How OLBG Rates Betting Sites, Casino and Slot Games

How do we identify the best in a world where numerous online betting sites are available? OLBG make the job easier for you, with our expert online betting team possessing countless years of combined experience, reviewing every nook and cranny of websites and apps for bookmakers and casino sites

Here we share the intricate details of how OLBG ratings work - a comprehensive system our expert team uses for reviewing and rating online bookmakers, casinos, and slot games

How We Rate Bookmakers

Across various parts of our site, you’ll see bookmakers rated and listed as the best betting sites in the UK. These rankings can be different, depending on what list you’re looking at and we think it’s important to explain what those lists are, and why there is more than one of them.

When it comes to bookmakers, there are three different rankings that you will come across, and all three are collated in different ways, but the simplest way to think of them is as:

  • How we rank a bookie for something specific (Top 10 Ratings)

  • How OLBG users rank a bookie overall (Top Rated)

  • How we rank a bookie overall (Best Rated)

Top 10 Ratings

Our expert team has collected thousands of data points across more than 70 bookmakers, assessing how they perform specifically in terms of sports they cover, or product features that bettors regularly use. You can see these individually in things like Best Tennis Betting Sites and Best Cricket Betting Sites (sports), or Best Bookmaker for Acca Insurance, or Best Bookmaker for In-Play Betting (product features).

Here you can hone in and define which bookmakers offer a specific feature that suits your betting style – great if that’s exactly what you bet on. We have these Top 10s for over 30 categories, which can be found in our Bookie Guides section. We also collect all Top 10s to compare which bookies score highest, most often, and it’s this that populates the list that you can see.

Top Rated

One huge advantage OLBG possess is the voice of our members. These are bettors who use sportsbooks regularly and know a thing or two about betting.

We encourage all OLBG members to rank the bookmakers they use with a simple five-star rating. You’ll see this rating alongside every bookie and some have over 1000 ratings contributing to their average score. At the bottom of a bookmaker review, you’ll also be able to read these user reviews and see why OLBG users have given the score that they have.

Best Rated

For anyone landing on our main bookmakers page, this will be the first list that you see. This list takes everything into account – the data that we have collected for our Top 10s, OLBG member ratings, our own experience using these sites, plus all the things that matter when betting, such as customer service, payout speed, user experience, navigation on their app and so on. This is to provide an overall idea of how good or bad a bookie is when all things are considered.

How We Rate Casinos

OLBG has hundreds of casino reviews, rigorously testing various aspects of the best online casinos in the UK. As with bookmakers, our expert team assesses a multitude of areas regarding an online casino product, but ultimately these can be split into two categories: games (slots, roulette, blackjack etc.) and features (user experience, app quality, RTP etc.)

All our reviews (see Duelz, for example) methodically go through each game type, and highlight things such as the number of games available, the variety, in which software developers are supplying their games and much more. It means that as a user, you’ll be able to easily compare one casino to another.

For game types, OLBG reviews all of the following, individually:

  • Slots

  • Progressive jackpots

  • Live Dealer

  • Live Studio

  • Blackjack

  • Roulette

  • Poker

  • Slingo

  • Scratchcards

  • Bingo

  • Virtual Sports

In addition, we’ll also factor in other more niche games, like Sic Bo and baccarat, before rounding up what we like about the casino, what we don’t like, and who the casino will be most suited to.

Top Rated

As with our bookmakers, we can lean on our OLBG members and their own experience. These are the players using these casinos everyday and providing constant feedback.

We encourage all our OLBG members to rank the casinos that they use with a simple five star rating. You’ll see this rating alongside every bookie and some of them have hundreds of contributions to their average score. At the bottom of a casino review, you’ll also be able to read all of these user reviews and see why OLBG users have given the score that we have.

How We Rate Slot Sites and Games

Ultimately there is no distinction in terms of rating casino sites and slot sites. They both fall into the casino reviews section of the site, as every casino leads with a slot game offering.

Each casino review will have in-depth analysis, review and opinion of the slot section. However, you can find our favourites and most recommended, as we have produced a top 20 slot sites selection.

Here the primary factors of why each makes the recommended list, include the range and variety of slot available, the supplying slot studio selection as well as payout speed and free spins offers available. As with all gambling sites featured on OLBG, each has to be UKGC licensed

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