Betfair Sportsbook & Exchange Review

Betfair are a must have account according to many OLBG members. Since the betting exchange was launched in 2000 their innovative site has transformed the betting landscape. Betfair Exchange is an online marketplace for punters, where customers bet against each other. Betfair Sportsbook though performs as a traditional sportsbook. So with Betfair the choice of how to bet is yours!

Once you have an exchange account you can take positions within sports markets deciding that an event may happen (Back) or that an event may not happen (Lay). Thousands of customers are competing against each other backing and laying daily and taking advantage of generous prices offered by opposing Betfair customers.

In 2012 Betfair launched a sportsbook to compete with mainstream bookies, they are renowned for being first up with the sportsbook betting markets especially on horse racing, if you want an early value price then you need a Betfair account.

Because they have both an exchange and a sportsbook it really is a one stop site, if you want to lay a horse, or place a football acca on the same platform then you need to sign up.

Betfair regularly offer sign up bonuses for new customers on both their sportsbook and exchange. They also reward customers with freebies when a customer uses both the exchange and the sportsbook.

In the 21st century all bettors should have an exchange account, Betfair as the market leaders should be your first port of call. If you are ready to sign up to this must have account click the link, if not read on. 

Betfair Key Facts

  • Betfair Exchange has excellent liquidity
  • More markets than any other Exchange
  • Cash out more generous than others
  • Accumulator edge facility if one acca selection in your multiple lets you down.

Before you open your Betfair Account

Full guide to everything you need to know before you click the link and sign up.

Latest Betfair Free Bet Offer - Full Details

It’s rare for Betfair not to have a sign up bonus or free bet offer, you can check this page for their latest offer, then just click through to be taken to Betfair.  

We feel that all bettors should have at least 1 betting exchange account as it gives you more options to profit. 

You do need to check the terms and conditions but when happy with these signing up to a betfair account from this page will enhance your ability to profit from your betting.    

Full Betfair Bookmaker Review

Betfair offer both an exchange and a sportsbook, it really is a one stop site for all your betting needs.

Betfair is the World’s busiest betting exchange and have the largest number of customers. Having the most customers gives Betfair best liquidity of all the exchanges. This liquidity is a major consideration when looking to get a bet matched or looking for a price away from the standard.

Exchanges in general offer bigger odds than traditional bookies, as there is no bookmaker margin built in to the prices.

They also offer more markets and more market depth than anyone else, there should be an option that suits all bettors. You should also get your bet matched earlier in the day than on other exchanges.

If you are looking for a back price than you can request the price on an event and see if it gets matched by another customer, as an example Manchester United may be readily available with the bookies at say 2.5 in a game, you can request 2.9 and see if someone will match the bet, by taking better prices over a period of time you will increase returns. Only on exchanges can you always request a single price above what is currently on offer.

You can also act as a bookmaker on Betfair by taking bets from other customers. You decide that Arsenal are a poor price in their match against Tottenham and decide you want to bet against them (lay). Another customer thinks Arsenal will win, the exchange matches your desire to bet against them with that customer who thinks they will win, if Arsenal lose you win the customers stake – exactly like a bookmaker does.

You as a customer of Betfair also have the ability to trade on events and lock in a profit before an event has finished, you can back or lay a selection, and if the price moves in your favour either in running or before an event has started you can win without risking any money, or have a free bet on the selection.  

If betting in play is a consideration, then again Betfair due to sheer weight of bettors is an account that you should sign up for. Events ebb and flow and are refreshed instantly on Betfair, again enabling the fastest finger to profit.

You can watch events unfold on Betfair via their “live” streaming service, you do need to have placed a bet on the event and have funds in your account. All the streaming events featured can be accessed via the in-play section on the sportsbook.

Their sportsbook was introduced to run alongside the Exchange and compete with mainstream bookies. Their sportsbook is often one of the first bookies with prices on an event, especially when it comes to horse racing, you can take a generous overnight price with the Betfair sportsbook before other bookies have priced up.

Accumulators are also offered on the sportsbook, unlike the exchange, we suspect this was a major consideration when Betfair decided that they wanted to compete with the likes of Ladbrokes, William Hill etc.

The Cash out service was introduced by Betfair and quickly followed by other bookies, Cash Out is a function that enables you to guarantee a profit regardless of the final result or cut your losses at any time.  

You can take the full or part amount of the cash out offer. For example if you have placed a treble and your first two legs of the treble win, Betfair will offer you a Cash out figure before the third leg, you can then decide whether to take their offer or let the bet run its course, you will cut your expected profit but be guaranteed a return for your bet.


