Is the GAA the new Religion in Ireland?

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World History(a bit long-winded) Throughout history there have been many superpowers who's influence has stretched far from their original borders. A lot of these have brought a trail of destruction with them but essentially the ones that have the best legacy have been the ones that have the ones that have brought something constructive to humanity. Regardless of what they did or didn't do for the greater good they tended to rule through a similar tactic and that is fear.... [ Read More ]

Spotting a possible massive value in the Gaelic Games

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Despite what the GAA would like to get you make you think, Gaelic Football is not the same level as the Premiership. Jimmy McGuinness proved that last year when he used organisation and a thing called tactics to win out. This shocked the country as until that point the standard equivalent of a 4-2-4 soccer formation was being used. I think a lot of managers around the country have been looking at what has been done and are going to... [ Read More ]

Lifting the lid on the comedy that is the GAA

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The GAA What is the GAA you may ask if you are from outside the island of Ireland? They would like you to think that it is an association which turns dreams into reality where all players who play their games live on clouds built by their adoring fans. They would like you to believe that the players are modern day gladiators, ready to battle to defend the honor of their club or county but the reality is slightly different.... [ Read More ]

Sigerson Cup Quarter Finals Day 2

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Day 1 is filled with two potential tricky games but there's a potential cracker in store in the capital on Thursday evening. First up are the hosts Athlone IT against Cork IT. It's an evening throw in for these two teams and the local side would be fairly eager to see themselves in the weekend but are up against a serious operation in the form of Cork IT. Athlone were impressive when making short work of Carlow in round 1... [ Read More ]

Week 2 in the National League Gaelic Footy

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There are five 7.00 starts for the National Football League this evening after week 1 there are a few things showing. A few of the bigger teams aren't at the races quite yet. Cork are thinking to championship time and some teams are showing the benefits of the hard work put in over the Christmas. First up tonight is Cork vs Kildare. Cork opened up with a defeat last weekend to the Dubs while on the same card Kildare beat... [ Read More ]

Sunday's value in the National Football League (Gaelic Football that is)

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There are 10 games in the league on Sunday and for some teams it could be any ambitions they might have of playoff spots, & promotion trips to Croker could be finished for another year and another few might have to concentrate on a relegation battle which is a pretty awful situation to be in. In division 1 there doesn't seem to be much value. Kerry could be worth a punt in Killarney against the Jacks and odds on Dublin... [ Read More ]

Sigerson Cup Quarter Finals Day 1

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It might only seem like yesterday when I started blogging on the preliminary round of the Sigerson Cup but we're already at the quarter final stage a fortnight later on. It's split into two days. UCC play St Marys & DIT host Maynooth on Wednesday and on Thursday Athlone play CIT and DCU host UCD in the game of the round. Today I'll focus on Wednesday's games. First up UCC vs St Marys. Normally this would be a game on... [ Read More ]

Sigerson Cup Preliminary Round 2013

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3rd Level Colleges hurling and football competitions are unique events. It's where you can find some of the games' finest exponents of their craft battle head to head with each other far from the spotlights of Croke Park. It's where heart and bottle is just as important as the skill you possess and where all stars can be humbled by junior players. It all starts tomorrow with the Sigerson Cup and I'm going to give a brief run down on... [ Read More ]

Sigerson Cup 1st Round Games 2013

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Athlone IT vs Carlow IT Athlone IT Sportsgrounds 2.00 Tuesday 29th Jan Best Odds Athlone IT - 5/2 Carlow IT - 8/15 In the league this year Athlone were in the Group D Connacht-ish group as usual against IT Sligo, NUIG & GMIT. They did well and finished 2nd in the group while Carlow ended up in a relegation playoff having finished bottom of the Munster-ish Group C with UCC, CIT and ITTralee. I think Athlone are grossly overpriced here.... [ Read More ]

Spotting Value on Saturday's Gaelic Football Games

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Kildare v Donegal Kildare 10/11 Donegal 6/5 Handicap Betting Kildare (-1) (5/4) Draw 15/2 Donegal (+1) (4/5) My value bet here is the Kildare side. They've had a good preseason and are training pretty hard early enough in this season. The addition of Jason Ryan to the backroom team will add a lot to the preparation and I think against Donegal who will be a bit experimental early on and a few of their players are looking to have wintered... [ Read More ]

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