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Best Tennis Tipsters

Best tennis tipsters at OLBG. Click on a tipsters name for more detailed stats, profit trends and their tennis tips for today.

OLBG has over 150 tennis tipsters adding free daily tennis tips, competing alongside one another to claim a share of the £200 on offer each month plus big event competitions like Wimbledon in their quest to be the best tennis tipster.

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  • About Tennis Tipsters at OLBG

    Here you will find the free daily tennis tips from the most successful Tennis Tipsters on OLBG. The tennis tipsters on show here are those who currently have live tips and are showing an annual profit for tennis tips, those with the best annual profit will be listed first.

    With each tennis tip, you can view the tipster's annual profit shown to a 10 point stake, their strike rate and progress over the past 12 months. In addition to the long term consistency shown, you can also see the current form of the tipster showing their 7 and 30-day profits.

    The 'Tipster Tips' column displays the total number of open tennis tips for each most successful tennis tipster listed, only those with current 'live' tennis tips will show here so be sure to check daily for new tips from other successful tennis tipsters.

    To view the individual tips simply click on the green box which states the number of open tips for that tipster, you will then be taken to their tips page complete with a statistical breakdown of previous tennis tips showing the current form (winning streak), annual, monthly, weekly profits to a 10 point stake and charts detailing their annual and daily profit trends.

    Each 'live' tip will be listed showing the match or event, tip market selected, current best odds and the 'Add' to Betslip option for placing your bet right away. The tennis tipster may have also entered informative tip analysis which we encourage and will be displayed alongside the bet type.

    Included with the tip you can see how many OLBG tennis tipsters have tipped this same prediction and the percentage of tips this pick has received concerning all tips on that betting market. A strong consensus on the same outcome may result in a good 'star value rating' being highlighted when compared to the best odds available.

  • The Best Tennis Tipsters

    When it comes to tennis betting and betting in general, the term 'best tipster' which can also be quoted as a professional tipster, expert tipster and son may have a different meaning or description for many punters and can boil down to an individual's own betting preferences. Similar in a way to when the term 'value' is used in that you have a short odds selection that is still 'value' in relation to its chance or some may view 'value' as just a 'big' odds pick which may not reflect it's true chances of winning against a shorter priced selection.

    Covering all betting angles, we have lots of very good tennis tipsters on OLBG to suit all punters betting needs. For example, those that find the solid short odds picks suitable for Acca's which tends to result in longer-term consistency for the tipster or those that specialise in unearthing a long shot at nice odds. Either way, you can learn why our tipsters are selecting their picks by reading their informative analysis included with the free daily tennis tips.

  • The Most Consistent Tennis Tipsters

    Tennis betting can be fraught with pitfalls, for one betting on singles matches you are relying on an individual being able to perform to his/her best ability throughout the duration of the season and maintaining peak form for a long period is difficult for any sporting athlete so finding tennis tipsters who can make a consistent profit month on month, year on year is not easy which is why OLBG is the perfect place to check out the free daily tennis tips from the best performing tipsters and if you don't believe us then check out their stats!

    Our knowledgeable tipsters find regular winning tips from the various match markets available and proven consistency over a period of time eliminates any thoughts or conclusions of hitting just a 'lucky' win. The tipster stats displayed with their live tips details current form, and more importantly consistency (strike rate), profitability and monthly trends over the past 12 months so punters are armed with all aspects of the tipster's performance statistics.

    As already mentioned previously, some punters have different betting preferences as regards betting on favourites or betting on long shots or the 'underdog' so finding a tipster to suit your betting needs is key. At the time of writing (May 2021), one of OLBG's top tennis tipster for the number of profitable months in the past 12 months (peterichey) has recorded zero losing months and has a winning tip strike rate of 53% with an of +795 points to 10pt stakes. Some tipsters may have a lower strike rate over the same period but a higher level stakes profit so as you can see performance and strategy can vary greatly.

    Tipsters who generally like to find 'bigger' odds tips are likely to endure longer losing runs and a lower strike rate but the nice odds wins can negate the losses, finding a tipster who has fairly regular wins at nice odds is another good angle. You can't go far wrong if you follow a tipster who is consistently profitable!

