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Best Boxing & UFC Tipsters

Here we have the best boxing tipsters on OLBG, these are tipsters who have shown a profit over the past twelve months, see which fighters they are backing to win in the upcoming bouts.

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We're sorry but we can't make any tipster recommendations for Boxing right now. These are normally only available during the height of the Boxing season. Please try again later or see our top Boxing tips. Also check our top tipsters across all the sports.

About The Best Boxing Tipsters at OLBG

Above you will find our best boxing tipsters as well as our best UFC tipsters. These tipsters will be sorted by best annual profit meaning the best tipsters will be top of the pile. The annual profit is calculated to a 10-point stake and only tipsters with current open tips are displayed.

As well as boxing tips and UFC tips which the tipster has placed will be included in their annual profit. While any tipster with open UFC tips will also appear above. As well as their annual profit you will be presented with the tipster's annual trends. This is a breakdown of the last year in chart form.

For any month where a profit is made, you will see a green positive bar for that month while anywhere a loss was made you will see a red negative bar.

This gives you an understanding of the boxing tipsters' progress over the past year. Next up is the 'Annual Strike Rate' which gives you the percentage of the number of boxing or UFC that a tipster has successfully tipped.

It's a simple calculation of the number of winners divided by the number of tips. This means 15 winners from 30 tips would be a 50% strike rate. Finally, you have the 7 & 30-day profits which are simply the LSP of tips within those ranges on either boxing or UFC.

Most Followed Free Boxing & UFC Tipsters (as of May 2024)

How do I view the Best Boxing Tipsters Tips?

For each tipster above you are given the number of tips that they currently have open, this can be seen in the box at the end of each row. To view what these tips are you can simply click on that box or on the tipster's name which will take you to the tipster's page.

On this page, you are presented with a further breakdown of our tip stats. As well as those already seen you can now view a daily profit trend while you can also see high and low profits.

Below the statistics are the boxing tips or UFC tips that the tipster currently has open. With each tip, you are given the event, the market and the actual tip.

You can also read our tipster's expert opinion on the event and why they are backing the tip. You then get the overall consensus of the OLBG tipsters, how many have put up a tip on that market, how many have agreed with this best boxing tipster and a percentage of tips on the tip itself.

If you wish to view all of the current boxing events and see which tips are the most tipped then visit our Boxing & UFC Betting Tips page. On this page, you will be given our most popular boxing tips as well as our most popular UFC tips.

You can go into each event to view all markets and all tips and comments supplied by our expert boxing tipsters. You can also add any tips that you find helpful to your betslip along with your best boxing tipster tips to create a boxing accumulator.

How do I bet on the best Boxing Tipsters Tips?

Whilst on the best boxing tipsters' tip page where you are viewing their current boxing tips, you will see an 'Add to Betslip' button by the current odds. If you hit this button, that tip will be added to your betslip where you can then see who is offering the best odds for that tip.

But it doesn't stop there! You can add more tips either from this tipster or go back to the other best boxing tipsters and add their tips to your betslip too. Once you have decided on the tips which you wish to include, the betslip will give you the best bookmaker for all of the tips combined.

You can then click on the bookmaker and you will be taken to them with the tips being transferred into your betslip on their site. This means you do not have to go through the events and add them yourself, meaning from there you can place your bets!

Should I pay for professional boxing tipsters?

You may be tempted to look at some professional boxing tipsters, these are tipsters who will charge you for their tips. They will look at things like records and the style of the fighters to come up with a pick, but we ask you, Why Pay for boxing tips?

Our expert boxing tipsters will give you all of that and more and you do not have to pay a single penny as you get free boxing predictions right here on OLBG from profitable boxing tipsters. So, if you are looking for the best boxing predictions, you are in the right place.

How many of these expert or professional boxing tipsters can back up their statistics? Every tipster on OLBG is tracked meaning you have a whole year of statistics for these tipsters. Also, it is not only boxing that they cover, but you can also get expert UFC picks right here as well as Bellator predictions.

The Most Profitable Boxing Tipsters

You can find the most profitable boxing tipster above, these are ordered by annual profits to help you find who is the most profitable. Only tipsters with current open tips are displayed so there may be others with better profits who haven't currently got any tips up.

These can be viewed on our Boxing Tipster Competition Table for a twelve-month profit. You can click on their name in the table which will give you the option to subscribe to their boxing tips.

Most Profitable Free Boxing & UFC Tipsters (as of May 2024)

Experienced betting expert Andy Powell and former professional boxer Frank Monkhouse have partnered up to provide you with the most up-to-date and insightful boxing content on this page.

Frank Monkhouse

Frank Monkhouse

Boxing editor

Frank has been an expert boxing writer for OLBG since 2017 and has also written for Betfair, Coral, William Hill, World Sports Network and The Racing Post. He is a valuable asset to sports enthusiasts and serious bettors alike because of his in-depth knowledge of the sport and his ability to translate that knowledge into betting advice.
Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Content editor

Andy Powell is an experienced sports betting specialist with a passion for boxing. His interest in boxing came from growing up watching the likes of Mike Tyson, he spends many of his weekends enjoying bouts.
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