Best Sports Spread Betting Sites

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Spread betting offers some very special opportunities on many events. Which spread firm will you choose?

Best Sports Spread Betting Sites
3.2 / 5 6 Ratings

Bet £10, Get £20 in Free Bets

Place qualifying £10 fixed odds bet at odds 1/2+. Qualifying bet cannot be in-play or cashed out. First £10 free bet credited on settlement. Second £10 free bet added following day. Claim within 28 days of opening. Free bet stake not included in winnings. T&Cs apply. 18+


#ad. 18+,, T&Cs Apply

4.1 / 5 43 Ratings

Sporting Index Sign Up Offer & Review

Sporting Index is a global leader in live sports betting. Founded in 1992 they offer exhilarating sports spread betting experience to a worldwide customer base.

About Sporting Index

World leaders in sports spread betting, Sporting Index open up a whole new way of betting on sport, maximising your accuracy in your sporting predictions.

Sporting Index Key Facts

  • Rated #1 Spread Firm by OLBG Users
  • Fixed Odds Betting Available
  • Excellent in-play betting

Maximum Bonus: £20
Offer type: New Accounts
Sport Betting Offer: Yes
See the offer & Join!
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What is Spread Betting ?

We'll dive into which is the best betting site for spread betting site imminently, but first a quick summary on what sports spread betting is. For our full, detailed explanation, head to our spread betting guide and find out more.

So, a ‘spread’ is a prediction within a specific market for a particular sports event. It is expressed in a SELL-BUY range. For example, the market could be Total Goals in a football match, with the spread set at 1.8 – 2.0.

If you think the outcome will is going to be higher than the set spread (so more than two goals scored), you would BUY. If you think less than 1.8 goals will be scored, then you would SELL.

The crucial difference in sports spread betting, as opposed to fixed odds betting, is that the more you are right, the more you win. If you BUY, and three goals are scored then you win, but you win more money if four goals are scored, and even more if five are, and so on. Likewise, get it wrong, and the more you're wrong, the more you're set to lose.

The amount you bet – your stake – is the amount you stand to win per goal.

Sports Spread Betting Companies Compared

When it comes to finding the best spread betting companies, there are two main options: Sporting Index and Spreadex

In this article we will cover every aspect of spread betting, comparing these two providers to determine which is the best for which type of user, covering everything that you need for your sports spreads as an option to fixed-odds betting sites.

Below are the details of the welcome offers from both companies. Read on for more information.

Sports Spread Betting CompanyWelcome OfferFull Review
Sporting Index£75 to bet with for new accountsSporting Index Review
SpreadExiPad or £300 cashback in 1st 28 daysSpreadEx Review

This article will take a look at the various things that you may be looking for in a sports spread betting platform and how the two companies compare head to head. If, however, you are looking for a new bookmaker account away from spread betting then take a look at our bookmaker's rating list on our main page for UK betting sites

If you are looking for somewhere to spread bet on sports, then one of the two featured platforms will have everything you need, whether you are starting to spread bet or have been sports spread betting on another platform for a time.

We wouldn't put anyone off opening an account with both as spreads can differ between the two platforms, so you will always have the choice, depending on your confidence in choosing one for your bet over the other. 

Sporting Index vs Spreadex

Event Coverage Markets Odds In Play Live Streaming Stats Promotions Overall score OLBG User rating
Sporting Index 5 4 5 5 4 2 2 27 4.1
Spreadex 5 4 4 4 4 2 2 25 3.9

Why Should I Join Sporting Index?

Sporting Index are the market leaders and offer unique markets in comparison to bookmakers or betting exchanges. 

These markets are aimed at knowledgeable bettors who want to win more from their knowledge. Their spreads offers bettors with good sporting knowledge the chance to benefit more from this expertise. 

With fixed odds betting with a bookmaker your return is, as it says, fixed. With spread betting you have the opportunity to win more when being shrewd. What's great about Sporting Index is that they offer a demonstration account where you can practice spread betting scenarios without losing money. If you are ready to sign up to this exciting way of betting, click any of the Sporting Index links. 

