US Open Tennis Betting Strategies & Statistics

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In this blog, we are going to give you some US Open betting statistics which can help you with your betting during the US Tennis Open.

US Open Tennis Betting Strategies & Statistics
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2024 US Open

The US Open gets underway on Monday 26th of August where Novak Djokovic will be looking to defend his title on the men's side having won his fourth title in 2023 from his tenth final appearance whilst homegrown star Coco Gauff on the women's side became the first American lady to win the title in 2023 since Sloane Stephens did so in 2017.

In this blog we will be looking at some statistics for the tournament, we also have a 2024 US Open Preview blog packed full of information which you will find useful.

Additionally, if you are planning on having a bet at the US Open then make sure you get the most out of your bets with our Best Bookie for Tennis Betting guide.

Below we are going to look at how underdogs fare as the rounds go on, when it is worth backing them and which correct set scores appear most during the tournament.

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Early Rounds Favs vs Dogs

How often does an underdog win in the early rounds of the US Open?

Whether you are looking at the men's half or the women's side the number is pretty similar, it's roughly 1 in 4 underdogs win in the first round of the US Open.

  • Men's 1st Round Underdog: 150-292 (25.34%)
  • Women's 1st Round Underdog: 170-631 (26.94%)

The figures are pretty solid through both the second and third rounds too with the underdogs still around the 1 in 4 wins, overall from 2,150 completed matches covering the first three rounds for both ATP and WTA, the underdog has been successful 25% of the time (547).

Later Rounds Favs vs Dogs

When does the underdog record improve during the US Open?

Matches begin to get more closely matched as the tournament progresses, Round 4 on the WTA side of things we see a significant improvement, from a 22% success rate in round 3, which improves to 39% in round 4.

On the ATP side of things, round 4 really does fall in line with the previous numbers with a slight improvement of 30% of underdogs winning, it's the quarter-finals when the number jumps with 42% of underdogs progressing to the next round.

US Open Correct Set Betting

What is the most common winning set score at the US Open?

This will obviously differ on both sides with the men's being best of five and the women's being best of three and there does seem to be more clearcut matches on the women's side.

A 2-0 win over the last ten years has occurred in 67% of the matches (837) whilst a 2-1 win has made up the other 33% of the matches (417) and the numbers are pretty consistent through the round too with no standout rounds.

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Australian Open Tennis Preview, Stats & Analysis

On the men's side, a whitewash happens much less often with just 46% (545) of the wins being 3-0 with the final having the biggest percentage of matches finishing 3-0 with 50% of them.

The other matches have seen 34% of them finishing with a 3-1 score (410) and the remaining 20% have been closer with 3-2 scores (233).

ATP US Open Correct Scores by Round

WTA US Open Correct Scores by Round

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