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Legal sports betting sites are live in West Virginia. You have a choice of four licensed online sportsbooks and more sports betting sites will be going live soon. You can register for a WV online betting account from anywhere in the US, you just need to be within the WV state lines when you wager. So pick from the list to get set up now.

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  • Is Sports Betting Legal in WV?

    With legal sports betting spreading exponentially across the United States, one question that often comes up, is whether online sports betting is legal in West Virginia yet?

    Sports betting became legal in West Virginia in August 2018 with Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races accepting the state's first-ever legal sports wager. As long as you are aged over 21 and located within the state at the time of registering an account or making a wager, it is legal to bet on sport online in WV.

    WV Sports Betting History

    The aim of the regulator in the state, the WV lottery commission, was to have legal sports betting up and running in time for the beginning of the NFL season 2018/19. That was achieved and online sports betting on websites and mobile betting apps has been growing ever since.

    The sports betting options are wide-ranging for customers wanting to place online bets in the state, with a full range of sports available to wager on, the sports betting industry is only going to get bigger and bigger both in the state and nationwide.

    Just how much business might be taken away from bricks and mortar land-based retail sports betting outlets remains to be seen, but if other stats are anything to go by, then online sports betting revenue will soon outstrip retail sportsbooks handsomely.

    West Virginia Mobile Sportsbook Launch Dates

    Online Sportsbook Online Launch Date
    BetLucky App December 2018
    DraftKings August 2019
    FanDuel September 2019
    BetMGM January 2020
    William Hill September 2020

  • Which WV Casinos are Licensed for Sports Wagering?

    All five of WV's casinos have run Sportsbooks in the past. Currently, these four brands are operating sports wagering  online 

    Each casino license holder can run up to 3 online skins as a legal sportsbook, paving the way for up to 15 legal WV sportsbooks. 

    West Virginia Mobile Sportsbooks Land-Based Partners

    To operate an online sports betting website or gambling app, the skin needs to be partnered with a land-based retail sportsbook or casino.

    Fanduel Sportsbook has partnered with the Casino Club at Greenbrier to run their retail sportsbook and an online betting site whilst BetMGM Sportsbook has agreed on another. 

    There hasn't been a huge rush to fill those 15 spots as yet, so you should have little trouble in establishing your favorite sportsbook from the limited choice.

    Draftkings have teamed up also with Hollywood casino to offer a DraftKings Sportsbook.

    The Mountaineer Park casino racetrack Sportsbook is being run by William Hill and they have now gone line online too. 

    Online Sportsbook Land-based Partner More Info
    BetMGM Greenbrier Casino Read Review
    William Hill Mountaineer Park Read Review
    DraftKings Hollywood Casino n/a
    FanDuel GreenBrier Casino n/a
  • West Virginia Sports Betting Licensing & Tax Details

    Responsibility for legal sports betting in WV is taken care of by the WV Lottery.

    Racetracks and casinos with gaming licenses have been able to apply for a sports betting license. 

    Sports Betting License Cost: $100,000 initial fee with a similar renewal fee which is due 5 yearly.

    Taxation: 10% 

    The fees are reasonable and should allow for good offers and lines for WV sports bettors.  

    How much is Wagered on Legal Mobile Sportsbooks in West Virginia?

    The growth is of course exponential as can be seen this annual [fiscal year, July - June summary]