Bet £10, Get £20 in Free Bets

  • Min Deposit £10
  • Min Odds 1
  • Offer amount £20
Payout Speed: 24h
Place qualifying £10 fixed odds bet at odds 1/2+. Qualifying bet cannot be in-play or cashed out. First £10 free bet credited on settlement. Second £10 free bet added following day. Claim within 28 days of opening. Free bet stake not included in winnings. T&Cs apply. 18+
#ad. 18+,, T&Cs Apply

Why Should I Join Spreadex?

Because it offers such ease of use and is brilliantly laid out. 

Spreadex make themselves a must-have with their platform offering both spread betting and fixed odds. On the same site you can choose which markets you bet with and compare and contrast those markets for value. No longer the need to flip between a bookmaker site and a spread betting site, Spreadex has it all covered. 

By having both spread betting accounts you can choose which firm has the best spread on a particular market, and ignore the one that has the poorer spread. Once you join one you will quickly see the benefit of opening the other sports spread betting account. Having both in your betting arsenal gives you more options to profit.  

Bet £10, Get £40

  • Min Deposit £10
  • Min Odds 1.5
  • Offer amount £40
Payout Speed: 24h
£10 fixed odds bet odds 1.5+. Not in-play or cashed out early. Get £10 free fixed odds, £5 free total goals spreads bet, £5 winning favourites spread on both settlement and after 24 hours. Free bet stake not included in winnings. Claim using button on betslip. Can be used in-play but not cashed out in-play. Open full sports spread account to use the £20 spread bets. Possible to incur losses exceeding initial stake. 18+ only. T&Cs apply.
#ad. 18+,, T&Cs Apply

Sporting Index v Spreadex Comparison - What You Need To Know.

Sporting Index v Spreadex Comparison Table

Sporting Index
Welcome Offer
Financial SpreadsNoYes
Sports SpreadYesYes
Number of Sports
Fixed Odds Betting
In Play Betting
Bet Builder
Live Streaming
Results Service
Spread Betting Blog

By offering unique markets you can decide whether a spread bet will win you more cash than a traditional bet. We put our in-house sports spread betting expert, Nigel Skinner to work to provide his insight on how each compares. For him it is essential to have an account with both to take advantage of the better features each has over the other.

Both Sporting Index and Spreadex do a great job of explaining “How to get started” with their spread betting videos. Spreadex just edge the “How to get started” because their guide features voice, whereas Sporting Index is just visual.

I Have an Account for Both Spreadex and Sporting Index

I can play one against the other using one where the features are better and the other when it suits my confidence.

Sporting Index PreferencesSpreadex Preferences
A Large Selection of Events
Best 'How to" Video
More Specials MarketsClear Unfussy Layout
Comprehensive Video GuidesBetter Navigation
Excellent 10 Commandments of Spread BettingMega Boost markets
Better Sign up Offer [June 2019]Quicker Settling
Classy Mobile AppFaster In Play Markets
Better FAQ SectionBetter Bet Slip
Slick Live CasinoNew Markets Added Quicker

Spread Betting Bonus Offers (Sign-up)

If you are looking for a spread betting bonus offer then there are plenty of opportunities to see the details of both Sporting Index and Spreadex offers on our free bets page.

It is important to understand the full terms and conditions of the offers before committing to opening an account, but these two companies, have clearly set out the offer terms in a simple fashion so they can be easily understood.

Make sure you understand your liabilities before spread betting

Whilst the more you are right the more you win, on the flip side, the more you are wrong the more you lose

Make sure you fully understand what you are doing before getting involved in spread betting, keep stakes and liabilities low, and have fun while you learn.

How Many Sports Can I Spread Bet On?

At the time the spread betting comparison table above was updated, the following sports were available with live markets to bet

SportSpreadexSporting Index
American FootballYesYes
Australia RulesYesYes
Beach VolleyballYesNo
Horse RacingYesYes
Ice HockeyYesYes
Rugby LeagueYesYes
Rugby UnionYesYes
Virtual SportsYesNo
Motor RacingNoYes
Gaelic FootballNoYes

In-Play Spread Betting

Both spread betting platforms offer comprehensive in-play betting opportunities.

Spread betting in-play differs very little from normal spread betting, the main difference being that the spreads are updated and change much more quickly than pre-event.

