Best Bookie | Ice Hockey Betting

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Best Bookie | Ice Hockey Betting
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10Bet is a must-have betting site if you are looking for good value ice hockey betting odds. Consistently, better priced on the favoured teams, from the mainstream online bookmakers compared, no one came close to 10Bet's value.

3.8 / 5 49 Ratings

10Bet may not be the most well known of the online operators, but our research has shown them to be an excellent choice for Ice Hockey betting

10bet Review

  • On Site NHL Stats
  • Full NHL and Euro-league coverage
  • In-Play Betting
  • On Site NHL Stats
  • Full NHL and European league coverage
  • In Play Ice Hockey Betting
  • Great odds

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Which bookmaker offers the best ice hockey odds?

The NHL is covered by most bookmakers out there and most offer competitive odds but there are certainly some who appear to offer value more than others, one of those being 888sport who are always competitive when it comes to backing the favourites and I am not sure many mainstream bookmakers could match them however if you are looking to back the underdogs then it usually pays to look elsewhere.

Bwin offers competitive prices on underdogs along with 10bet and Betfair, especially on their exchanges. So, depending on what team you are backing would be dependant on the best bookmaker odds.

Which bookmaker covers the most ice hockey events?

Will you struggle to find a bookmaker who does not cover the NHL, so the question would be, who covers more of the European leagues, the major league in Europe is the Russian KHL which is covered by a fair few including 888Sport, bet365, Betfair, Bwin and Paddy Power.

The Scandinavian leagues are also popular in Europe because of the number of players they have in the NHL and these are mostly covered well too, if you are looking for the 2-way markets then the likes of 888sport, bet365, Betfair, Bwin, Paddy Power, Unibet,10bet and William Hill may be your best choice. 

Which bookmaker offers the most ice hockey markets?

You get the three main markets with all the bookmakers, the money line, the goal line and the puck line but there are plenty out there who offer much more.

William Hill is good for additional markets, they also offer things like three-way betting, alternatives on both the puck line and goal line as we as individual team goals, race to a certain number of goals and Both Teams Score a certain number of goals.

However, for the number of markets which are available I don’t think many can compete with 10Bet who offer many markets on single games which as well as those already mentioned include period betting, player betting including first and anytime scorers and so much more so if you are looking for a large array of markets then 10Bet is the place you need to be (+ for new customers they often have a generous free bet.)

Which bookmakers offer ice hockey in play betting?

All the major bookmakers offer in-play betting when it comes to the NHL and most will offer you it on some of the European leagues too especially the KHL, William Hill is one which tends to offer in-play on the majority of European matches as well as bet365, 10Bet and 888Sport.

Most of these in-play markets will contain the three main markets, money line, puck line and goal line but some bookmakers 10Bet and 888Sport will offer you more markets.

Which bookmakers offer live ice hockey streaming?

Bet365 are very good for live streaming of Ice Hockey, from the NHL to the European leagues, you will also find the games streamed on other bookmakers too with the likes of William Hill, Betfair and UniBet all also offering you the chance to live stream the games.

Bet365 Live Streaming

Geo-restrictions apply.

To use the Live Streaming service you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

Which bookmakers offer ice hockey stats for betting research on their websites?

10Bet offers statistics on the NHL. 

Providing head to head history, form of both teams, upcoming matches, player statistics including goals, assists and points and league status, + you can switch between all matches, home matches only or away matches only, so it gives you a lot of information for you to consider before making your bets.


Ice Hockey Betting FAQ's [UK]

  • Can you bet on NHL?

    You can bet on NHL with most online betting sites. Not only NHL but European league ice hockey is very popular and always available for betting purposes. The best bookmaker in the UK for betting on ice Hockey is 10Bet. They offer a great range of bets along with good odds. Read the 10bet ice hockey betting review

  • Can there be a Draw in Hockey?

    A game can not finish in a draw, but there may be the option to bet on a tie in a single game with an ice hockey betting site. Another potential bet is to bet on a team winning in a shootout to gain larger odds than a straight moneyline bet

  • What is the highest scoring period in Ice Hockey?

    The highest-scoring period in the NHL has been analysed and there is very little difference season on season between periods two and three. For this reason, the best answer to the question of which is the highest-scoring period it to say with some confidence given the analysed figures over 5 NHL seasons is that period 1 is the lowest scoring.

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