🎯 Darts Hotbeds - Where do the Best Darts Players Come From?

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Explore the thriving world of darts, its growing audience, and where the next generation of champions is emerging from, all in our comprehensive analysis.

🎯 Darts Hotbeds - Where do the Best Darts Players Come From?
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Following Luke Littler's electrifying performance at the 2024 World Darts Championships, a surge of young enthusiasts are flocking to darts, signalling a new dawn for the sport. We delve into the origins of darts’ rising stars, analyzing data from the last six years to reveal which areas are cultivating these talents. Join us as we uncover the hotbeds of darts prowess.

Where Will The Next Darts Champion Come From?

We explore the roots of the best current darts players and find out geographically where they have emerged from - Will the next Champion come from your town or County?

As the world of darts finally cools down from Luke Littler’s scorching performance at the 2024 World Championships, a new era of the sport has seemingly got underway and it is an era which is tapping into a whole new audience.

An audience of youth and with young people up and down the UK now searching out their local darts club, a whole pipeline of talent looks ready to develop the next star in the years to come – something that suggests that the sport itself is in rude health.

Growing numbers in terms of participation, growing numbers in times of prize money and with this swell of interest, our interest comes in where the current crop of darts talent comes from. Is there a hotbed in a certain area of the UK, that is developing some of the very best to play the sport?

Darts TV Ratings - The Growth of Darts Viewing Figures

Darts TV Ratings - The Growth of Darts Viewing Figures

To carry out such an exercise, we have looked at all the entrants of the Darts World Championships from 2019 to 2024 and in capturing their home nation and in some instances their place of birth, we can start to get a better idea of where the best in darts played in the formative years/

This means that our sample data includes no less than 224 unique players that have turned up at Alexandra Palace in the past six years and after researching their location data, this is what our analysis has come up with.

Top Darts Players by Country

First, we will look at the location of the 224 players and see what countries have the biggest representation within the world of darts: 

Location Count % Split
England 70 31.25%
Netherlands 28 12.50%
Australia 9 4.02%
Germany 9 4.02%
Japan 9 4.02%
Scotland 8 3.57%
Wales 8 3.57%
United States 7 3.13%
China 6 2.68%

Here we can see that England has seen its flag flown on 70 separate occasions and this equates to nearly one-third of the sample itself. 31.25% to be precise and there are two and half times more Englishmen than the next most represented nation on the list.

An accolade that is currently bestowed to the Netherlands and with the Dutch legion of supporters coming to Alexandra Palace every year, their 28 players have made up exactly one-eighth of our player sample size.

🎯🌍 **Darts Talent Globally: England Leads the Way!** 🏴✨

England shines in the darts scene, flying its flag in 70 instances, a whopping 31.25% of observed talents! 🦁 Outshining others, with 2.5x more players than the runner-up, the Netherlands 🇳🇱. The Dutch, celebrated by avid fans, contribute 28 players, making up 12.5% of the player pool.

More than three times as much as a trio of nations behind them and with the sport being well supported in both Australia and Germany, it is no surprise to see such high representation when it comes to nationality.

Two of three nations to supply just over 4% of the overall player sample and the same can be said for Japan. Not as well known in terms of darts circles, but it seems as if the bars of Tokyo have recently become a real hunting ground for international talent.

Sven Mandel, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

While closer to home both Scotland and Wales offer up eight players each (3.57%) and when you add Northern Ireland’s own six players to the mix, it means the United Kingdom as a whole has 92 players in the sample. 

41.07% players coming from the four corners of the United Kingdom and those four corners are part of a total of 37 nations that have at least one representative in the player sample – a big shout to outposts such as Guyana and Singapore.

Of course, we should also give honourable mentions to the likes of the United States, China and Republic of Ireland who have supplied six players and even more so to the Philippines who have put forward a half dozen of their own.

Top English Players by Town

Now that we know the breakdown of these players are represented internationally, we can also take a further look at how they are represented on a national scale. To do this, we have also tracked the birthplaces of each of our 70 English players:

Town/City Count
Ipswich 3
Newcastle 3
St. Helens 3
Stoke-on- Trent 3
Bradford 2
Coventry 2
Doncaster 2
London 2
Newbury 2

Here we can start to see some geographical clusters and with four towns or cities putting forward three players each, the quartet of Ipswich, Newcastle, St. Helens and Stoke-on-Trent find themselves at the top of our list.

Four towns or cities are at the top of the list, six more in the bracket behind and with Bradford, Coventry, Doncaster, London and Newbury responsible for five of them, the other in the list is none other than Runcorn.

🎯🇬🇧 **Darts Hotspots Unveiled: UK's Top Talent Nurseries!** 📍🌟

Ipswich, Newcastle, St. Helens, and Stoke-on-Trent reign with 3 top players each 🏹🔝. Followed closely by a vibrant mix of towns including Bradford, Coventry, Doncaster, London, Newbury, and the emerging Runcorn 🌈.

Why is Runcorn so prominent lately? Because that is the birthplace of teenage sensation Luke Littler and he joins Ian White as residing from the Cheshire town and with so many teenagers now inspired by the 17-year-old’s performance, one wonders if this figure could swell over the years.

Runcorn is one of 56 towns or cities to be called home by an English player, although it must also be noted that Deta Hedman was born in Kingston, Jamaica not Kingston-upon-Thames or Kingston-upon-Hull.

Top English Players by County

Staffordshire Sign by Chris' Buet, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Now that we know the 56 towns or cities that put forward an English darts player to the World Championships since 2019, we can also look at representation in terms of counties and where representation is found the most.

County Count
Staffordshire 5
London 4
Merseyside 4
Somerset 4
West Midlands 4
Durham 3
Greater Manchester 3
Kent 3
Lancashire 3

At the top of the list, it is Staffordshire that is the most represented county in terms of world-class darts players. Of the 70 English players in the sample, five of them come from this particular county and it is a quintet that includes former World Champions Adrian Lewis.

While had the data sample gone back another year, it would have also included the 16-time World Champion Phil Taylor and with ‘The Power’ also residing from Stoke-on-Trent that would have meant another entry from Staffordshire.

🎯🌍 **Staffordshire: The Crown of English Darts!** 🏹✨

Staffordshire reigns supreme, home to 5 of the 70 spotlighted English darts players, including legends like Adrian Lewis 🌟. If we dialed back the clock, darts titan Phil Taylor would boost Staffordshire's count even higher!

Therefore, we can say with some certainty that Staffordshire is a real hotbed when it comes to darts but not the only one either and although London can be considered a rather catch-all location, the same cannot be said for Merseyside, Somerset or the West Midlands. 

With the size of London being as it is, it is no surprise that four of the 70 players reside from the English capital. However, the same number also reside on Merseyside and three of them come from St. Helens, add Stephen Bunting’s Liverpool location into the mix and you have the fourth member.

Four there and also four in the West Country and the West Midlands. Therefore, if you are someone reading this in Yeovil or Coventry and are yet to get to the oche, you may want to consider this as a future career move.

33 different counties or geographical areas representing 70 English players and even though a large majority of Darts’ top class are playing for St. George, there is no doubt that the global footprint of the sport continues to grow with each year and who knows where its next frontier will be?

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