IHF Men's Handball World Championship Preview & Betting Guide

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A look ahead to the 2025 World Men's Handball Championship which will be co-hosted by Croatia, Denmark and Norway with thirty-two countries looking to be crowned champions of the world.

IHF Men's Handball World Championship Preview & Betting Guide
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IHF Mens Handball World Championship

Founded in 1938, the 2025 tournament will be the 29th edition of the competition and we have put a blog together to look ahead to the tournament, we look back at who has previously won this tournament and we tell you where you will be able to find the IHF Men's Handball World Championship betting tips.

Denmark will be heading in the 2025 IHF Men's Handball World Championship looking for a fourth consecutive victory after becoming the first-ever country to win a third consecutive title in 2023 when defeating France 34-29 in the final.

The most successful country, France, will be looking to bounce back, they have won four of the last eight and were beaten finalists in 2023. The last eight finals have all featured Denmark or France or both!

IHF Men's Handball World Championship Content

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2025 IHF Mens Handball World Championship Preview

The 2025 IHF Men's Handball World Championships will be the first-ever tournament to be hosted by three countries, it's twice been shared between two but this will be the first between three with Croatia, Denmark and Norway sharing hosting duties.

It's expected that there will be a total of eleven host cities, five of those in Croatia, four in Norway and then just the two venues in Denmark with Oslo in Norway being picked as the host of the final.

The expected host cities in Croatia are:

  • Zagreb (Arena Zagreb)
  • Split (Spaladium Arena)
  • Varaždin (Varaždin Arena)
  • Dubrovnik (New Dubrovnik Arena)
  • Poreč (Žatika Sport Centre)

The four hosting cities in Norway are expected to be:

  • Oslo (Telenor Arena)
  • Drammen (New Drammen Arena)
  • Trondheim (Trondheim Spektrum)
  • Stavanger (Stavanger Idrettshall)

Whilst the two cities to be hosting games in Denmark are:

  • Herning (Jyske Bank Boxen)
  • Copenhagen (Royal Arena)
Top Scorers

Six of the last eight top scorers have gone to either a Danish player or a player from North Macedonia. Kirik Lazarov (92 in 2009), Mikkel Hansen (68 in 2011), Anders Eggert (62 in 2013), Kiril Lazarov (50 in 2017), Mikkel Hansen (72 in 2019) and Mathias Gidsel (60 in 2023).

IHF Mens Handball World Championship Past Winners

France won back-to-back titles in 2009 & 2011 and repeated that feat in 2015 & 2017 and then Denmark who won the title in 2019 successfully retained their title in 2021 and became the first-ever country in 2023 to win back-to-back-to-back championships defeating France in the final.

Season Champions Score Runners-Up
2023 Denmark 34–29 France
2021 Denmark 26–24 Sweden
2019 Denmark 31–22 Norway
2017 France 33–26 Norway
2015 France 25–22 Qatar
2013 Spain 35–19 Denmark
2011 France 37–35 (ET) Denmark
2009 France 24–19 Croatia
2007 Germany 29–24 Poland
2005 Spain 40–34 Croatia

IHF Mens Handball World Championship Betting Tips

Throughout the 2025 IHF Men's Handball World Championship we will have betting tips available for each round of the tournament, but, first of all, if you are not that familiar with handball betting and are planning on having a bet then be sure to give our best bookie for handball betting article a read before you place any bets. We have plenty of handball tipsters on the site who will help you out during the tournament with their tips, for day-to-day predictions on this tournament and all the others taking place throughout the year head over to the handball predictions page. Additionally, if you only want to view the tipsters who are in profit, check out the best handball tipsters page which will only list those tipsters!

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Last Five Tournament Favourite Statistics

The favourites at the IHF Men's Handball World Championship have been fairly consistent over the last five tournaments with an average of 79.46% of favourites being successful, 2017 was a bumper year with 83.33% of those winning. A lot of those favourites can be really strong and priced up 1.10 or shorter, of those 160 of the 169 teams (94.67%) have gone on to win their matches and that strike rate stays above 80% right up to 1.40 but when they get bigger than that there is a big drop off, those between 1.41 & 1.50 drop to a 66.67% success rate, in fact, those between 1.41 & 2.00 when favourites have a 56.03% success rate which in betting terms would suggest you look to take some of those favourites on!

  • 2015: 70-88 (79.55%)
  • 2017: 70-84 (83.33%)
  • 2019: 73-96 (76.04%)
  • 2021: 79-102 (77.45%)
  • 2023: 91-112 (81.25%)
  • Overall: 383-482 (79.46%)
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Last Five Tournament Goal Statistics

Over the last five tournaments, there has been a total of 482 goals scored, that is on average 56 goals per match so when you see that there has only been 48% of the games go over that number, it would indicate there have been some rogue big score games to up the average number of goals. In 2021 alone there were four games that went over 70 goals, eleven in total over the last five tournaments which are bumping that average number up. A more realistic number is probably between 47.5 & 52.5 with 79% of the games going over 50 goals which is a lot better than the 54% going over 55.

  • Over 50: 382 Games (79.25%)
  • Over 52.5: 329 Games (68.26%)
  • Over 55: 261 Games (54.15%)
  • Over 57.5: 209 Games (43.36%)
  • Over 60: 130 Games (26.97%)
  • Over 62.5: 88 Games (18.26%)

IHF Mens Handball World Championship Most Wins

France's four victories between 2009 & 2017 added to their previous two in 1995 & 2001 which has them leading the medal table having accumulated six golds, that is two more than Sweden who made it into the 2021 final but has not won since 1999 and Romania who have not tasted any recent success, their last final was in 1974 when they won it. Denmark's three recent wins were their first taste of success, whilst Sweden as well as their four golds also have four silvers and four bronzes making them the team with the joint-most medals overall with twelve, the same as France after they won silver in 2023 which was their twelfth medal.

Rank Club Gold Silver Bronze Total
1st France 6 2 4 12
2nd Sweden 4 4 4 12
3rd Romania 4 0 2 6
4th Denmark 3 3 1 7
5th Germany 2 2 1 5

Women's Handball Blogs

As well as those mentioned in this blog for the men's side of the sport, we also have a number of blogs covering women's handball.

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