    For more details on a tipsters consistency navigate through to their profile page by clicking on a tipsters name above. In addition to the 12-month profit trend, you will also see daily trends as well as other key performance-related statistics.

  • The Most Popular Tennis Tipsters

    Check out the OLBG app where you can follow your favourite tipsters, compile your own portfolio and receive their tips direct in your 'My Tipsters' section. You can also receive alerts when several of your tipsters predict the same tip selection. This tool has allowed us to see who are the most popular and followed tennis tipsters, they may not necessarily be the most profitable or most consistent as some users like to follow tipsters who provide great analysis with their tips or who have landed them nice winners in the past.

    At the time of writing (May 2021) these are the most popular tennis tipsters with over 5,000 followers!

    Most Followed Tennis Tipsters

  • The Most Profitable Tennis Tipsters

    The most profitable professional tennis tipsters over the past year, with current live tips listed above. If you want to view all the current profitable tennis tipsters who may or may not have tips available then you can head over to the competition section of OLBG and take a look through the tennis tipster table. The tipster competition table shows you the up to date standings for the current month but also allows you to sort tennis tipsters by clicking the stat type heading at the top of the columns for the last 6 months or 12 months for LSP (level stakes profit), ROI (return on investment), strike rate and the number of profitable months. Clicking on a tipster name above will show you their profitability by 7 days and 30 days as well as the annual profit.

    At the time of writing (May 2021), some of our best tennis tipsters were showing fantastic profits over the past 12 months (Profits to 10pt stakes).

    Most Profitable Tennis Tipsters

    1. peterichey (Profit of +795)
    2. ArTRazZeR (Profit of +366)
    3. abarrybonds (Profit of +306)
    4. truealtaf (Profit of +273)
    5. XIITomas (Profit of +250)
  • Can I be an OLBG Tennis Tipster ?

    Following OLBG tipsters over a period of time will enable you to build a profile of how they perform, strategies they may use and tip analysis they provide from their extensive knowledge base. This along with your own knowledge and betting skills may lead you to the conclusion that you can become a successful OLBG tipster and compete for the free monthly cash prizes on offer.

    If you would like to become a tipster on OLBG or just want to improve your sports betting knowledge then join OLBG for free. As a member, you will get regular email newsletters highlighting the great content and excellent tipsters we have on OLBG. 

    Our betting school is a great place to start if you want to learn more about betting on tennis or brush up on your betting terminology in general. 

    If you have any tennis (or any topic for that matter) related questions you would like to pose to fellow OLBG members then you can head over to the OLBG forum and ask away and also join in any current discussions. Take a look around the forum and make sure you check out the blog section of OLBG for some excellent insight on the major and upcoming events from our excellent tennis and sports betting members. 

    OLBG is a fantastic friendly sports betting community so come and join us!

  • How do I add the Best Tennis Tipsters tips to my betslip?

    Once on the individual tipster page and viewing their tennis tips you will see the 'Add' to betslip button underneath where the current best odds available are displayed.

    Simply hit that button and the tennis tip will be added to your betslip at the top of your screen.

    If you would like to place a multiple bet or an 'acca' bet, you can continue browsing the best tennis tipsters tips and adding picks by hitting the 'Add to Betslip' button as and when you find one you would like to include in your bet.

    Once you have finished adding your selections, you can view the best bookmaker odds in your betslip, simply click 'Select' and you will be taken to your chosen bookie.

  • Can I view 'Best Tipsters' tips for other sports ?

    Whilst there are ATP or WTA tennis events pretty much every week throughout the year there may be certain times when the Best Tennis Tipsters on OLBG may not have strong enough views to warrant adding tips.

    Fear not as we have the best tipsters for all sports that we cover on OLBG and these can be found on the 'Best Tipsters' page.

    Whether it be 'Best Football Tipsters' or 'Best Horse Racing Tipsters' there are plenty of daily free best tips for you to enjoy and hopefully make a profit!

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