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NBA Betting Tips - Get today's best NBA Picks

Get the best NBA betting tips from our expert tipsters who all put time and research into their NBA tips.

If you want to see tips from all sports then head to the main betting tips page to help you find your best bet of the day.

Experts are OLBG tipsters with high strike rates, current month or 6 month profitability for a particular sport.

NBA Money Line Predictions

The money line market is the same for these NBA predictions as it would be for the NFL Tips, the NHL Predictions, or the MLB Tips, you are backing which one of the two teams you believe will win the game.

For the NBA and the majority of the European leagues too this includes any overtime played but please be sure to check with your bookmaker on their rules before placing your bet.

With these NBA money line predictions from our experts, you can place single wagers on them or build them into one bet, this is an Accumulator Bet which is also known in the US as a Parlay Bet.

The benefit of creating an accumulator is you increase the payout odds, each bet you put in is multiplied by the next, so say you have three picks, the first bet, for example, odds of 1.75 if successful go onto the second bet.

This means if you stake £10 on the accumulator if the first is successful at 1.75 then you have £17.50 going on to the next part of the bet, if that is also 1.75 then it's £17.50 * 1.75 which is £30.62.

That money then goes onto the third selection of your bet, let's say that it is also at an odds of 1.75, it would be £30.62 * 1.75 which means your total return would be £53.58, a profit of £43.58.

Of course, with an accumulator, you need every pick in that bet to be successful otherwise you will lose your stake, an accumulator is useful when games are taking place at the same time.

We have daily accumulators which are picked based on the expert tips from our tipsters head over to the page to see which predictions are included today.

NBA Total Points Betting

As it says on the in, the NBA Totals betting is a market where you are betting on how many combined points will be scored in a game, it's the same as the Totals in the other US Sports.

The majority of the time the line will have a .5 at the end instead of a whole number, so the two options could be, for example, Under 214.5 & Over 214.5.

In this example, you would be betting on whether there would be either under 214.5 points or over 214.5 points, so 214 or fewer would be under whilst 215 or more would be over.

As mentioned with the spread betting, from time to time you will get a whole number, for example, Under 214 & Over 214 which would mean if the game finished with 214 points it would be a Push and your stake returned.

Please also check with your bookmaker, whilst the NBA will most of the time include any points scored in overtime, this may not be the case if you are backing games in Europe so please make yourself aware of the rules.

If you are yet to open a bookmaker and are looking for some guidance then head over to our Best Bookmakers for NBA Betting guide to see what your options are.

How to place a bet on the NBA Tips

Placing a bet on the NBA picks on this page is a simple process. When you find selections you want to follow with a bet just tap on the 'Add' to betslip option next to the picks and these will automatically be saved to your betslip until you are ready to place your bet. Check out the NBA predictions from OLBG's Best Basketball Tipsters before deciding on today's NBA bets.

If you like placing Accas or perm bets then that's fine, add as many selections as required and these will be stored on your betslip until you place the bet. When you have finalised your selections check the odds comparison table at the top of the screen to see which bookmaker is offering the best odds.

Before you opt for your preferred bookie you may wish to check our Best Bookmakers for Basketball Betting Guide which has useful info to help maximise your NBA betting plus the latest bookie promos.

When you are all set to place your NBA bets, select your bookie preference and you will be transferred to their site with your betslip selections already filled and without the need to find them again there. Just add your stake and best of luck!

Against The Spread Betting in the NBA

Against the Spread betting also known as the abbreviation ATS is the NBA equivalent to the Asian Handicap market in football.

Rules can differ from bookmaker to bookmaker especially when it comes to games being played in Europe so please make sure you check your bookmaker to see whether or not overtime points are included.

The favourite in the game will be given a deficit to make up whilst the underdogs will be given a lead to defend and depending on the line there could be 2 or 3 possible outcomes.

For example, let's say the one line is Boston Celtics -5.50, if betting on that line then the Celtics would have to win by at least 6 points for the bet to be successful.

The other side of that line could be, for example, Milwaukee Bucks +5.50 because they are the underdogs they are given a head start so as long as they don't lose by 6+ points then that bet would be successful.

The other option which may come up from time to time is when a line is a whole number, for example, Boston Celtics -5 & Milwaukee Bucks +5 which would mean if the Celtics won by 5 then neither would be successful and the bet would be a Push.

This market is most used when you think the money line odds are a bit on the short side and you think the team can cover the handicap because you will get better odds for this market than the money line because of the greater risk.

For a detailed preview of the NBA season take a few minutes to read our NBA Preview & Betting Guide.

How often do Favourites win in NBA?

On average based on the last five seasons in the NBA, the favourites when playing at home win in 68.5% of their games and when the favourite is on the road they have a 63.9% win percentage.

In terms of which teams perform best when favourites at home, the top performing team are the 76ers with 79% (132-167) who are followed by the Buck with 78.5% (146-186) and the Nuggets with 77.1% (131-170).

On the road, the top team is the Pistons with 75% (15-20) and with the Hornets the next best with 71.4% (25-35).

SeasonHome FavsAway Favs
2018-19.703 (565-804).616 (262-425)
2019-20.675 (448-664).654 (257-393)
2020-21.679 (416-613).634 (296-467)
2021-22.678 (519-766).679 (313-461)
2022-23.689 (543-788).612 (270-441)
Overall.685 (2491-3635).639 (1398-2187)

Andy Powell spearheads OLBG's vibrant basketball content, infusing his passion for the NBA and global leagues. With comprehensive insights, betting strategies, and sharp analysis, Andy enriches OLBG's coverage for the NBA.

Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Content editor

Andy Powell, a fan of basketball, extends his passion for the NBA and global leagues into enriching OLBG's basketball content. With a keen eye for the sport's nuances and an in-depth understanding of the NBA and international leagues, Andy delivers comprehensive insights, betting strategies, and analysis.
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