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Basketball Betting Tips | NBA Predictions

Get the best basketball betting tips from our expert tipsters who all put time and research into their tips. With coverage of NBA Tips, NCAAB predictions and Euroleague Tips which can all be found below.

If you want to see tips from all sports then head to the main betting tips page to help you find your best bet of the day.


Experts are OLBG tipsters with high strike rates, current month or 6 month profitability for a particular sport.

Which Leagues and events do you cover with Basketball tips?

The number one league in the world is, of course, the NBA and you can expect free NBA tips tonight and throughout the season.

If you are looking for the answer to 'Who will win the NBA Finals?' then check out our NBA tipster's predictions and analysis on the teams they are supporting to win the NBA championship as we also cover season-long ante post basketball betting markets.

We don't stop there at just the NBA tips, you can also get free basketball betting tips from the NBA G League, a league that is the official minor league of the NBA.

Also in the USA, we cover the NCAAB (College Basketball) season which is hugely popular so expect to see NCAAB tips from our knowledgeable basketball tipsters.

On the European front, we have the Euroleague basketball betting tips, the Euroleague features the best of the best European clubs.

Our basketball tipsters also have you covered with their predictions across numerous European domestic Leagues including the German Bundesliga, Italian Lega 1 and the European domestic cups like the Spanish Copa del Rey, whilst in Australia we have the the NBL tips and Women's NBL picks.

What is the best bet on basketball?

The three most popular basketball betting markets which are similar across all 'American' sports are Money Line picks, Pointspread predictions and Game Totals bets. These main markets are covered here on OLBG with free basketball betting tips. Here is a brief description of the bet types:

  • Money Line is a straight-win bet, a home win or away win. So for example, if you are looking for teams to win the game with the NBA tips these are Money Line predictions.
  • Pointspread is the Asian Handicap of the basketball world, you are given a handicap each time (i.e. -3 and +3) meaning the team has to outscore the handicap. If a team is given a handicap of -3 then they have to win by at least 4 points to win the handicap, should they win by 3 then the bet would be pushed which is a stake refund.
  • Game Totals is as it says on the tin! The basketball betting tips will go with either an under or an over of a set line. That line indicates the total number of points scored in the game (both home and away). So a line of 216.50 would require at least 217 points for the over to win.

For all three betting markets, overtime is included for settlement purposes. If unsure, we always advise you to check your bookie's basketball settlement rules before placing your basketball wagers.

General Basketball Betting Advice

As regards any type of sports betting, we suggest starting with sports you are familiar with and basketball betting is no different. Focus on leagues where there is good coverage of information available like the NBA, being armed with team stats and facts is a good starting point to build confidence in the bets you make and we would always advise you to only stake what you are comfortable with and within your means. Our basketball tipsters will generally ensure they have all the team stats, facts, injury news and any other potentially bet-deciding factors to hand before placing their NBA tips tonight.

If you would like more information on basketball betting then take a few minutes to read our Basketball betting advice guide which looks at the various basketball betting markets in more detail and basketball betting in general to help you gain a better understanding of how basketball betting works before you set out and place your bets.

Best Basketball Betting Tips on OLBG

Above you will find all the free basketball betting tips for upcoming games. OLBG's knowledgeable basketball tipsters have you covered with their betting predictions whether it be for the regular season games or predictions for outright season-long competitions like the NBA Finals.

For each event, the most tipped outcome is highlighted. These can be for any of the Money Line, Pointspread or Game Total markets so the relevant market is also highlighted.

As well as the tip you can see how many tipsters have predicted this outcome compared to the total number of tips on the market. The current best odds are also displayed as well as the option to add that tip into your betslip if you would like to place a bet.

To view the event overall simply click on the event name and you will be taken to the event page.

Here you are given the 'Most Popular Tip', the pick receiving the most predictions as well as the 'Best Tipsters Tip', which is the tipster showing the best annual profit for basketball betting tips. You can then view the three markets for the event as highlighted above. 

