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Best Basketball Tipsters

If you are looking for the best basketball tipsters on OLBG then you are in the right place. Listed below are those showing a profit over the past year and currently, have open tips.

This includes tips from leagues such as the NBA, NCAAB, EuroLeague and plenty of leagues around Europe.

No Tipsters Found

We're sorry but we can't make any tipster recommendations for Basketball right now. These are normally only available during the height of the NBA season. Please try again later or see our top Basketball tips. Also check our top tipsters across all the sports.

Best Basketball Tipsters on OLBG

Highlighted above is each basketball tipster complete with statistics. The 'Annual Profit' is calculated from all of their basketball tips to a ten-point stake.

You can view the tipster's annual breakdown in the 'Annual Trends' which highlights via a graph whether the tipster made a profit or loss for each month.

Next up is the 'Annual Strike Rate' which is an indication of how often they produce winners. This means the higher the strike rate, the more of the tips have won.

The statistics are completed by 7 & 30-day profits giving you a more recent number of how the tipster has been performing.

Most Followed Free Basketball Tipsters (as of May 2024)

View the Best Basketball Tipsters Tips

As already mentioned, each basketball tipster listed above has current open tips. You can view the number of tips at the end of each row. To view what current basketball tips they have simply click on their username or the green box. As a result, their basketball tips will now be visible.

On the tipster's basketball tips page, you are again presented with their basketball statistics. In addition to the previous ones, you can now view 'Daily Profits' as well as high and low points of profits.

Below the statistics are the current tips, each giving you all the details needed. The actual tip itself is listed along with the event which has been tipped on and the market.

The tipster's thoughts can be found under the tip, this is where they highlight why they believe it is a good bet. Each tip will detail how the OLBG tipsters have tipped overall, you can see this next to the tip. There will be how many tips have been placed on the market as well as how many agree with this tipster.

Finally, you can see the current odds of the tip with the option of adding it to your betslip. You can add as many as you want to your betslip. When finished you will be given the bookie with the best odds currently available.

The Best Free Basketball Predictions

If there are no current tipsters listed above then you can always visit our 'Basketball Tips' page. On this page, you can find all current matches and which tip is most favoured by the OLBG basketball tipsters.

If you are looking for the best NBA tipsters then we believe you are in the right place, we have numerous expert basketball tipsters with proven records in the NBA and European leagues, and their past tips and statistics are there for everyone to see.

This means the free basketball predictions on OLBG will rival any paid expert or professional basketball tips, mainly because they are free and you can see every tipster's annual record, so why pay?!

These tipsters supply daily NBA basketball predictions throughout the season on the three main markets and predictions from the major European competitions including the EuroLeague.

Who are the best free basketball tipsters?

If you are looking to see who is currently top of the basketball tipster table for this month, or even over the past 6 or 12 months then that is all accessible on the tipster table.

You can sort the tipster table under three sections by either LSP, ROI or Strike Rate.

Most Profitable Free Basketball Tipsters (as of May 2024)

Andy Powell spearheads OLBG's vibrant basketball content, infusing his passion for the NBA and global leagues. With comprehensive insights, betting strategies, and sharp analysis, Andy enriches OLBG's coverage.

Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Content editor

Andy Powell, a fan of basketball, extends his passion for the NBA and global leagues into enriching OLBG's basketball content. With a keen eye for the sport's nuances and an in-depth understanding of the NBA and international leagues, Andy delivers comprehensive insights, betting strategies, and analysis.
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