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Andy Powell Content Editor

Horse Racing stats man, Andy has contributed to OLBG for 18 years - An Ipswich fan and F1 fanatic, he also contributes EFL football and Motor Sport opinion.


Andy has contributed to OLBG since 2005 and has been covering racing trends for several years looking to find betting angles in the big races both in the UK and abroad, He has an interest in numerous sports for which he manages many of our event previews, particularly horse racing, providing trends and stats looking for betting strategies.

👨‍🏫 Specialist Subjects🔬📚

🏇 Andy was part of an independent team of horse racing punters including Steve Madgwick, who developed a bespoke horse racing rating system in the early 2000s. Andy has meticulously continued to rate every runner and collect results from every race every day since. When it comes to horse racing and numbers Andy is our man. 

⚽ He remains a staunch Ipswich Town football fan and never misses a game, gaining a deep knowledge of the English Football League. 

🏎️🏁 Outside of horse racing and football, Andy also enjoys spending his weekends following Formula 1. His dedication is such that he doesn't mind setting alarms for odd hours to catch both qualifying sessions and the races. 

🏈 🏒 Parallel to these interests, Andy also possesses a keen interest in American sports with a particular affinity for the NFL and the NHL. He follows the Pittsburgh Penguins, emphasizing his broad palette for diversified sporting events.

🎯 Industry Expertise

Andrew Powell is deeply entrenched in the sports betting industry with a distinguished expertise in creating engaging content and providing tips for enthusiasts and bettors alike. His proficiency extends to sports writing, web content creation, and offering customer support, making him a versatile and knowledgeable professional in the sports tipster competition space.

📚 Experience

Currently holding dual responsibilities as both the Tipster Competition Assistant & Content Creator at OLBG and the Owner of, Andrew Powell has spent over eight years in the former role and nearly nine years managing his own venture. His tenure at OLBG, which began in November 2015, has seen him engage with a wide audience, providing valuable insights and fostering a community of sports betting aficionados. At, which he has been operating since January 2015, Andrew employs his analytical skills to interpret sports data and deliver comprehensive statistics that cater to a spectrum of sporting enthusiasts in Ipswich, United Kingdom, and beyond.

🎯 Goal in Role at OLBG

In his role at OLBG, Andrew Powell aims to bridge the gap between sports betting theory and practical, actionable advice. His objective is to enhance the bettors' experience through meticulous content creation and thoughtful customer support, ensuring that both novices and experienced bettors have access to top-notch advice and resources to make informed decisions in the competitive world of sports betting.

💬 Quotes from Andrew Powell

"Understanding the numbers is just the beginning; interpreting them to unlock the true value in sports betting is where the real skill lies." - Andrew Powell

"Every tip shared is a piece of advice honed from years of analysis and passion for sports. Our goal at OLBG is not just to inform, but to empower our community." - Andrew Powell

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