Lucky 15 | Best Bookie for Lucky 15 Bonuses

The lucky15 bet is one of the most popular multiple bets you can make, but who is the best online bookmaker to bet a lucky15 with?

Lucky 15 | Best Bookie for Lucky 15 Bonuses

Outside of the Yankee, The Lucky15 bet is one of the most popular multiple bets you can make, but who is the best online bookmaker to bet a Lucky15 with? 

BetFred collect the accolade. Read on to find out why and which other betting apps are good for Lucky 15 betting

Why is BetFred best for Lucky 15 betting?

At the time of writing, BetFred offered the best bonus for lucky15's returning with only one winner from the four selections. Add to that a bonus if all four selections are correct, and further bonuses for the Lucky31, and lucky 63 variations and you see why BetFred are labeled the 'Bonus Kings' - Don't forget Boylesports though. very competitive Lucky bet promotions are available too.

What Is A Lucky 15?

A Lucky 15 is a bet that consists of 4 selections where every possible permutation (combination) from those 4 selections is covered. 

This full cover bet on 4 selections consists of a total of 15 bets, hence the name 'Lucky 15'. 

The 15 bets that make up a Lucky 15 are as follows:


Bet How Many Cost
Singles x4 4 x stake
Doubles x6 6 x stake
Trebles x4 4 x stake
Fourfold/Acca x1 1 x stake
Total x15 15 x stake

You can also back a Lucky 15 each way. That will double the number of total bets to 30 with the breakdown coming as follows for an each way Lucky 15:


Bet Win Place Total
Singles x4 x4 x8
Doubles x6 x6 x12
Trebles x4 x4 x8
Four-Fold x1 x1 x2
Total x15 x15 x30


Understand the bet

It's important to note that with an each way Lucky 15 the win bets do not combine with the place bets. 

This means that if you have one winner and one place from your 4 selections you will have a win single, a place single and a place double. 

Your winning bet will not combine with your place bet.

Each Way Lucky15

Make sure you understand how each way betting works to avoid thinking you have won more than reality with each way Lucky 15 bets

How to Make a Lucky 15 Bet

Should you wish to make a Lucky 15 bet with the best bookmaker as outlined in this guide, this is a straightforward step by step guide.

  • Choose 4 Predictions

    You need four predictions or selections to make a Lucky15.

    Whether you are betting on football, horse racing or any other sport, use your judgment, recent form, statistics, or even better the OLBG App to get some tips.

    Select four, and you are ready to start.

  • Add to your Betslip and Choose your Stake

    Click on your selections to add them to the bet slip with your online bookmaker.

    You will need to choose your stake, keeping in mind that the total stake will be 15 x what you place in the stake box.

    EG: A £1 stake on a Lucky 15 will cost a total of £15

    Click confirm, and that's it. You have successfully placed a Lucky 15 bet.

    Good Luck!

Lucky 15s v Yankees - Which Is Better?

The most similar bet to a Lucky 15 is a Yankee. 

A Yankee also contains 4 selections but doesn't cover every permutation like a Lucky 15 does. 

Instead a Yankee ignores the singles in a Lucky 15 and is therefore made up of 11 bets rather than 15. 

Those 11 bets are the same amount of doubles, trebles and fourfolds that you get in a Lucky 15 (6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold). 

An each way yankee will cost you 22 bets rather than he 11 in a win yankee.

Lucky15 v Yankee

A lucky 15 is the same as a yankee bet [11 bets], with an additional single bet on the four selections, hence Lucky 15 [15 bets]

Yankees are usually preferable over Lucky 15s when you are betting on shorter priced selections. 

For example if you are placing a bet on 4 odds on selections and don't just want to have a straight fourfold/accumulator on those selections then you might consider a yankee over a Lucky 15.


If you have a £1 Lucky 15 on 4 selections that are all 4/5 and also have a £1 yankee on those same 4 selections you'll actually lose more by placing a Lucky 15, even though that Lucky 15 gives you a payout:


  • £1 Yankee - Cost £11 - Return £0 - Total loss £11
  • £1 Lucky 15 - Cost £15 - Return £1.80 - Total loss £13.20


On the flip side if you are backing 4 bigger priced selections you would probably choose the Lucky 15 over the Yankee as you wouldn't want to miss the returns from a decent priced single winner that would put your Lucky 15 into a profit.

Can I Have A Lucky 15 With 5 or 6 Selections?

A Lucky 15 can only be placed when you have exactly 4 selections. 

However, there are Lucky bets available if you'd prefer to place a bet with 5 or 6 selections and those are Lucky 31s and Lucky 63s respectively.

Have more than 4 selections?

If you have 5 or even 6 selections you want to bet, this can be accomodated with Lucky 31 [5selections] or a Lucky 63 bet [6] Remember, the additional cost to these bets though

The Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 bets are not quite as popular as Lucky 15 bets because you have to reduce your unit stake or increase your total stake compared to a Lucky 15. 

One losing bet on a Lucky 31 or Lucky 63 can also be extremely costly.

How does a Lucky 31 or Lucky 63 work?

Lucky 31 Permutations


  • Singles - 5 bets
  • Doubles - 10 bets
  • Trebles - 10 bets
  • FourFolds - 5 bets
  • FiveFold - 1 bet
  • Total bets - 31 units


If your first selection in a Lucky 31 is a loser you'll effectively be left with a Lucky 15 on the remaining 4 selections and that means 16 of your permutations will have been downed by that initial losing bet.


Lucky 63 Permutations


  • Singles - 6 bets
  • Doubles - 15 bets
  • Trebles - 20 bets
  • FourFolds - 15 bets
  • FiveFolds - 6 bets
  • SixFolds - 1 bet
  • Total bets - 63 units


A losing opening bet in a Lucky 63 leaves you with what is basically a Lucky 31 on the last 5 legs of your bet. 

That's a hefty 32 losing permutations if your first bet loses so make sure the first leg is a good one!