World Cup of Darts Preview & Betting Guide

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We look ahead to the 2024 World Cup of Darts, defending champions Wales are looking to win it for a third time since 2020. This blog is packed full of information and useful links to World Cup of Darts predictions.

World Cup of Darts Preview & Betting Guide
Matthew Edgar Darts Editor and WDF Professional

Former PDC Darts Professional, SkySports Darts Commentator and YouTuber with 6 tournament wins under his belt including the Iceland Open in 2023

2024 World Cup of Darts Information

When is the 2024 World Cup of Darts?

The 2024 World Cup of Darts tournament starts on Thursday 27th June & concludes on Sunday 30th June.

Where is the 2024 World Cup of Darts?

The 2024 World Cup of Darts takes place at the Eissporthalle in Frankfurt, Germany.

Who will win the 2024 World Cup of Darts?

The expert darts tipsters on OLBG will have 2024 World Cup of Darts tips covered for you, not only will they be tipping on the winner of the tournament but they will also be tipping on the match outcomes for each round too, head over to the darts betting tips to see who they are tipping nearer tournament time.

World Cup of Darts Blog Content

Is the World Cup of Darts on TV?

The World Cup of Darts is screened live on Sky Sports for those of whom the platform is available, international broadcasters will include DAZN and Viaplay, for the rest of the world, the event will be available on PDCTV (excluding UK, Germany, Austria & Switzerland).

How do you bet on Darts?

If you are new to betting on darts then it can seem daunting with the number of different tournaments, formats, markets etc but do not be alarmed because we have put together a darts betting guide that has all of the relevant information you need to start betting on darts and then once you have an understanding of the sport head over to our best bookie for darts article to see which bookie to use.

2024 World Cup of Darts Preview

The 2024 World Cup of Darts is the fourteenth edition of the tournament. The number of competing nations rose to 40 in 2023 with Bahrain, Iceland and Ukraine debuting at the event.

New Format for the World Cup of Darts

In addition to the rise in competing nations there was also a new format introduced for the 2023 edition partly to accommodate the additional teams, and all matches throughout the tournament were doubles events so no singles matches as in previous editions. 

The top 4 nations with the best combined rankings of their two players on the PDC Order of merit were seeded and entered the tournament at the second round stage. The remaining 36 teams (12 seeded) were split into 12 groups of 3 nations and played a round-robin format with each match being the best of 7 legs. The winner from each group proceeded to the second round stage.

The format was straight knockout from the second round stage with match duration being the best of 15 legs until the final which was the best of 19 legs. 

Who are the Favourites to win the World Cup of Darts?

Wales are the defending champions after beating Scotland 10-2 in the 2023 World Cup of Darts final. Could England or the Netherlands who won the first eight tournaments between them get back on the winner's board?

For World Cup of Darts predictions from profitable tipsters head over to the best darts tipsters page, on here only those who have been profitable over the past twelve months and have open tips are shown.

2024 World Cup of Darts Schedule

The 2024 World Cup of Darts schedule is to be confirmed in due course.

The World Cup of Darts takes place over four days where the forty nations will battle it out to become the World Cup of Darts champions and scoop the £80,000 winners prize. Thursday will see the first round of twelve group matches and Friday's two sessions will feature the completion of the first round.

The eight second round matches take place across two sessions on Saturday and a busy Sunday will feature the four Quarter Final matches in the afternoon and the Semi Finals and Final on Sunday evening.

2023 World Cup of Darts Schedule

  • Day One - 12 x Group Stage (best of 7 legs)
  • Day Two, Session One -  12 x Group Stage
  • Day Two, Session Two - 12 x Group Stage 
  • Day Three, Session One - 4 x Second Round (best of 15 legs)
  • Day Three, Session Two - 4 x Second Round 
  • Day Four, Session One - Quarter-Finals (best of 15 legs)
  • Day Four, Session Two - Semi-Finals (best of 15 legs) & Final (best of 19 legs)

2024 World Cup of Darts Seeded Nations

The 2024 World Cup of Darts seeded nations will be confirmed nearer tournament time.

With the change of format for the 2023 World Cup of Darts, the top 4 seeded nations receive a bye into the second round. They consist of two players with the best combined Order of Merit rankings, subject to player availability. 