All in all via the exchange or sportsbook Betfair has it all. If you are ready to sign up, click any of the links.  


4.6 out of 5

Betfair Info & Bookmakers Reviews

Check What Others Say About Betfair and Write Your Own Review


"Betting Fair & At Its Best!"

Reviewed: September 2012
by inatimate

I started with an account on bet365, and to be honest they impressed me, all the markets they had, all the available opportunities, I was hooked, and then I started winning and my account got restricted. OLBG members were talking about Betfair so I decided to give it a go, and I was even more impressed with what I found. Yes, I admit their range is more limited than Bet365, they have fewer in play opportunities and cover less matches, but overall, if betting is your thing, and not predicting who will take the next but one corner or whether the 3rd ball of an over will be a dot ball, then Betfair is definitely the place to be. The odds tend to be better, there's the opportunity to back against things happening even 0-33 at the grounds of the big 4, or scorecasts if you like really low risk stakes, and you won't be getting restricted if you win a bit. They even have frequent competitions. Every match day they have a Mega Minute which I've won twice, they do similar things for Cricket & Basketball and they even throw out the occasional Prize Mountain scheme I won an England cricket top : . Their arcade is eve expanding, and their poker engine is vast too, they even have the chance to lay at Roulette, as well as other variations of the game. The only thing they are missing is the Virtual Leagues than Bwin and others have, but apart from that it's the must use site for betting!

3 out of 3 users found this helpful

man o bong

"Bigger Profits"

Reviewed: September 2009
by man o bong

I keep a full record of all bets to my advised prices, industry sp and Betfair Sp too. In that past 10 months by betting betfair Sp on all selections, the returns are five times what they would have been at Industry Sp. Quite simply, if you are not betting on betfair your are literally throwing money away

7 out of 7 users found this helpful


"Get Betfair on your side"

Reviewed: February 2014
by istabraq1

Everyone should open a betfair account, with prices higher than sp, the edge to be able to lay the selections you dont fancy, and with prices available on every sport played, so what ever takes your fancy, get the odds on your side 24/7.

4 out of 4 users found this helpful


"Great odds and phone app"

Reviewed: February 2014
by humphries

With betfair you can bet on the exchange or sportsbook. You can get great odds and back/lay. You can cash out early on singles or accumulators, and they have a great phone app. It's not as easy as other sites to create accumulators over different sports though. Nice and easy to bet on the tote through them, and they offer video on the site of horse racing etc.

4 out of 4 users found this helpful


"Good bookmaker, but could be better"

Reviewed: September 2013
by rogerk13

It's hard not to be serious about betting and not use betfair. Overall they provide a good service, possibly the quickest I've found at settling bets. The exchange is their big selling point and it works well. The only issue I have is the £2 minimum and 5% commission. Not as competitive as their major competitor Betdaq. Still a good service all the same.

2 out of 2 users found this helpful



Reviewed: May 2014
by tamer13

I love the betfair site and layout which makes it easy to use. Also have some of the best odds available. They would be the best bookie if they offer live games to watch

2 out of 2 users found this helpful


"Betfair not unfair"

Reviewed: January 2014
by Buffy1013

When betfair started it was great but overtime it has become less so higher commission bad it problems and less liquidity but it still bests bookues prices for most races just shame it not like when infirst joined

1 user found this helpful

None of our users rated this as 2 out of 5 stars.


"Was great, now not so much"

Reviewed: August 2015
by tharr13

Recently their cash out feature has changed its format. It now seems to take forever to process when you hit the button that's if it lets you at all. I thought this was the best site I had ever used due to this feature for live racing, now they have changed its forced me to look at other sites to place my money......

4 out of 4 users found this helpful

Betfair User Guide

Betfair Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Exchange and Sportsbook odds the same?

No, they are not, Exchange markets have no built-in bookmaker margin, the prices on the Exchange can vary hugely to the sportsbook prices.

What do the blue and pink boxes mean?

Those boxes show the money and odds currently available on selections. Blue boxes are for backers of a selection, pink boxes are for layers of a selection. You do not need to take these prices but can ask for a bigger back price, say 6.0 instead of 5.0, and a smaller lay price say 2.0, instead of 3.0.

What happens if I ask for an Exchange price and it is not matched?

You can keep the bet to see if someone is going to match it later in the day, you can cancel the bet and ask for new odds, you can select Take SP and your bet will be matched at the end of the event, at the Betfair Starting Price.

Can I watch an event live?

Betfair Live Video is currently free of charge for all content, with the exception of UK, IRE & UAE horseracing. When an event is deemed “live” there is often a delay of up to 10 seconds