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Noah Strang Hockey Editor

Noah Strang is OLBG's Hockey Expert. He has written about Hockey for some of the Worlds top publications and worked as an accredited NHL media correspondent.


Noah Strang is a freelance sports reporter with extensive experience in the worlds of sports gambling and sports cards. He's worked as an accredited NHL media correspondent and contributed to a variety of publications across the web including

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🏈🥅🏒 Our stateside Hockey specialist, Noah knows just about all there is to know about the NHL and local league hockey in Canada too - Our go to guy for our Hockey content and opinion on sportsbooks offerings on his favorite sport.

🎯 Industry Expertise

Noah Strang is a well-versed sports writer with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and SEO best practices. His sharp analytical skills in urban systems, leveraged with his communications background from McGill University, have enabled him to blend technical expertise with a compelling sports narrative. Strang's ability to engage an audience on various platforms—ranging from online news outlets and print magazines to podcasts and radio shows—attests to his versatility and depth of knowledge in the sports journalism landscape.

Noah's proficiency in creating SEO-optimized content extends beyond sports, showcasing his adaptability and his nuanced grasp of digital content strategy. His insights into the sporting world are not only informed by his experiences as a reporter but are also enriched by his entrepreneurial endeavor through Duluth Media, which reflects his commitment to innovation and growth in the realm of media and content creation.

📚 Experience

As a Staff Writer for Daily Hive since October 2023, Noah Strang has focused on delivering in-depth coverage of Ice Hockey the Vancouver Canucks, BC Lions, and Vancouver Whitecaps. His role involves not just reporting on the latest games and sports trends but also delivering narratives that resonate with a dedicated readership.

Since September 2022, as the Co-Founder and President of Duluth Media Ltd., Strang has presided over a burgeoning media company that specializes in SEO-optimized content, primarily catering to the iGaming industry among other sectors. His responsibilities in this role cover a broad spectrum, from content strategy to business development, demonstrating his comprehensive skill set which ranges from content production to leadership within the digital marketing space.

🎯 Goal in Role at OLBG

Noah has supplied freelance contributions to OLBG's expert Ice hockey betting and preview content. His position as an authority in Hockey produces content that is not only informative but also insightful with his direct NHL reporting involvement.

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"Sports journalism isn't just about relaying the scores; it's about weaving the passion, the strategy, and the excitement of the game into every word. With every piece I write or discuss, I aim to transport the reader right into the heart of the action."

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