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3.8 out of 5
based on 5 reviews
One of the market leaders in spread betting, Spreadex offers a huge array of markets on Sports and Financials, with both spread betting and fixed odds betting available.
  • Spread or Fixed Odds
  • Most Exciting In-Play Betting
  • Award Winning Spread Betting

Top Reasons to Bet With Spreadex

  • Fixed Odds or Spread. Your Choice
  • Financial or Sports Betting.
  • Exciting In-Play Betting
  • 2017 Spread Betting Operator of the Year.

Before you open your Spreadex Account

Full guide to everything you need to know before you click the link and sign up.

Latest Spreadex Free Bet Offer - Full Details

Spreadex is simple to join and regularly offer market leading sign up offers. In the past, this has included the ability to trade without losing, or free iPads when you trade with them.

A popular promotion offer for customers is 'place 3 sports spread bets get a 4th spread bet free'. 

On occasions, they also email you with specials and freebies on specific sports that you have traded previously.

During big tournaments, they have been known to run competitions for customers with generous prize money, NFL is the one that springs to mind, where you needed to predict outcomes for a huge cash prize.  

If you are ready to open an account, click the banner.

Please always check the Spreadex terms and conditions.

Spreadex Deposit Methods and Withdrawal Info

Spreadex have limited depositing option with just Credit cards and Bank Transfers available at the time of writing

If you are looking for a Spreadex Sign up offer, please check the banners on this page or the Full Offer review section Above

Please see Spreadex website for further details.

Method Min Max Processing Time Fee

Spreadex Key Features

  • Cash out
  • Asian Handicap
  • Live Streaming
  • Live Chat
  • Free Bet Club
  • Casino Betting
  • Bingo
  • Poker
  • Best Odds Guaranteed

Full Spreadex Bookmaker Review

Why Spreadex?

Spreadex was formed in 1999 and has its headquarters in state-of-the-art trading rooms in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Spreadex are unique because they offer spread betting and fixed odds from the same platform.

Once you have joined them you can choose which to take advantage of instantly. 

It's also perfect for bettors who like to mix between the two.

Spreadex are hot on the heels of main rival Sporting Index.

Because of this rivalry they try and outdo each other by offering the best prices, allowing the customer (us) to benefit. 

It’s like Asda and Tesco trying to offer the best prices on Milk or Bread, competition creates better prices.

Opening accounts on both through OLBG gives us the option to play one off against each other, take the best spread price on offer, and compare their trader’s opinion on an event.

Spreadex FAQ

There is a dedicated page for those new to Spread betting where there is a comprehensive list of answers to commonly asked questions.

Because Spreadex knows many of their customers are experts on specific sports and pride themselves on their expertise their Spread traders need to be and are the best. 

Many of their spreads are unerringly accurate and the skill for us as bettors is finding errors in their predictions.  

Spreadex offer so many markets and are prompt with the creation of ante-post sporting events, so there is always a market for us to take advantage of.

As mentioned as a company Spreadex also offer fixed odds, this allows you on one site to choose between the spread price and the fixed-odds price. 

The Spreads and fixed odds are all available from one account, you do not need separate accounts, which is very helpful for speed of placement.

Spreadex Spread Betting Example

Below is a true-life example from a Champions League match in 2018 showing the difference.  

Fixed Odds:

  • Liverpool 3.0.
  • Draw 3.6.
  • Manchester City 2.4.

Spread Odds: 

Winner gets 100 Points, Loser gets 0.

  • Liverpool: 30.7 - 33.4.
  • Draw: 25- 27.8.
  • Man City: 38.4 - 41.7.

So, if you buy Manchester City at £1.00 a point at 41.7 and they win you get 58.3 x your stake, (the difference between 41.7 and 100) = £58.30.

If City do not win you lose =£41.70. (the difference between 41.7 and 0). 

Having a spread betting account gives you the option to choose.

Spreadex FInancial Markets

For those who are interested in financial markets Spreadex offer a range of money markets. 

If you want to spread bet Currencies, Shares, Commodities or a myriad of financial markets then you should join Spreadex.

Spreadex On The Go

When you are at work or on the move, Spreadex have a brilliant dedicated iPhone app, enabling you to place spreads, or open or close in play positions.

It's reassuring that you can always be in touch via the app. 

You can place a spread bet prior to work and close it whilst you are at your workplace

Spreadex are very active on social media channels, Facebook, twitter, google, youtube. 

On these channels they post team news, goal update on big matches, run regular competitions and post special offers,

They also inform followers of horse racing market movers, and add helpful spread betting guides.

Spreadex Minimum Bet

In volatile markets you can bet from as low as 25pence per point. 

In general minimum stakes start at £1 to £5 per point depending on the event. 

This low starting amount allows you to get use to spreadex.

Spreadex Customer Review

A recent review by an olbg member summed up the betting experience on Spreadex:

“Some really fun markets in here, like betting on the sum of shirt numbers of goalscorers in a football match. 

Would advise small stakes to begin with if you're new to spread betting as it's all about how right or wrong you are, not just if you're right or wrong. 

Definitely worth a try!”

Overall you can see how hard Spreadex are working to offer a brilliant innovative site.

By clicking any of the Spreadex banners, you can be up and running instantly and take advantage of the spreads.

Spreadex Mobile Review

Spreadex Mobile Offering

Rating 4.70 out of 5
Rating 4.20 out of 5
Not available

Spreadex App and Mobile Review

Want to know if you can place spread bets and fixed odds bets on the same screen?