You can see how many tipsters have tipped each outcome. Furthermore, you can read their detailed analysis of why they have tipped that outcome and their profit performance figures for the last week, 30 days and 12 months along with their annual strike rate for basketball betting tips.

Finally, each tipster who has tipped on the event is highlighted along with the performance figures for basketball tipping.

How do I use the free basketball tips?

Using the OLBG betslip option next to the basketball tips means you can place a bet on the selections you like the look of without leaving your OLBG session.

Whether you want to play the NBA tips tonight and Euro basketball predictions separately or combine them in an acca you can build your betslip accordingly by clicking on the 'Add' to betslip button next to the basketball picks you want to include in your basketball bets.

When you have finished adding the basketball tips to your betslip check the odds comparison table at the top of the screen to see which of the bookies are offering the best odds payout.

Select your preferred bookie and you will be transferred to their site with your betslip selections already complete without the need to find and add them again. Just fill in your bet stake and best of luck with your basketball betting selections.

If you are a rookie when it comes to placing basketball bets then check out our Best Bookmakers For Basketball Betting guide which contains helpful information and reviews on the best bookies to use for your basketball betting.

Plus there are the latest bookie promos and new customer sign-up offers to help get you started.

Who are the best Basketball tipsters?

The term "Best Tipsters" is subjective in some respects as some NBA tipsters may be best at providing informative analysis with their NBA tips for example, others may specialise in picking underdogs whilst many may focus on selecting favourites and accruing small gains with their basketball betting picks.

On OLBG the best basketball tipsters are known as "experts", if you see NBA tips tonight with a "crown" next to the prediction this means an expert tipster has chosen the selection.

The best basketball tipsters are those with the best level stakes profit figures for basketball tips covering the last 12 months.

Head over to our Best Basketball Tipsters dedicated page to find the best tipsters with NBA tips today. On this page, you can view profitable basketball tipsters sorted by best annual profit who currently have basketball betting tips on upcoming games.

Here you can also view the tipster's recent profits over the last seven days and month, their annual profit trends (month to month) and strike rate.

You can follow the best basketball tipsters on the OLBG app and receive instant alerts when they place basketball tips.

Using the OLBG app, you can search the Hot Tipsters by 7 Days Profit (in form tipsters), Annual Profits (Best Profit Tipsters) or Followers (most followed tipsters for basketball tips) to find the tipsters you want to follow.

Tap on the 'Follow' option and select 'Instant', the tipster will be added to your My Tipsters menu where you can view their tips and receive instant notifications when they add a new tip. At the time of writing, eight tipsters have gained more than 1,000 followers for basketball selections.

Compete with the best basketball tipsters on OLBG

Can you become the best NBA tipster on OLBG with your NBA tips? If you are successful with your basketball betting and would like to participate in the monthly basketball tipster competition on OLBG then if you have not already, register an OLBG account on the site and start adding your NBA predictions today.

The basketball tipster competitions on OLBG are free to enter with £135 in cash prizes available every month!

NBA Picks and Parlays

Who will win tonight's NBA games? you may ask, well, our experts have you covered with their free NBA picks tonight.

Using the NBA Money Line picks you like the look of on this page you can place the selections as singles (straight win bets on each pick) or combine them and build a Parlay Bet, also known as accas or accumulators.

The NBA Pointspread picks and NBA Game Totals tips can also be used when compiling your NBA parlay bets.

There are positives and negatives in placing single-win bets or parlays on the NBA picks, like with all sports and basketball betting there is an element of risk attached.

Win singles on NBA picks

The benefit of placing single-win bets is if one of the NBA picks wins you are guaranteed a payout. With single win bets though your total outlay will increase the more single NBA bets you place if betting to level stakes.

Parlays on NBA Picks

The benefit of placing multiple NBA selections in a Parlay Bet is you increase the odds of the payout with each selection added.

Starting with your initial stake on your first selection, you are then multiplying the odds of each selection with the next selection in your parlay.

The negative side of the parlay or acca is if one of your selections fails to win then the parlay is down with no return.