Like Exchange Trading

Spread betting in-play is like exchange trading and should be the reserve of experienced spread betting fans.

In-play spread betting is much like exchange trading on Betfair, in that, whether you placed your initial spread pre-event, or in-play, you can assess your current position and either take another to guarantee a profit, or another to minimise loss based on your prediction for the remainder of the event.

You should wait a little while until you are confident in your ability to manage spread betting before getting involved with in-play spread betting, which can be much faster-moving, and create bigger winning and losing positions.

Tournament Spread Betting

One of the most popular forms of spread betting is "tournament betting".

Both Sporting Index and Spreadex offer tournament betting. 

Tournament Spread Betting

Simple and easy to understand, betting the spread on tournaments provides interest throughout the entire event.

The biggest football tournaments such as World Cups, Euro Championships, African Cup Of Nations and Copa America have markets created way before a ball is kicked, allowing you to secure a value spread price months in advance.  

At a recent major tournament I checked the spread betting markets, including outright winner + all the group betting markets. 

All the tournament markets go in play so you can buy and sell positions as the tournament unfolds. The "Outright" market receives a lot of early interest and you can see below the Sporting Index 2020 European Championship Odds. 

This market awards 100 Points for the winner, 75 points for the runner up, 50 points for losing semi-finalists, 25 points for losing quarter-finalists and 10 points for making the last 16. Out in group stages 0 points.


It is interesting to note that England are not the favourites, whereas with the bookmakers England are clear favourites (at the time of writing).  

Were you to BUY England and they won the tournament you would win  (100-38=62) x your stake.

A £2 buy of England would return £124. 

However, were you to BUY England and they never made it out of the group you would lose (38-0=38) x your stake.

A £2 buy of England would cost you £76. 

All of the above prices are updated each time a game is played, so you can follow how you are doing and make a profit at the new prices if your selection starts well. 

Alternatively, you can decide to close your bet if the bet is looking in trouble, this will cut some of your losses, although not all of them. 

This is why you need to understand that your losses can exceed your initial stake. 

Live Streaming

Spreadex nick a bit of kudos in this sports spread betting company comparison.

Live Streaming?
Sporting Index

You should be aware that live streams are live to a point but can be anything up to and beyond 30 seconds behind the real action, so be very careful with fast-moving sports like Tennis or basketball when watching live streaming and getting involved with in-play spread betting based on what you are seeing.

Results Service

Both Sports Spread Betting firms offer a searchable results service.

Essential when looking to research the various spread results for previous games, matches and events.

They can even form part of your form research, to see how the spreads finished up last time if there is a corresponding fixture. etc


Sports Spread Betting UK FAQ's

  • Best Sports Spread Betting Site?

    The two main sports spread betting sites in the UK are Sporting Index and Spreadex. Each have things that might be better for the individual sports spread better than the other, so a read of an article comparing spread betting companies would be a good starting point in deciding which site you would like to have an account with.

  • What is sports spread betting?

    Sports Spread betting is placing a stake above or below a spread set by the sports spread betting company. The profit or loss you make is representative of how right or wrong your prediction is. The more right you are the more you profit, the more wrong your prediction is, the more you would lose.

  • Is sports spread betting profitable?

    Sports spread betting can be profitable, but just the same as normal betting activity, profitability depends entirely of the accuracy of the predictions you make. Sports Spread betting also creates profit and loss based on how accurate your predictions are, so losses are directly linked to how wrong you are in the same way as profit are based on the accuracy too.

  • Can I lose more than my initial Spread Bet stake?

    You can lose more than your stake when spread betting on sport. You need to calculate your total loss, if an event does not play out the way you expected. 

    In certain markets you can bet from as low as 25p per point, but in general minimum stakes start at £1 to £5 per point depending on the event.

  • Can I set up a Spread Betting Credit Account?

    A credit account allows you to bet up to an agreed credit limit. Allocation of credit is subject to credit checking procedures and is solely at the firm’s discretion, limits may be lowered from the level originally granted.

  • Can I set a limit on any Spread Bet losses?

    Sporting Index offer Stop Loss accounts.  Spreadex can with their agreement decrease your credit limit.

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