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Ice Hockey Betting Tips | NHL Predictions

Get the best free ice hockey predictions from the NHL, KHL, EIHL & SHL from our ice hockey expert tipsters. For tips on all today's top sporting events navigate to the main betting tips page.


29 May 01:00

NY Rangers

CAR Hurricanes @ NY Rangers

29 May 01:00


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01 Jun 22:00

CAR Hurricanes

NHL Eastern Conference including play offs

01 Jun 22:00


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  • Which Ice Hockey leagues and events do you cover tips for?

    We have Ice Hockey betting tips for the NHL of course including all the major matches across the USA and Canada, culminating in the Stanley Cup.

    You will find NHL picks on here throughout the whole season, including playoffs for you to place NHL wagers on.

    We also provide betting tips for the Kontinental Hockey League, otherwise known as simply the KHL.

    When looking for wagers you might also be interested in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) and the British Elite League (EIHL) which are both also covered.

  • When will you have Ice Hockey Betting tips?

    The National Hockey League runs from October to June so during this period this page will be packed with the most popular NHL betting tips.

    Both the British Elite League and Swedish Hockey Leagues run from September through to April while the KHL runs from August through to April.

    This means that for eleven of the twelve months of the year there will be ice hockey betting predictions for you to wager one!

    We cover the regular season as well as all of the playoff matches in all of the mentioned leagues as well as outright betting tips too.

  • Free NHL Money Line Tips

    Whether you are looking to bet on today's NHL matches or those coming up in the near future, the main betting market is the money line which is not only found in the NHL but you will also see this when looking at NFL predictions, NBA tips, and MLB tips.

    This market is a simple bet on whether the designated home or away team will be successful and because this is a 2-way market it will include any overtime and penalties (check bookmakers T&Cs when it comes to European matches).

    What you will see are the odds for either team, for example, Pittsburgh Penguins maybe 4/7 to beat the New York Rangers, meaning if you staked £10 and it was successful, your payout would be £15.71, a profit of £5.71.

    On the other hand, if you fancy the New York Rangers to win then you would bet on them, say their money line odds were 7/4 and you staked £10 then you could win as much as £27.50 (£17.50 profit) if successful.

    If NHL betting is something new to you but at the same time something you think you would be interested in then opening an account would be needed, check out our Best Bookmaker for NHL Betting article which will help you find the right one.

     You might want to add the NHL money line picks into an accumulator, this is a way of building up the odds for a better return but you need them all to win to get that return.

    NHL Accumulator

    1. PIT Penguins to win 4/7 (1.57)
    2. FLA Panthers to win 4/6 (1.67)
    3. CAL Flames to win 4/7 (1.57)
    4. COL Avalanche to win 4/5 (1.80)

    Converting the fractional odds to decimal odds is the easiest way to work out an estimated return, you multiple the odds together (1.57*1.67*1.57*1.80) and that will give you an estimate of your returns which in this case works out as 7.40.

    That means your NHL accumulator if all four picks are successful, for a £10 stake would return roughly £74 which would be a £64 profit. We have daily accumulators built based on our expert tipsters picks which you may be interested in.

  • NHL Tips Today

    As well as the money line market, you will also find expert picks on two other markets right here for today's NHL Tips. First of all, we have spread betting which is better known as Puck Line for the NHL.

    In terms of comparison, this market is the same as Asian Handicap in football or the run line in the MLB, the favourite is given a handicap to overcome whilst the underdog is given a headstart to defend.

    In the NHL this line is usually set at 1.5 so the favourite in the game will be given a handicap of -1.5 whilst the dog will get a handicap of +1.5, the line can on occasions be different such as 0.5 or 2.5 depending on how strong the favourite is.

    To work out if the bets are successful or not, if the team with the -1.5 handicap wins by 2+ goals then that line is successful, anything else the +1.5 line is successful.

  • NHL Totals Predictions

    The other market available is the NHL Totals betting, in this market you are betting on how many goals will be scored during the game.

    Please check your bookmaker for details but nearly all NHL will include goals scored in overtime and penalties whilst for some European leagues those may not be included.

    You will get an under and over option for this market, it's the same as when betting on the totals in the NBA, the runs in MLB, or the points in the NFL.

    You will be given a line and when it comes to NHL totals, this line can differ from game to game, the most common line is usually 5.5.

    This means that your bet will be on whether there will be under 5.5 goals (5 or fewer) or whether there will be over 5.5 goals (6 or more).

    Sometimes you will get a line without a .5, something like 6.0 which means that the 'Push' option comes into play, if the game finishes with exactly 6 goals then your stake is refunded.

  • Who are the best Ice Hockey tipsters?

    If you are looking for the answer to Who will win the 2022 Stanley Cup? Then we have a lot of great Ice Hockey tipsters at OLBG. Some of our tipsters do specialise in NHL betting tips, others specialise in the other leagues whilst some do make predictions on all ice hockey. 

    To see which are the best, check out the individual tips whereby each tip you will see the tipsters record.

    You will notice that some have very profitable records. The profit figure looks at the last 6 months of ice hockey picks for that tipster.

    Their consistency can also be seen by looking at the last 6 months in which tips have been placed.

    A tipster who has been profitable for 4, 5 or 6 of those months will have shown great consistency and you may well want to follow all their Ice Hockey tips.

    To do so, install the OLBG app, then you can select a team of tipsters to follow by adding them to MyTipsters. You will then get alerts when they place their ice hockey bets. 

    Because all our top ice hockey tipsters add comments by each of their tips, this provides you with a huge amount of information before placing your bets.

    They do all the research for you to make your betting easier. Read comments from different tipsters who have different views on the game and see which are the most convincing to you.

    Also, consider heading over to the 'Best Ice Hockey Tipsters' page which highlights the best of the best hockey tipsters.

  • How often do Favourites win in NHL?

    In comparison to the other US sports, Basketball is top of the pile for winning favourites, then it's the NFL with Baseball bottom of the pile. So where does the NHL fit into the list? It would be about on par with Baseball at the bottom of the list in terms of favourites not being as successful as they are in the other sports.

    In the table below, you can see how the favourites have faired at home and also on the road over the last five regular seasons, obviously, remember that during the 2019-20 season neutral venues were being used which has affected those statistics.

    Season Home Favs Away Favs
    2016-17 .606 (539-890) .562 (190-338)
    2017-18 .606 (579-956) .567 (178-314)
    2018-19 .584 (516-884) .576 (221-384)
    2019-20 .569 (434-763) .553 (176-318)
    2020-21 .643 (314-488) .609 (229-376)
    Overall .598 (2382-3981) .575 (994-1730)

    There have been some teams who perform better as favourites than others, maybe those are more adept at handling the pressure of favouritism, the Washington Capitals are the most successful favourites on home ice over the last five seasons with a win percentage of .542 (103-190) whilst the Vancouver Canucks are the worst with a win percentage of just .346 (27-78) so you can see how vast the difference is between the top and bottom.

    Top Three NHL Teams to back as Favourites

    1. Tampa Bay Lightning (210-310 .677)
    2. Washington Capitals (177-272 .651)
    3. Vegas Golden Knights (135-212 .637)

    Top Three NHL Teams to avoid as Favourites

    1. Detroit Red Wings (22-51 .431)
    2. Buffalo Sabres (32-72 .444)
    3. Ottawa Senators (30-61 .492)

Experts are OLBG tipsters with high strike rates, current month or 6 month profitability for a particular sport

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