, James Banting and Andy Powell.

Darren Brett

Darren Brett

Tipster competition manager

Darren has worked in the horse racing industry for decades bringing to OLBG for the last 20 years a wealth of knowledge, creating much of our content on these sports. Darren also manages our Grand National Guide and is the go-to font of knowledge for the world's greatest steeplechase.
James Banting

James Banting

Tipster competition assistant

James Banting, a passionate horse racing enthusiast and aficionado, brings a wealth of experience to OLBG, having attended numerous race meetings over the years. His background working with the Jockey Club provides him with a unique insider's perspective on the industry.
Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Content editor

Andy is a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of experience in the field of horse racing. He has a thorough understanding of the sport, from analyzing complex statistical data to being part of a winning syndicate at the Cheltenham Festival. Andy is responsible for managing the horse racing trend blogs on OLBG.


Racing Naps FAQs

  • What is a nap of the day?

    A nap of the day is where a tipster highlights his or her best tip of the day. It will be the tip that the tipster is most confident will run well

  • What is a next best tip?

    A next best tip would be a tipster's second best tip of the day, just behind his nap. 

    A next best tip is often displayed as 'NB'.

  • When betting should you only follow naps?

    If you find a tipster who you feel does particularly well with their naps, this could well be a good idea to focus your betting in this way.

    The idea is that tipsters nap their top choice, the best selection they have that day so focusing on these could well pay dividends.

  • Where does the term 'nap' come from in betting?

    The term 'nap' originates from a card game called Napoleon where the best hand you can have is called Napoleon (often shortened to nap).

  • What site has the best nap of the day bets?

    OLBG should be the first site you go to to find the best racing naps of the day. 

    Our tipsters regularly out perform the so called professionals who list their naps everyday in the Sporting Life

  • How do I come up with a nap?

    Firstly, narrow down the horses you have selected on a given day to a short list of three or four. Then go through them all and look at the available prices each horse can be backed at. Usually during this process you will get a sense of the horse you feel is your best bet of the day.

    If not, ask yourself 'if I could only have one bet today, which horse would I choose?'

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