Best Bookies for Boxing Betting

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Best Bookies for Boxing Betting

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bet365 offer a great range of bouts to bet on and with excellent odds deliver a knockout to many of their rivals

bet365 Review
  • Lots of matches to bet on
  • Often better value odds available
  • Solid option for alternative markets
bet365 Review

With boxing, you can find yourself with heavily fancied fighters, therefore, making some of the odds very short, much shorter than most other sports so its all about who is going to offer you the best odds.

We have found over numerous fights and analysing betting apps,  that bet365 will offer you better odds than most. 

When it comes to backing underdogs once again Unibet are recommended for just having the edge in a minority market, and being a bit clever when it comes to entertaining the boxing punter with variation of markets and choice of odds

Which Bookmaker offers the best Boxing Betting Odds?

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Best Boxing Odds Comparison

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Which bookmaker covers the most boxing events?

With the popularity of the sport you will find that most of the major bookmakers cover boxing.

This is good news because it gives us more odds to choose from, and therefore we should be able to get some value on the prices.

All the major bookmakers, bet365, William Hill, BetVictor, Coral, Paddy Power, 888sport, Betfair cover a vast number of events on both Boxing and MMA/UFC.

Which bookmaker offers the most boxing markets?

With boxing, you have your main markets such as who will win, and then smaller secondary markets such as group round betting.

Now different bouts have different coverage, you may find on one bout bet 365 has the most main markets and on another Paddy Power.

The following bookmakers are all worth checking when placing a boxing bet. 

  • bet 365
  • William Hill
  • Coral
  • Paddy Power
  • Betfair

For smaller additional/novelty markets try Paddy Power or William Hill. 

Which bookmakers offer boxing in play betting?

This is dependant on the bout, you only tend to get in-play betting on the high-profile bouts, the lesser bouts tend to get overlooked but if you are looking to get involved in a high-profile bout then you should be in luck.

William Hill is one of the best for in-play betting on boxing and very often have specials for their in-play betting, other bookmakers who are good for in-play are Betway, Ladbrokes, Betfair, and bet365.

Which bookmakers offer live boxing streaming?

Its another case of strict TV regulation where you very rarely find any boxing live-streamed on bookmaker websites or apps because of the pay-per-view contacts for boxing bouts. 

These contracts mean the bookmakers cannot stream the big events, so you have to rely on your TV from the likes of Sky, Box Nation, BT Sport.

Boxing Betting FAQ's

  • Can you bet on both boxers in a fight?

    There is nothing stopping you from betting on both boxers in a fight, but the chances are, f you are doing so before the fight starts and with the same betting site, you will lose money. You may be able to create a little bit of profit by arbing prices in a close match, or perhaps betting on one before the fight and the opponent in play.

  • Where can you bet on the fight online?

    Most betting sites will offer bets on most boxing matches taking place around the world. You can bet on fights taking place today, or if you are looking for longer-term bets, some upcoming championship bouts that been arranged and announced.

  • Can you bet on how many rounds the fight will last?

    One option with betting on boxing is predicting at what point, and after how many rounds the fight may be called to a halt. Usually, this is done by predicting the exact round that the fight will come to a close, for instance, the 4th, 5th  or 6th. You can choose a single round, and in some cases, choose from a range.

  • What is the best betting site for Boxing?

    Marathonbet may not be the first name to spring to mind when thinking about boxing betting but with a great range of bet types and outstanding betting odds they are the best betting site for boxing bets. A read of the Marathonbet review will also show how good they are for other sports too.