Sports Spread Betting Companies Compared - Best UK Firms & Sign Up Offers

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The Best Spread Betting Sites for Sports Betting 

This article will examine the best spread betting companies for sports. How the main sports spread betting sites differ, which may be better for you and answer all the questions you may have before choosing your spread betting site. 

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For those who are new to the concept of spread betting this spread betting guide should enable you to spread bet with confidence. For those who know the stock market and how that works Spread Betting on Sports is akin to that. 

Spread Betting makes an event even more exciting and can be way more profitable although it can be way more expensive too.  

The two main sports spread betting sites in the UK are Sporting Index and Spreadex. Between them they account for the majority of Sporting Spread bets placed. 

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Do I Need A Spread Betting Account?

If you take your betting seriously and want to enhance profits then the markets on Sporting Index and Spreadex give you the ability to select the best option on an event. They also offer markets which are unavailable on the exchanges or bookmakers. Click any of the links to be taken to their dedicated spread betting sites. With many sports bettors having their fixed odds accounts closed or limited, some would argue that a spread betting account may be a good alternative and less likely to be closed or limited. 

A different way to bet on your favourite sport

Spread betting is completely different from betting as you might know it but the principle is the same. You are betting on things to happen or not happen but adding in margins

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What Sports Can I Spread Bet On?

Looking at Sporting Index as an example they feature

  • American Football
  • American College Sports
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Horse Racing
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Politics

Within the above sports they have a host of unique markets below is a World Cup Market that gives you a flavour of how they differ from fixed odds bookmakers. 


How Does Spread Betting Work? 

Spreads on sporting and financial markets are created by Sporting Index and Spreadex, you as the customer have the ability to profit by predicting whether the outcome will be higher or lower than the spread. 

The Spread is the difference between the two figures offered, in the example below it’s the gap or spread between the sell price of 33 and the buy price of 36. 

Below is a spread on the 1stmatch goal in a game, if you think the 1stmatch goal will be before 33 minutes you would sell at 33, if you thought the 1stmatch goal would be later in the game and above 36 minutes you would buy at 36. 

The more right you are the more you win, the more wrong you are the more you lose so you need to really understand spread betting how spread betting sites work before you start. 

 1st Match Goal 33-36 

Make sure you understand your liabilities before spread betting

Whilst the more you are right the more you win, on the flip side, the more you are wrong the more you lose

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Spread Betting Example

A Spread is created of Sell 2.8 - Buy 3.0 Total Goals in the Manchester United v Manchester City match. 

You decide that with both teams scoring for fun that there will be more goals than 3, and you Buy Goals at £5 a point at 3.0. 

The match ends 4-2 to Manchester United, so 6 goals in total, as you bought at 3 and the spread was settled at 6 you win (6 -3 x £5) =£15 Profit. 

Let’s say the game had been a dull 0-0 with both teams cancelling each other out. You bought at 3 but there were no goals (3-0 x £5) = £15 Loss.

You should always calculate your potential profit and loss when placing your spread bet. 


How to In Play Bet with Spread Betting Companies

In the above scenario and in most spread betting markets you as the customer have the ability to close your bet in play. 

The Spread Betting prices move as events unfold. Let’s say Aguero and Pogba had their shooting boots on in the 1sthalf and both scored twice before the H/T break. The Spread at the H/T break may have moved to something like Sell 5.8 Buy 6.0. You having bought at 3.0 can now close your bet by selling, you would sell at 5.8, (5.8 -3.0 =2.8 x £5) = a profit of £14 before half time!

FAQs About Spread Betting Companies 

Is there a Spread Betting Free Bet or Sign Up Offer?

Take a look at the latest offers available on our detailed reviews of each of the sports spread betting sites - Sporting Index and Spreadex. 

Why Should I Join Sporting Index?

Sporting Index are the market leaders and offer unique markets in comparison to bookmakers or betting exchanges. These unique markets are aimed at knowledgeable bettors who want to win more from their knowledge. 

Their spreads offer the customer who has sporting knowledge the chance to benefit more from his or he knowledge. With fixed odds betting with a bookmaker your return is as it says fixed, with spread betting you can when being shrewd win a great deal more. 

You are in control of losses by deciding on your stake. Let’s take a corners bet as an example. The spread may be 10-12 corners, if you buy at 12 and in the unlikely event of no corners you lose at £5 a point £60. 

However if there are 20 corners you win £40. If you compare that to a bookmaker bet your return for your knowledge is much greater. You control your risk by your stake.

Sporting Index offer a demonstration account where you can practice spread betting scenarios without losing money. 

If you are ready to sign up to this exciting way of betting, click any of the Sporting Index links. 

Why Should I Join Spreadex?

Spreadex make themselves a must have by their platform offering both spread betting and fixed odds. On the same site you can choose which markets you bet with and compare and contrast those markets for value. No longer the need to flip between different sites Spreadex has it all covered. 

