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Handball Betting Tips | IHF Handball World Championship Picks

Here we have Handball predictions from our expert handball tipsters. See who they are backing to be successful today with these handball betting tips. For tips on all today's top sporting events navigate to the main betting tips page.


Experts are OLBG tipsters with high strike rates, current month or 6 month profitability for a particular sport.

Who are the best Handball Tipsters?

There is a large number of OLBG Tipsters who enjoy their Handball thus giving you plenty of opinions on a daily basis.

On the page above you are presented with the 'Top Handball Tipsters' which will list the top three handball tipsters who currently have tips open.

You are also presented with each match and tournament above which currently have tips on them.

For each game, you have the most popular handball tip supplied along with the odds, number of tips and percentage of tips.

You can also view all of the Best Handball Tipsters who currently have tips open via the link.

Which Handball events do we cover?

When it comes to the most popular handball leagues and competitions you are looking at the Eastern/Southern European countries.

All of those countries are covered by our excellent handball tipsters. These put in plenty of time and research when making their handball tips.

You get three major markets for each match which those who bet on American sports will be familiar with.

As well as the leagues from countries we also offer handball betting tips on international. These include games from the European and World Championships.

Meaning this is your one-stop-shop for handball prediction for the week.

Which Handball markets do we cover?

The markets which our handball tipsters can tip on are Moneyline (3-way), Match Handicap and Points Total.

Moneyline (3-way): The same as football full-time result market for those into football. You get three options, Home Win, Away Win or Tie.

So our handball predictions on this market will be one of the three. This is based on regular time only so any extra time is not included.

If you see the market say '2-way' then that means the 'Tie' option is removed and the bet includes extra time and penalties.

Match Handicap: Again those familiar with football betting then this is the handball version of Asian Handicap.

One team is given a deficit to make up, the other is given a head start.

For example one of our handicap picks is PSG Handball -4.5. This means that PSG has to win by 5+ for the bet to be a winner.

Another example of a handicap prediction is PSG Handball +4.5. This means the bet will be successful as long as PSG do not lose by more than 4 goals.

Points Total: Any predictions on the points total mean you need to sum up both the home and away team's totals.

A line will be set by the bookmaker, something like '63.50' and you will see either 'Under' or 'Over'.

Add together the home and away team's goals (Not including OT). If the pick is 'Over' and the total is more than 63 then it's a winner.

If the handicap tip is for 'Under' then the total goals must be below the set line, so in this example, less than 64 points.

How do I bet on Handball?

Using the most tipped outcome is one way of betting on handball. Each scheduled game will be listed on this page when tips are placed.

Along with each game, the outcome that our tipsters have predicted the most times will be highlighted as the best bet for the game.

Each outcome will highlight the number of handball tipsters who have picked that outcome. Also, the total number of tips on the market.

This, in turn, gives you the percentage of tips supporting the outcome compared to the total tips on the market.

This percentage is also used along with the current odds when producing the 'Value Rating'.

For a more detailed breakdown of all of the markets and to read our tipster's thoughts on the games, click on the event name.

As a result, the event page will be loaded which will display all of the markets and all of the outcomes for the selected game.

When you come across any predictions that you want to back simply use the Add to betslip option.

You can navigate between games adding as many picks as you like to the betslip.

Once happy, view your betslip to see which is the best bookie for handball by who is offering you the best odds for the outcomes in our betslip.

Select this bookmaker and your betslip will be transferred over to their site where you can then place your bet without having to re-add the picks to your betslip on their site!

Our handball content is meticulously crafted by Andy who maintains the content on this page keeping you up-to-date with the latest information.

Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Content editor

Andy Powell, a passionate aficionado of handball, elevates OLBG's handball content with his profound expertise in the sport. With an in-depth understanding of handball leagues and events, Andy provides insightful analysis and comprehensive coverage.
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