Who is playing for England in the World Cup of Darts?

Michael Smith the reigning PDC World Darts Championship winner and number 1 in the Order of Merit partnered Rob Cross the current world number 5 for England in the 2023 World Cup of Darts. The pair previously combined in the 2020 World Cup of Darts where they made it to the final before being defeated 3-0 by Wales.

2023 Seeded Nations (Top 4)

Here are the top four seeded nations along with their Win-Loss record and the players representing them in 2023:

Nation (Win-Loss)Player OnePlayer Two
1. England (40-8)Michael SmithRob Cross
2. Netherlands (42-8)Michael van GerwenDanny Noppert
3. Wales (32-12)Gerwyn PriceJonny Clayton
4. Scotland (29-11)Peter WrightGary Anderson

2023 Seeded Nations (First Round)

These are the seeded nations for the first round group stage:

Nation (Win-Loss)Player OnePlayer Two
5. Belgium (28-13)Dimitri Van den BerghKim Huybrechts
6. Germany (18-12)Gabriel ClemensMartin Schindler
7. Australia (29-12)Damon HetaSimon Whitlock
8. Northern Ireland (16-12)Brendon DolanDaryl Gurney
9. Republic of Ireland (11-13)William O'ConnorKeane Barry
10. Austria (18-15)Mensur SuljovicRowby-John Rodriguez
11. Poland (6-12)Krzysztof Ratajski
Krzysztof Kciuk
12. Canada (12-14)Matt CampbellJeff Smith
13. Czech Republic (0-8)Adam GawlasKarel Sedlacek
14. Spain (11-14)Jose JusticiaTony Martinez
15. Latvia (2-2)Madars RazmaDmitriy Zhukov
16. Switzerland (1-3)Stefan Bellmont
Marcel Walpen

2024 World Cup of Darts European Nations

The 2024 World Cup of Darts seeded nations will be confirmed nearer tournament time.

These are the unseeded European nations for the 2023 World Cup of Darts, their players are assigned by qualifying tournaments that took place prior to the World Cup of Darts and are subject to change depending on availability.

Nation (Win-Loss)Player OnePlayer Two
Croatia (3-3)Boris KrcmarRomeo Grbavac
Denmark (4-12)Vladimir AndersenBenjamin Reus
Lithuania (2-4)
Darius Labanauskas
Mindaugas Barauskas
Portugal (3-3)
José de Sousa
Luis Ameixa
France (0-1)Thibault Tricole
Jacques Labre
Finland (4-13)Marko KantelePaavo Myller
Gibraltar (1-13)Craig Galliano
Justin Hewitt
Hungary (2-12)Patrik Kovács
Levente Sárai
Iceland (0-0)Hallgrimur Egilsson
Vitor Charrua
Italy (0-11)Michele Turetta
Massimo Dante
Sweden (5-13)
Dennis Nilsson
Oskar Lukasiak
Ukraine (0-0)Vladyslav Omelchenko
Illia Pekaruk

2024 World Cup of Darts Rest of the World Nations

The 2024 World Cup of Darts seeded nations will be confirmed nearer tournament time.

Below are the unseeded nations for the rest of the world in the 2023 World Cup of Darts:

Nation (Win-Loss)Player OnePlayer Two
Philippines (1-7)
Christian Perez
Lourence Ilagan
South Africa (10-12)
Devon Petersen
Vernon Bouwers
United States (8-14)
Jules van Dongen
Leonard Gates
Bahrain (0-0)Basem Mahmood
Abdulnasser Yusuf
China (1-7)Xiaochen Zong
Lihao Wen
Guyana (0-0)Norman Madhoo
Sudesh Fitzgerald
Hong Kong (3-9)Man Lok Leung
Lok Yin Lee
India (0-2)Prakash Jiwa
Amit Gilitwala
Japan (10-13)Jun Matsuda
Tomoya Goto
New Zealand (6-12)Ben RobbWarren Parry
Singapore (7-8)Paul LimHarith Lim
Thailand (0-5)Attapol Eupakaree
Yong Gaweenuntavong

2023 World Cup of Darts Results

First Round (Group Stage):

Belgium (5)2204
  • Belgium 4 v 0 Finland
  • Finland 4 v 0 China
  • Belgium 4 v 3 China