Spread betting and fixed odds in one place!

Spreadex offer both spread betting options and your traditional fixed odds betting - Handy if you regularly use both

Open a Spreadex Account

By having both Spread Betting accounts you can choose which firm has the best spread on a particular market and ignore the one that has the poorer spread. Below is such an example from a recent Tottenham fixture based on the minutes of goals scored by striker Fernando Llorente. 

Once you join one you will quickly see the benefit of opening the other sports spread betting account. Having both in your betting arsenal gives you more options to profit.  

What Separates Sporting Index and Spreadex?

Despite offering many of the same spread betting markets, both have unique offerings that may sway you towards opening a spread betting account with one or the other.  

After a certain period of time on the particular sport you are interested in you notice the skills of that particular sports spread compiler from that company. 

For example, you may rate the Sporting Index Rugby compiler as someone who knows the game inside out, and is generally accurate, on the reverse you may feel the Spreadex Rugby Union compiler always favours Southern Hemisphere countries and offers more generous prices on the Northern Hemisphere sides.  

Is he or she accurate when the results are known? Is he or she generous towards teams? Do lesser known leagues, teams, players, country’s look like they have not been fully researched?

You should compare and contrast the spread and the subsequent results and decide who offers the best opportunity for you to make winning spread bets going forward.   

Looking at a recent Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid both companies had over 150 markets on the game, there should be something for everyone with that huge amount. 

Where Sporting Index won out was they added some “specials” to their pages, these specials were unique to them and focused on the individual players within the game, they offered a market on whether Arjen Robben would score the winner or Isco would score and last 90 minutes. 6 novelty spreads were offered that could pay dividends if you can read the game well and had an understanding of Bayern and Real.   

For horse racing  and football spread bettors, Spreadex offer an innovative spread  that goes under the title of “Super Mega” (SM).

In the horse racing jockeys market, you can buy or sell a selected jockeys mounts and receive points but on top of this they offer a “Super Mega”(SM) jockey index. It is the same as the regular jockey index but with bonuses if the jockey wins more than one race. 

With the normal index, a jockey receives 25 points for a win. On this index, the jockey receives 25 for a first win (all at the same meeting), 50 for a second win, 75 for a third win and then back to 25 thereafter. So if you fancy Ryan Moore or Richard Johnson or any top jock to have 3 winners at a meeting, the market would make up at 25 + 50 + 75 = 150.

In the football player markets they offer “Super Mega” minutes. It’s the prediction of the total number of goal scoring minutes. Minutes are doubled for the players second goal and trebled if the player gets a hat trick. E.G If a player scores in the 20th, 40th and 90th minute the market settles at 20, 80, 270 , a total of 370 minutes. 

If you had been supporting Mo Salah in the 2017/18 EPL season you would be in the money!!

Another new feature offered by Spreadex is their football stats, above each main game are Pre-Match Betting Stats. You can view Home/Away form from the last 5 or 10 games, average goals, bookings, shirts, corners, total goal minutes, these are all markets that can be spread bet on the individual game, the stats give you insight into their past performance, enabling you to make a better-informed spread bet. 


Having checked and analysed horse racing and football markets over the last 10 years, we would say that Sporting Index give a touch more value to the customer with their spreads, they also tend to have more selections available, so if you are looking for a particular jockey, trainer, team or match, it’s likely they will have it.

On the reverse Spreadex tend to post their markets earlier in the day and then adjust more quickly as events unfold. If speed is important to you then Spreadex wins out. Cashing out on in play markets on Spreadex also seems slightly quicker, with the cash out price being posted on their site ahead of Sporting Index. 

Both accept large stakes and you should have no issue whichever company you sign up with, we hear less negative stories about spread bettors being restricted. You should be able to get on with both Sporting Index and Spreadex. These firms can be a solution for those who have been restricted to small stakes or stopped completely by high street bookies. 

If you are new to Spread Betting we would recommend Sporting Index ahead of Spreadex, their help pages are concise and give you all  the information you need as a new customer. We would advise after joining the first thing you do is visit their help pages, by doing this your knowledge of markets will be enhanced, and you can get on winning money!

Can I lose more than my initial Spread Bet stake?

Yes, you can, you need to calculate your total loss, if an event does not play out the way you expected. 

In certain markets you can bet from as low as 25p per point, but in general minimum stakes start at £1 to £5 per point depending on the event.

Can I set up a Spread Betting Credit Account?

A credit account allows you to bet up to an agreed credit limit. Allocation of credit is subject to credit checking procedures and is solely at the firm’s discretion, limits may be lowered from the level originally granted.

Can I set a limit on any Spread Bet losses?

Sporting Index offer Stop Loss accounts.  Spreadex can with their agreement decrease your credit limit.