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Darts Betting Tips

Our knowledgeable darts tipsters have everything covered for you from Premier League Darts predictions to PDC World Championships picks. Find their best darts betting tips here.

In addition to Darts predictions, you can find tips at OLBG on more than 20 different sports, see the main sports betting tips page to view today's top tips.

Experts are OLBG tipsters with high strike rates, current month or 6 month profitability for a particular sport.

Which darts tournaments do you cover picks for ?

All the major darts events are covered by our tipsters so we will have free PDC darts tips for all the PDC events around the world, obviously including the PDC World Championship from Alexandra Palace over the Christmas period.

Weekly Premier League darts predictions are the most popular which starts in February, but whatever the event our darts tipsters will have done the research for you and will provide the best free wagers and predictions for today's best darts bets for events like the World Grand Prix Darts, the Grand Slam of Darts and many more.

We also cover the WDF World Darts Championship from Lakeside, Frimley Green which usually takes place in January shortly after the PDC World Championship so OLBG tipsters will add their WDF Championship Darts selections throughout the tournament.

Also covered are the Senior's events so expect to see darts picks for matches featuring darts legends like Phil Taylor and team events like the World Cup of Darts.

When will you have darts betting picks?

There is an extensive PDC schedule throughout the year including the World Series during the summer months so be sure to check out the darts picks above from our knowledgeable darts tipsters for the following major darts tournaments throughout the year:

  • WDF World Darts Championship Tips (January)
  • The Master's Darts Tips (Jan/Feb)
  • Premier League Darts Tips (Feb to May)
  • Players Championship Darts Tips (February to November)
  • UK Open Darts Finals Tips (March)
  • German Darts Masters Tips (May)
  • World Cup of Darts Tips (May/June)
  • North American Darts Championship Tips (July)
  • US Darts Masters Tips (July)
  • Shanghai Darts Masters Tips (July)
  • World Matchplay Darts Tips (July)
  • Australian & New Zealand Series Darts Tips (August)
  • Champions League of Darts Tips (September)
  • World Grand Prix Darts Tips (Sept/Oct)
  • European Championship Darts Tips (October)
  • World Series of Darts Finals Tips (November)
  • Grand Slam of Darts Tips (November)
  • PDC World Darts Championship Tips (Dec/Jan)

Free Darts Picks Today


Here you will find today's free darts picks on OLBG, listed are the most popular selections for upcoming matches and tournaments. This column will highlight either a tournament for example the PDC World Darts Championship or a match from an upcoming tournament will be displayed. If a tournament is highlighted here then the most popular selection shown will be for the tournament winner market, if it's an upcoming match listed then the popular pick showing will be for a betting market on the match. For a list of upcoming PDC Tournaments take a look at the official PDC website.

Best Free Darts Selections

  • Tournament Winner

The most popular choice highlighted under a tournament heading is the selection receiving the most predictions to win the tournament outright. The tournament name is displayed first, for example, the PDC World Championship or PDC Premier League. The Tournament Winner picks may also include 'Each Way' selections, particularly for tournaments like the PDC World Championship where there will be a large pool of players taking part. Each Way betting terms in the majority of tournaments will cover 1st and 2nd place so the player must reach the final to at least result in a partial payout. Clicking on the pick shown will transfer you to the tournament tips page showing all the predictions including the 'Each Way' picks.

  • Win Match

This is simply a straight-win bet so the selection shown for each match has received the most predictions and is tipped to win the match.

  • Handicap 2 Way

This is a spread bet where bookies will set the Handicap Line, for example, the majority of regular PDC tournaments are in 'leg' format so the handicap may be set at + or - 1.5 legs. The match favourite will have a -1.5 leg start and the underdog will have a +1.5 leg start. If you think the favourite will win by more than 1 leg then the bet is -1.5 legs, if you feel the match will be decided within 1 leg or the underdog wins then the bet is +1.5 legs.

  • Total Legs (or Total Sets)

This again is a spread bet whereby bookies will set the line at their forecast total number of legs or sets (depending on the format) to be played in the match. The majority of tournaments have a shorter format so this will be a Total Legs bet, the match may be best of 11 legs so the first player to reach 6 legs wins the match and bookies may set the Total Legs line at Over or Under 9.5 legs. If you feel the match may go the distance and a winner will be decided in the 11th and final leg then the bet would be Over 9.5 legs, if the match finishes in the 9th leg or before using this example then 'Under' 9.5 legs is the winning pick. For tournaments with a 'Set' format where the players will play best of 3 or best of 5 legs to win a set like, for example, the PDC World Championship then the Total Sets market will apply with the line set at the Total number of Sets played in the match.

  • Win First Set

This bet is only applicable for tournaments like the PDC World Championship with a 'Set' format rather than just the leg format. You are betting simply on which player will win the First Set in the match. The final match result is irrelevant.

  • Leg (or Set) Betting

This is a correct score bet where you are betting on the final leg or set score in the match, for the majority of the regular tournaments bookies will offer Leg Betting and similar to football matches a correct Leg Score or Set Score bet offers greater payouts than just betting on the Win Game or match market. For tournaments like the PDC World Championship, bookies will offer set-score betting odds.

  • Total 180s

This is a bet spread bet, where bookies will set a figure for the expected total number of 180s thrown in the match and bettors, predict whether the total number of 180s thrown will be 'Over' or 'Under' the Total 180s figure set by the bookies. This is the combined total thrown by both players so consideration has to be given to the possible number of total legs or sets that may be played in the match and whether the players involved are generally prolific when it comes to throwing 180s. Some players may have a greater tendency to revert to the 19 scores more often if the first part of the three thrown may land awkwardly and prevent a clear shot at the treble 20 with the remaining darts, an important factor OLBG tipsters may consider before adding darts tips.

