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Gaelic Football Betting Tips

Get the best free Gaelic Football betting tips right here from our expert tipsters.

If you are looking for free Gaelic Hurling tips then head over to our Hurling Tips page for today's selections.


Experts are OLBG tipsters with high strike rates, current month or 6 month profitability for a particular sport.

Best Gaelic Betting Tips

Whether it be individual matches and tournament outrights you can find all the GAA betting tips here.

For each event listed, you have everything you need to know like who the matchup is between and what time and date it's taking place.

Also, the outcome which has been most tipped will be highlighted along with the market for which the tip is for.

Also displayed is the number of tips that the pick has received. As well as the total number of picks on the market, this way you can see the percentage of tips on the pick.

To view the event as a whole click on the most popular picks and you will be taken to the event page. On here all of the markets will be displayed as well as all of the tips on each outcome.

Furthermore, on the event page, you can read any tip comments which are left by our Gaelic tipsters. 

When coming across tips for which you want to place a bet, hit the 'Add to Betslip' button. You can add as many or as little as you like.

Once satisfied with your betslip, you can see which bookmaker is offering the best odds and select that bookie.

Before placing your Gaelic Football bets check out our Best Bookmakers for GAA Betting guide which has useful information for new and experienced bettors to Gaelic Sports.

Gaelic betting markets explained

Gaelic Football tips will include selections from the National Football League (NFL) which is the main Gaelic Football competition. Also, you can expect tips from the Sigerson Cup and Club Football, we will also cover the Ladies Gaelic Football too.

The Full-Time Result match tips will always be available and there may be tips for other markets like Total Points and 3-Way handicap as explained below:

Full-Time Result: This is as straightforward as it sounds, you are backing either the Home team to win, the Away team to win or the game to end in a draw.

Total Points: This is the total number of points scored in the match and you are backing either over or under the set line.

There are two different types of scores in GAA sports. There is a goal that is worth 3 points and a point that is worth 1 point.

So when you see a score of 2-08, that means 2 goals (6 points) and 8 single points, giving the team a total of 14 points.

3-Way Handicap: The 3-way handicap is not too different from the Asian Handicap. The only difference is that the draw is included making it a 3-way!

Let's say Clare is playing Cork, the handicap is set as follows: Clare (-1) and Cork (+1). Meaning if you backed Clare, they would need to win by at least 2 points.

If you back the draw, to be successful the team with the negative handicap need to win by that exact number. Meaning Clare would need to win by 1 point for the draw to be a winner.

For the Cork (+1) to be successful, all they have to do is not lose the game because they have a 1-point head-start.

Who are the best Gaelic Tipsters?

Gaelic Football and Hurling matches have been on the OLBG tipster sports since February 2019.

Both sports combine to make the monthly Gaelic Sports Tipster Table competition on OLBG with a £100 total prize fund on offer.

You can view which tipsters are currently having a good month via the 'Gaelic Sports Tipster Table'.

If you think you have what it takes to compete in the Gaelic tipster competition then why not get involved?

Check out the Best Tipsters tips page for Gaelic Football and Hurling to see which tipsters are setting the bar for-profit and consistency over the past year.

Start making your Gaelic Football Tips and see if you can land some of the monthly prize money.

All Ireland Football Championship

The main tournament is the All-Ireland Football Championship, established in 1887, this is a long-serving tournament which is an inter-county competition.

The last ten All Ireland Football Championship winners:

2023Dublin1-17 (20) - 1-15 (18)Derry
2022Kerry0-20 (20) - 0-16 (16)Galway
2021Tyrone2-14 (20) - 0-15 (15)Mayo
2020Dublin2-14 (20) - 0-15 (15)Mayo
2019Dublin1-18 (21) - 0-15 (15)Kerry
2018Dublin2-17 (23) - 1-14 (17)Tyrone
2017Dublin1-17 (20) - 1-16 (19)Mayo
2016Dublin1-15 (18) - 1-14 (17)Mayo
2015Dublin0-12 (12) - 0-9 (9)Kerry
2014Kerry2-9 (15) - 0-12 (12)Donegal

Our gaelic football content is meticulously crafted by Andy who maintains the content on this page keeping you up-to-date with the latest information.

Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Content editor

Andy Powell, an enthusiastic follower of Gaelic Football, enriches OLBG's coverage with his passion for the sport. With an insightful understanding of Gaelic Football, Andy provides analysis and comprehensive coverage of events.
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