Win Singles on NBA Picks vs. Parlays on NBA Picks

Using an example, let's say our total outlay is going to be the same, so 30 points staked in total and all three selections won.

Our single wins on the following NBA picks will be 3 x 10-point stakes:

  • Dallas Mavericks Won @ 1.8 (4/5) returns 18.0
  • New York Knicks Won @ 1.67 (4/6) returns 16.67
  • Detroit Pistons Won @ 1.91 (10/11) returns 19.09

The total returns = 53.76 points, minus our 30 points staked so our total profit is 23.76 points for our single wins bets on those NBA picks.

Our NBA parlay bet on the same three NBA selections will be a 30-point parlay bet:

  • Dallas Mavericks Won @ 1.8 (4/5) 
  • New York Knicks Won @ 1.67 (4/6) 
  • Detroit Pistons Won @ 1.91 (10/11) 

So we have our 30-point stake on the Dallas Mavericks @ odds of 1.8 (4/5), the first selection in our NBA parlay bet winning which means we have 54 points (30 * 1.8 = 54) rolling on to our next NBA selection the NY Knicks who won @ odds of 1.67 (4/6), so we now have 54 * 1.67 = 90.18 rolling on to our final NBA pick the Detroit Pistons who won @ odds of 1.91 (10/11), so our final payout total is 90.18 * 1.91 = 172.24. Which means a profit of 172.24 - 30 (total stake) = 142.24.

NBA Parlays wins?

So for the same total outlay (30 points in this example), we have a profit of 142.24 for our parlay bet in comparison to a 23.76 profit for our three-win single bets. That's quite a substantial difference (118.48 points) so it's not difficult to see the attraction for bettors in playing parlay bets.

However, the risks have already been outlined, a losing selection in the NBA parlay and the total payout is zero! 

In conclusion, it boils down to your own preference of how you like to place your NBA bets.

A guaranteed payout from a single win bet if one of your NBA tips tonight wins or the prospect of a greater payout for the same outlay in your NBA parlay bet if all the selections win with the added risk of no payout if one selection fails to win. You pay your money and take your chance!

Tips for picking good NBA bets

The great thing about US Sports, in general, is the vast range of statistics available, team stats, player stats, league stats, head-to-head stats, historical stats, the list is endless.

Stats are a great resource for bettors and tipsters alike as they relate to many betting opportunities like Game Totals (Over/Under) for example, one of the popular basketball betting markets for NBA tips and bets.

There are many online resources our tipsters and bettors use for basketball stats to assist with their basketball betting and NBA tips, the official NBA site and ESPN have great coverage for NBA stats. Be it, NBA team head-to-head stats for upcoming games or NBA Season Stat Leaders which cover the best-performing players for Offensive categories like Points, Assists, 3-Pointers and on the Defensive side, Rebounds, Blocks, Steals, all useful factors when analysing potential NBA tips. 

Using the stats to find a betting edge is where our tipsters will potentially benefit, here are two tips to consider when looking for good NBA bets:

Key Basketball Stats To Consider

  • Points Per Game Differential - This is a team's average scoring margin per game over the season, so those with positive (+) margins are performing better than those with a negative (-) average margin. At the time of writing (February 2023) the Boston Celtics top the PPG Differential chart after 59 games played with a +6.51 average points per game margin. So basically this means the Boston Celtics average win is by 6 to 7 points. The lowest-performing team are the San Antonio Spurs with a -10.1 average points margin per game, they are losing games on average by around 10 points. The PPG Differential is a good stat to use when looking to place NBA Money Line tips and Pointspread bets.
  • Pace (Possessions Per Game) - This is the average possessions of the ball per game, so if we have a game between two teams who move the basketball quickly or have a high number of average possessions per game then the chances are the game will be high scoring which is a key consideration for NBA Game Totals tips (Over/Under). At the time of writing, the Golden State Warriors have the most Possessions Per Game (102.97) this season, whilst the Cleveland Cavaliers have the least number of Possessions Per Game (96.0).