  • Most 180s

This is a match bet on which player will throw the most 180s in the match, it is usually a 3-way market which includes the tie/draw option.

  • 9 Dart Finish

This is a straight 'Yes' or 'No' option bet whereby odds are offered whether or not a player will throw the perfect 9-dart leg to checkout. The '9 darters' does happen occasionally and in main televised events so can be a fun wager for bettors playing the 'Yes' option offering a nice return for a small outlay. The 'Yes' option generally is priced up around the +2500 or +3000 range.

Value Odds Darts Picks

The odds are shown next to each popular pick, many tipsters may view the available odds as the most important factor for placing a wager and whether they consider the selection to be a 'value' bet. Click on the Odds column menu tab to sort the most popular picks from shortest to highest odds and vice versa. Next to the odds are the number of picks received for the highlighted selection against the total number of picks received for the relevant match market giving a confidence percentage.

The Value Rating column may highlight a 1 to 5-star rating (5 being the best). This compares the % of picks and odds for a selection. If the odds are higher than the theoretical chances of winning considering these factors then the selection could be a value bet. Click on the Value Rating column to list the popular picks by most stars.

How can I see more darts picks today?

  1. Click on a darts prediction above. 
  2. This will then take you to a page showing all of the predictions on that specific darts match.
  3. You will see a breakdown of the most popular picks in the outright/match market and the selection from the best profit-performing darts tipster tipping on this match or tournament.
  4. Scroll down to see picks for all available betting markets, read comments from tipsters and analyse their profit performance records. 
  5. We show one prediction comment for each selection but you can click "view all picks" to see more.

How to place a bet on the darts tips

The 'Add' To Betslip option next to the darts tips allows you to place a bet without leaving your olbg session. Tap on the 'Add' to betslip tab next to the tips you want to bet on and the selections are saved to your betslip until you are ready to place your bets. If you wish to build Accas or perm multiple bets then adding multiple selections is fine, just repeat the 'Add' to betslip process until you have all your selections.

If you are a novice when it comes to darts betting and would like more information on how to place darts bets and the best bookies to bet with then take a few minutes to read our Best Bookie For Darts Betting Guide which has useful customer reviews to help you decide on which bookie is best for you. Plus there are the latest bookie sign-up offers and new customer promos which may enhance your darts betting experience. If you like betting on the move then take a look at our Best Sports Betting App Guide which has useful info to help you choose the best bookie betting app to suit your betting needs.

When you have finished adding your darts selections, check the odds comparison chart at the top of the screen to see which bookie is offering the best payout odds. When you are ready to place your darts bets just click on your preferred bookie choice and you will be transferred to their site with your saved betslip selections already complete without the need to find them and add them again on the bookie site. Just add your stake and the best of luck with your darts bets.

Who are the best darts tipsters ?

There are many profitable darts tipsters on OLBG, some may specialise in specific events like the PDC World Darts Championship and the weekly Premier League competition and others may focus where they have found a niche for specific darts match betting markets like Most 180s, Total Legs, Total 180s etc.

Tipster Profit Stats

To see which darts tipsters are performing at higher profit levels take a look at their recent stats next to their selections on the match and tournament tip pages. These figures cover the last seven days' level stakes profit which highlights current form and hot streaks, their LSP over the last month and 12 months, plus their annual strike rate and other stats which help paint a picture of their overall consistency and performance levels before deciding on whether to follow a selection.

The Best Darts Tipsters

Our darts tipsters compete in monthly darts competitions and big events tournaments like the PDC World Darts Championship with generous cash prizes which help retain good darts tipsters and encourage quality darts predictions.

If you are looking for betting guidance on Who will win the PDC World Darts Championship? or Who will win the US Darts Masters Tournament? then we have knowledgeable darts tipsters here placing their free darts picks.

For example, at the time of writing (May 2024) this includes darts tipsters like:

  • abarrybonds with a +1,002 profit to 10-point stakes in the last 12 months.
  • MonthlyJoyride with over 4,000 followers in the OLBG app.

As you will see, tipster strategies vary with some striving for general consistency, others may look for higher odds bets which may result in less frequent wins and longer losing streaks but still make a profit overall. Check out our best darts tipsters page where you can analyse the darts tipsters' profit performance in greater detail before deciding on whose darts picks to follow.

If you are a successful darts tipster and would like to play in our free monthly darts competition then start adding your darts tips right away. There's a monthly total of £100 to be won and 15 free cash prizes up for grabs plus our annual free-to-enter PDC World Darts Championship tipster competition with a £200 prize fund of cash prizes available.

Matt Edgar and James Banting, the dynamic duo behind OLBG's darts content, bring a wealth of expertise and passion to the board. With Matt's seasoned experience and James's astute insights, they craft engaging analysis and comprehensive coverage of the darts world.

Matthew Edgar

Matthew Edgar

Darts editor and wdf professional

Matt Edgar is a seasoned darts writer and analyst with an in-depth understanding of the sport. He has been covering darts for over a decade, providing insights and analysis for major tournaments, live streams, and player profiles.
James Banting

James Banting

Tipster competition assistant

James Banting is a darts betting enthusiast, his deep understanding of the sport and its dynamics has enabled him to deliver and maintain the darts content on OLBG.
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