Germany (6)2204
Hong Kong2020
  • Germany 4 v 0 Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong 3 v 4 Japan
  • Germany 4 v 0 Japan

Australia (7)2204
  • Australia 4 v 0 Guyana
  • Guyana 1 v 4 Gibraltar
  • Australia 4 v 0 Gibraltar

Northern Ireland (8)2112
  • Northern Ireland 1 v 4 France
  • Northern Ireland 4 v 0 Ukraine
  • France 4 v 0 Ukraine

Ireland (8)2112
  • Ireland 4 v 1 Thailand
  • Thailand 3 v 4 Croatia
  • Ireland 1 v 4 Croatia

Austria (10)2112
United States2112
  • Austria 2 v 4 Denmark
  • Austria 4 v 2 United States
  • Denmark 3 v 4 United States

Poland (11)2204
  • Poland 4 v 3 Portugal
  • Portugal 1 v 4 Lithuania
  • Poland 4 v 1 Lithuania

Canada (12)2204
  • Canada 4 v 2 India
  • India 0 v 4 Hungary
  • Canada 4 v 1 Hungary

Czech Republic (13)2112
  • Czech Republic 4 v 2 Singapore
  • Singapore 1 v 4 Philippines
  • Czech Republic 1 v 4 Philippines

South Africa2204
Spain (14)2112
  • Spain 2 v 4 South Africa
  • Spain 4 v 2 Iceland
  • South Africa 4 v 2 Iceland

Latvia (15)2204
New Zealand2112
  • Latvia 4 v 2 New Zealand
  • New Zealand 4 v 1 Bahrain
  • Latvia 4 v 2 Bahrain

Switzerland (16)2020
  • Switzerland 3 v 4 Italy
  • Switzerland 1 v 4 Sweden
  • Italy 3 v 4 Sweden

Second Round:

France 8 v 4South Africa
Sweden8 v 5Canada
Australia8 v 6Croatia
Scotland8 v 5Philippines
Wales8 v 2Denmark
England8 v 4Latvia
Netherlands7 v 8Belgium
Poland6 v 8Germany

Quarter Finals:

Wales8 v 5Sweden
Belgium8 v 7Australia
Scotland8 v 0France
England3 v 8Germany

Semi Finals:

Wales8 v 7Belgium
Germany4 v 8Scotland


Scotland2 v 10Wales

World Cup of Darts Previous Winners

The early years were dominated by two nations, after winning the inaugural event in 2010, the Netherlands also went on to win in 2014, 2017 and 2018. In the years that they did not win, 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2016 it was England who went on to success meaning both nations have won the tournament a total of four times, the Netherlands were also runners-up in 2016 whilst England were runners-up in both 2014 and 2020.

However, neither nation has won either of the last five tournaments, in 2019 Scotland won their first-ever World Cup of Darts beating Ireland 3-1 in the final, England went out in the second round and the Netherlands in the semi-finals. In 2020 it was Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton who led Wales to their first success in which was their third final appearance with a 3-0 win over England, the Netherlands went out at the quarter-final stage to Germany.

The 2021 tournament saw Scotland win their second title by defeating Austria 3-1 in the final, it was Austria's first-ever appearance in the final in their eleventh tournament, favourites Wales and England both fell in the semi-final stage while the Netherlands went out in the quarter-finals.

Australia won their first World Cup of Darts title in 2022 with Simon Whitlock and Damon Heta defeating the Welsh team, Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton 3-1 in the final. The same Welsh pairing went one better in 2023 defeating Scotland 10-2 in the final.


Author and Contributor Information

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Matthew Edgar, born on August 28, 1986, is an English professional darts player currently targeting the WDF World championships at Lakeside in December 2024 and commentating on Darts for Sky Sports. Known for his practice sessions with former world championship runner-up Kevin Painter, Edgar began his sports career as a coach for Northampton Town before shifting to darts. Prior to his darts career, he trained in mixed martial arts and was a professional wrestler. Edgar also hosts a dedicated darts YouTube channel, "Edgar TV," where he interacts with followers and shares his professional competition experiences.

Follow Matthew as he targets Lakeside and the WDF World Championships in December 2024.

- Matthew Edgar, Darts editor and wdf professional

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