Sporting Index Review & Latest Sign Up Offer

Join Sporting Index today as they are a must have for both recreational bettors and those who bet daily. 

Once signed up you will have the ability to profit from totally unique betting markets.

A generous Spread Betting sign up offer plus regular bonuses are normally available, and once you are up and running you will wonder how you managed without opening a Sporting Index account.

If you are ready to sign up click the link, if not read on. 

Sporting Index Key Facts

  • Market leaders in Sports Spread Betting
  • Huge range of markets
  • A different way of betting
  • Demo account available so you can learn without risk.

Before you open your Sporting Index Account

Full guide to everything you need to know before you click the link and sign up.

Latest Sporting Index Free Bet Offer - Full Details

Sporting Index normally have one of the most generous sign up offers available, it often consists of a large free bet amount that you can use, it could be a non-withdrawable betting bonus, but you keep what you win.

This Spread Betting bonus varies but can especially during big events be very generous, Major Football Tournaments, Big Race Meetings, Superbowl etc.

You will find on Sporting Index a hive of useful sporting information to assist you in your betting life, they are not the market leaders in Spread Betting for nothing, if you want to open the account now please click any link.

Please always check the terms and conditions before opening a Sporting Index account.

Many OLBG members have Sporting Index accounts as having discussed with other members realise the huge benefits of having a different way of betting brings. 

If you think you know as much on a particular sport, financial market or televised event then you can profit in a bigger way than you can with a traditional bookmaker.

This Sporting Index sign up page gives you past examples of spread betting markets, and how signing up for a spread betting account can help you increase your profits.

Sporting Index Key Features

  • Cash out
  • Asian Handicap
  • Live Streaming
  • Live Chat
  • Free Bet Club
  • Casino Betting
  • Bingo
  • Poker
  • Best Odds Guaranteed

Full Sporting Index Bookmaker Review

Sporting Index Review

By clicking the Sporting Index link you can open a Spread Betting account to go alongside your bookmaker and exchange accounts, you can then quickly see who out of the bookies, exchanges or spread betting companies will give you the best return for your money on a event. 

You can then take advantage of pre-match and in play variances between them, who dosent want the option to take the best price on offer?

Spread Betting

Play safe until you get the hang of it

Try the trial account first

One OLBG reviewer commented that with his Sporting Index account “the benefits are huge and the markets always accurate, made some killings using their on-line markets to spot other bookies mistakes.” Check out all the full and frank OLBG members reviews on this page.

Spread Betting Explained

Spread betting as a betting medium is growing as more users start to understand this unique form. 

Those users were attracted to Spread Betting as their betting lives matured, they wanted to make bigger returns and receive better value for their opinion, opening a spread betting account gives them this option. 

As a customer of Sporting Index, you are in control, as you decide the size of your stake, so you always know the potential downside.

Because Sporting Index is new to many they offer a demonstration account, for 14 days you can take a free trial of their service via these links, we don’t think you can say fairer than that. 

There is also the option of a stop loss account where any losses are set in stone and agreed in advance with you.

Sporting Index also accepts stakes from as little as £0.05. For most markets, the minimum stake is £0.10, so any risk as you get used to spread betting is minimal.

Understand Spread betting before you start

Try the trial version

Spread betting Is way more flexible than fixed odds betting. The more right you are the more you win.  

Beware, by the same token the more wrong you are the more you can lose, but read our spread betting guide and we can show you how to choose markets that limit liability.

Sporting Index needs to comply with requirements laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be assured that as an organisation they are completely transparent. 

Their customer care is efficient and scrupulous, in most cases when inquiring you receive a detailed reply within 24 hours from their trading or customer services desk.

Having considered all of the detailed information, to open a Sporting Index account please click one of the links on this page.


Sporting Index Mobile Review

Sporting Index Mobile Offering

Rating 2.40 out of 5
Rating 4.90 out of 5
Not available
3.8 out of 5

Sporting Index Info & Bookmakers Reviews

Check What Others Say About Sporting Index and Write Your Own Review


"You have to know what you are doing"

Reviewed: June 2012
by accessdave

And have a decent credit record - otherwise you will be baffled and skint within a week. If you know what you are doing then its a totally different way of betting with some proper returns possible. Play safe for a while until you get the hang of it is my advise.


"So Far So Good"

Reviewed: March 2016
by nors

I have nothing but good things to say about them, always helpful and seem like a proper organisation that is well run and with customer service operators who know their job. Had no issues with them and like the spreadbetting format.


"Great Service"

Reviewed: January 2012
by johnboy999

Always made me feel valued,yes I spend a lot with them but the benefits are huge and the markets always accurate. Made some killings using their on-line markets to spot other bookies mistakes.

None of our users rated this as 4 out of 5 stars.

The Shark

"Great Welcome and Come Back Offers"

Reviewed: September 2009
by The Shark

I made quite a bit on their account opening offer, it was a free goals bet and I bought goals in an England v Germany game that finished 5-1! Worth opening an account for that alone, and then taking advantage of their offers to tempt you back, such as refund of losses this weekend, double profits this weekend etc. which come through regularly if you stop betting with them for a while

None of our users rated this as 2 out of 5 stars.


"use when it suits..."

Reviewed: September 2009
by gecko6

unimpressed to say the least with most of the spindex aspects ie attitude, website, speed, suspended markets, etc... worth having to take advantage of the occasional pricing error and also for the plentiful free bet offers they send you when you don't use them for a while..

Sporting Index User Guide

Sporting Index Frequently Asked Questions

As a new customer how do I limit my risk?

Spread bet on markets with less volatility as a newcomer. If for example you spread bet on goals in an EPL match, it is unlikely that a game will have more than 7 goals, whereas if you spread bet on shirt numbers then the figures could be much greater. Always consider the worst case scenario

What does a Buy bet Mean?

To bet high - a trade that the final result will be higher than the current market price. This is the higher figure on the right of the spread.

What does a sell bet mean?

To bet low, a trade that the final result will be lower than the current market price. This is the lower figure on the left hand side of the spread.

Can I close positions?

Yes, in many cases events go “in play” you can then take a profit before the event is finished or reduce your losses if an event has gone against you. Always check that an event goes in play.

Is Spread Betting legal and regulated?

Yes, and yes, The Financial Conduct Authority regulates spread betting in the UK. This is the same organisation that regulates many banks, building societies, credit unions, insurers and major investment firms. Sporting Index is registered with the FCA and licenced and regulated by the Gambling Commission.