2021-22 CEV Champions League Preview & Betting Guide

Published: Oct 20, 12:33pm Last Updated: Oct 20, 3:55pm Volleyball 0 Comments 12 Views

Created in 1959 under the name CEV European Champions Cup this tournament ran until the end of the 1999-00 season under that name before taking up the new and current name of the CEV Champions League. You may also be interested in our CEV Women's Champions League blog too. CEV Champions League Content CEV Champions League Preview CEV Champions League Past Winners CEV Champions League Betting Tips CEV Champions League Most Wins The 2021-22 tournament will be the 63rd edition... [ Read More ]

2021-22 CEV Women's Champions League Preview & Betting Guide

Published: Oct 20, 12:34pm Last Updated: Oct 20, 3:52pm Volleyball 0 Comments 7 Views

The Women's edition of this tournament was created in 1960, a year after the Men's edition of the CEV Champions League was created. The tournament from 1960 up until 2000 was known as the CEV Women's Champions Cup but since has been known as the CEV Women's Champions League. In the early years, it was the Soviet Union and Russian clubs who dominated but that has shifted and it's now the Italian and Turkish clubs who have had all the... [ Read More ]

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