The Spreadex App was the first app in the world that allowed you to place spread bets and fixed odds bets from your mobile. 

Don't Miss Out!

Once you open up the Spreadex app you are greeted by “In Play Now/In Play Soon! 

This does what it says on the tin, so you don’t have to miss out on a live event. 

The sports are then laid out below in chronological order. 

All the sports you know and love on the Spreadex desktop are available on the Spreadex App. 

Casino, games, and financial betting are also available on the Spreadex mobile site. 

Spreadex App on IOS and Android

You can see below how the app looks on IOS and Android. 

I liked the typeface and the simplicity of the Spreadex app, it is very easy to use.

You can toggle on individual race or match pages between spread betting and fixed odds which is very helpful. 

Features to Save You Time

You may like the spread price more than the fixed-odds price, if you do then just place your bet from the same screen, it’s a real plus for punters short of time

For horse racing fans there are TIMEFORM previews for every UK race, which includes a 1-2-3 prediction and star rating. 

One of the Best I've Seen

The Spreadex account summary page is one of the best I have seen.

It is crystal clear on the app how much you have available to spend.

Your trade history and full details of your deposits and withdrawals are available too.

With more people using apps to place our bets, the Spreadex app is one of the best

For those of you who have downloaded the app or are going to, please do add a review of the Spreadex app.

Your reviews help everyone get a better understanding of the plus and minus points behind the Spreadex app.

3.8 out of 5 From 5 real users reviews

Spreadex Info & Bookmakers Reviews

Check What Others Say About Spreadex and Write Your Own Review


"A must to get the best prices"

Reviewed: April 2018
by nors

Have both main spread bet companies accounts and wouldn't be without either. Its my preferred form of betting because like taking their traders on, and making them squirm. Especially like the in play options, when a team goes behind and they over react and make the underdogs a real value price. It happens on loads of games, as soon as they equalise you can profit, you may not always win but the upside is great. Need to be on the ball and follow the match, but if astute can profit. Hoping the World Cup is a goldmine for my spread betting.


"Great alternative, worth a try"

Reviewed: January 2018
by samjcd

Some really fun markets in here, like betting on the sum of shirt numbers of goalscorers in a football match. You can even buy scrabble points where the score is made up by the letters in the goalscorers names. Along with these, you can buy all the normal things like goals, cards, corners and so on. Would advise small stakes to begin with if you're new to spread betting as it's all about how right or wrong you are, not just if you're right or wrong. Definitely worth a try!

Antony OLBG

"Easy to Use"

Reviewed: June 2018
by Antony OLBG

Theres not a lot of choice when it comes to Spread betting but Spreadex is the one I use. The site and app wouldn't be as slick as some of the best regular bookies but its well designed and functional and there are a wide range of exotic markets each with clear detailed explanations of how they are settled which is probably one of the most important factors if you are spread betting !


"Solid but unspectacular sportsbook"

Reviewed: June 2018
by Reginpertus

Have only used their sports betting service (spread betting isn't my thing). Odds only around average, but easy account verification and quick withdrawals.


"Issue With A Free Bet Offer"

Reviewed: August 2018
by LustForLeith

I opened an account with Spreadex after I got an email from OLBG offering £25 free bet with no deposit required. I followed the link and registered but there was no free bet in my account. I looked into placing a single and an accumulator but it still didn’t appear. I called them and they were aware f the issue and offered me the chance to place it over the phone but I’d only be able to place a single bet which was different from the email I received. I queried this and they confined in an email that I’d be able to place a multiple bet over the phone. I called the number they provided and I was told they were closed! All in all not a very positive experience. They were quick in coming back to me but it doesn’t matter how quick you are if the incorrect information is given. I was going to use it for the fixed betting and I appreciate it’s a site where you can use spread betting. I was a bit put off at the start when of setting it up when I was being asked abog my salary etc.

None of our users rated this as 1 out of 5 stars.

Spreadex User Guide

How to open a Spreadex New Account

  1. Click a banner on this page.
  2. Fill in the simple Spreadex new account application form.
  3. Await email confirmation of approval from Spreadex.
  4. Start placing spread bets and fixed odds bets instantly!

Spreadex Sign Up Process

When you consider a Spreadex new account click the open an account tab, this is at the top of the Spreadex page, after you have clicked the banner.

A simple Spreadex sign up application form appears, just complete that application form.

Please make sure your details are correct as Spreadex need to establish you are who you say you are and do carry out fraud and security checks.

Depending on the information provided, you could be granted an account straight away, or in some circumstances Spreadex will require further information from you.

Spreadex are required by law to make sure their service is appropriate for clients, so please always read the terms and conditions.

Spreadex New Account - Credit

Depending on your personal circumstances you may qualify for a credit limit.

You can select to apply for credit when you are filling in your application, which allows you to start betting straight away without the need to put funds in your account.

Spreadex New Account – Debit. 

Alternatively, you can operate your account on a pay-as-you-go basis, funding it by credit/debit card, direct bank transfer or cheque before you start betting.

Spreadex Sign Up – Contact Details

With spread betting you may have more questions than you would with a traditional bookmaker.

Their FAQ section is extensive, you should get most answers from those pages. 

Sports and Financials on the same account?

One Spreadex new account means you can trade on football, horse racing and all the major sports, the same Spreadex account gives you access to Shares, Forex and Indices.

Latest Welcome Offer

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