    Year Month Betting Handle Tax* Handle growth
    2019 January $22,431,186.55 $174,623.35 n/a
    2019 February $16,609,597.03 $17,108.95 -25.95%
    2019 March $13,850,999.04 $159,752.00 -16.61%
    2019 April $10,334,721.77 $55,488.04 -25.39%
    2019 May $10,704,029.94 $93,706.55 3.57%
    2019 June $7,634,979.24 $37,922.81 -28.67%
    2019 July $5,851,318.16 $68,221.35 -23.36%
    2019 August $12,656,911.02 $154,958.53 116.31%
    2019 September $25,620,077.45 $375,576.01 102.42%
    2019 October $37,022,625.82 $315,682.99 44.51%
    2019 November $32,968,352.89 $228,905.62 -10.95%
    2019 December $30,342,333.39 $232,291.50 -7.97%
    2020 January $44,253,797.88 $365,127.33 45.85%
    2020 February $39,618,766.86 -$62,647.00 -10.47%
    2020 March $14,705,299.62 $110,145.47 -62.88%
    2020 April $2,965,302.10 $15,505.80 -79.84%
    2020 May $4,971,927.96 $54,118.78 67.67%
    2020 June $6,338,618.39 $56,783.60 27.49%
    2020 July $15,853,463.18 $157,384.45 150.11%
    2020 August $40,428,356.12 $197,606.19 155.01%
    2020 September $76,951,428.46 $460,381.10 90.34%
    2020 October $44,633,015.51 $374,277.93 -42.00%
    2020 November $48,532,442.25 $440,757.63 8.74%
    2020 December $70,134,202.49 $646,613.25 44.51%
    2021 January $50,700,483.43 $397,635.77 -27.71%
    2021 February $38,212,774.86 $136,416.09 -24.63%
    2021 March $42,751,229.65 $388,944.69 11.88%
    2021 April $34,449,520.02 $284,402.05 -19.42%
    2021 May $25,484,663.42 $268,806.46 -26.02%
    2021 June $29,923,766.05 $346,622.39 17.42%
    2021 July $21,290,275.09 $195,138.10 -28.85%
    2021 August $22,350,089.02 $169,437.60 4.98%
    2021 September $45,731,106.70 $511,611.41 104.61%
    2021 October $76,021,063.61 $ 322,092.99 66.23%
    2021 November $83,097,857.59 $ 534,213.91 9.31%
    2021 December $57,598,451.30 $ 437,600.87 -30.69%
    Year [July - June] Gross Tickets Written Total Taxable Receipts GTR Growth
    2018/19 unknown $607,577 n/a
    2019/20 $132,640,644 $8,764,057 n/a
    2020/21 to Jan 23rd $225,121,353 $13,964,856 69.7%

    Source: WV Lottery.

    At the time of writing, with just 7 months of the 2020/21 year gone The mobile betting handle in West Virginia growth is sat at just about 70%. With March Madness and the Superbowl betting just around the corner, the figure could be around $400m by the end of the fiscal year.

  • Mobile Sports Betting in WV

    Both online sportsbooks listed above are able to offer customers, a sports betting app that you can make your bets on.

    As long as you are located within the state and have a geo-location app switched on so your position can be confirmed, you will be able to use the betting app, to manage your account and place any types of wagers at a time to suit you.

    Another benefit of a sportsbook app in WV is that when the sports event you want to bet on is taking place and you are away from home, you can log in, check the current state of play, see up to date odds and make your wager right there and then.

    BetMGM Mobile Sportsbook App

    BetMGM was the Fourth online sportsbook to go live in West Virginia and remain one of the four operators currently accepting online sports bet in the state.

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    12 Ratings
    BetMGM Sports offers sports betting options from professional football to college basketball and even tennis and boxing matches. ... Explore online sports gambling with BetMGM
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    William Hill Mobile Sportsbook App

    Powerhouse sports betting brand William Hill have long been present with sportsbooks in the US, and with the advent of online sports betting in West Virginia are a welcome addition to the choice for sports betting players.

    4.4 out of 5
    14 Ratings
    Ceasars Sports Betting online. Sign up for Caesars Sportsbook - America's #1 Sportsbook operator. Bet online on basketball, football, more.
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  • WV Online Betting Restrictions

    Outside of obvious law-breaking activity such as underage betting or trying to access WV Online sportsbooks when outside of state boundaries, there are no other betting restrictions such as collegiate betting bans.

    WV Collegiate Betting

    Betting on Collegiate events in West Virginia is permitted and there are no restrictions at the time of writing.

    There is lots of information to be had on college sports betting in West Virginia within the March Madness Betting Guide here on site.

  • WV Online Sports Betting Related Questions

    WV Online Sports Betting Sites FAQs

    • How do I know which is the best sports betting site in WV?

      There may be one sportsbook that is the best for betting on football online. But then if you like to make parlay wagers, they might not be so good and another would be better. 

      For this reason, check out the sportsbook articles where a team of online sports betting site experts has looked at every angle and come up with the best sportsbook for you based on how you want to bet on sport.

    • Can I get free bets at sports betting sites in WV?

      There is a small range of betting sites available in WV and they are all looking for your business. To this end, they will offer a range of free bets and welcome bonus offers for WV players to register and start betting with them.

      Make sure you take a look at the terms and conditions of any offer and understand the wagering requirements too.

    • What is the legal age for sports betting in WV?

      The legal age requirements for opening and operating an online sports betting site account is 21 years of age. be aware that there will b some form of identity and age verification process in place before you will be able to start using the mobile betting app in WV

    • Can I open a sports betting site account 100% online?

      When opening a new betting site account in WV, there is no requirement for users of online sportsbook accounts to have to register or fund the new accounts in person at a land-based sportsbook.

    • How Many WV Online Sports Betting Sites will there be?

      As of December 2020, there are 5 legally licensed and operating online sportsbooks in West Virginia, these include, BetMGM, William Hill, Twinspiers and BetAmerica

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