Andy Powell spearheads OLBG's vibrant basketball content, infusing his passion for the NBA and global leagues. With comprehensive insights, betting strategies, and sharp analysis, Andy enriches OLBG's coverage.

Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Content editor

Andy Powell, a fan of basketball, extends his passion for the NBA and global leagues into enriching OLBG's basketball content. With a keen eye for the sport's nuances and an in-depth understanding of the NBA and international leagues, Andy delivers comprehensive insights, betting strategies, and analysis.


Basketball Betting Sites FAQs

  • Where can I bet on the NBA?

    You can bet on NBA basketball with an online bookmaker in the UK. Just about every bookmaker will list NBA matches during the season as well as college basketball too. Read some reviews of bookmakers to find the best one for basketball betting, as some will be better than others.

  • Can you bet on basketball?

    With basketball taking place year round around the world you can bet on basketball just about any time you want. The NBA in the US is the leading and most popular league for betting, but there are also many leagues in Europe and Australia too. Betting on Colege basketball in America is also popular.

  • How do you bet on basketball?

    The way to bet on basketball is to decide what outcome you want to predict. This could be the match-winner, or maybe how many points you think will be scored by either team or in total. Many bookmakers have a lot of different betting market options for Basketball, especially the NBA in the US. 

  • How do NBA odds work?

    NBA Odds work in the same way as any other sports betting odds you see. Most often you will find decimal odds on display if betting online on basketball in the UK. Simply, explained, you multiply how much you want to bet by the odds on offer for the prediction you are making to work out how much you would be returned if you make a correct prediction

  • How can I get NBA tips tonight?

    You can get NBA tips tonight and throughout the NBA season right here on this page from OLBG's knowledgeable basketball betting tipsters. Our basketball experts add their daily NBA predictions as soon as the games odds become available. 

  • What are todays best NBA tips?

    Today's best NBA tips on this page are the most popular selections from our basketball betting tipsters , these NBA tips cover the NBA Money Line, NBA Pointspread and Game Totals markets. You can also check our Best Basketball Tipsters for NBA tips tonight, these are NBA predictions from our most profitable experts for basketball betting tips covering the last 12 months.

  • What is the best basketball betting site?

    Check out our Best Bookmakers for Basketball Betting Guide to see which bookies are the best to use for your NBA bets. The best basketball betting site guide covers which bookies have the best NBA odds, bookies with the best range of basketball betting markets, the best bookies for Pointspread betting, best bookies for free basketball stats and much more. Take a few minutes to read our informative guide before placing your NBA picks tonight.

  • Is NBA easy to make betting predictions for?

    A good knowledge of the NBA teams and how they are performing in the current season makes it easier when it comes to making NBA betting predictions. If you think a team is going to win the game then you place a Money Line bet, this is a simple straight win bet. If you think the game will be a high tempo NBA game with lots of scoring then you may want to place a bet on the Game Totals market especially if the bookies have set a low total. This is a simple 'Over' bet if you think the combined teams score will be over the total set by the bookies or an 'Under' bet if you think the total is too high. Our experts NBA tips tonight cover these basketball betting markets. 

  • Can you bet on basketball in the UK?

    This article includes a list of the top ten basketball betting sites in the UK. You can use any of these bookmakers, plus many more, to place bets on basketball when you’re in the UK.

  • How does betting work in basketball?

    Like any other sport it is a matter of finding the markets that you want to bet on and choosing an amount to stake. There are hundreds of different markets to bet on, allowing you to choose the one that suits you.

  • How are NBA betting lines set?

    Bookmakers set their own lines. All NBA games will have lines set – you’ll see these on your bookmaker’s display – and it is down to the individual bookmaker to determine what those lines are.

  • Where is best to bet on the NBA online?

    The best place to bet on the NBA online, if you’re in the UK, is with Unibet. There are plenty of other great basketball betting sites, but Unibet comes out on top based on our detailed research.

  • Do basketball bets include overtime?

    Generally, overtime is included in basketball bets. Double check with your bookmaker, but most include overtime as standard for bets such as spread, over/under and moneyline wagers.

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