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Legal online sports betting is available throughout Nevada but in a different way to other states. There is a nice choice of sports betting sites if you are a resident of Nevada or just visiting.

You can register for an online sports betting account in the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the US, but you will need to complete the process at the tethered land based casino. Once you have your app though, you can place sports bets using it form anywhere within Nevada state boundaries.

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So go ahead and click a link below to start your registration, you will then receive instructions as to how you complete the process. You'll be able to claim a nice welcome offer when you join a new sports betting site, see our list of Nevada sportsbook promos.

Of course Nevada and Las Vegas is a popular and regular destination for many of us. Enjoy sports betting when you visit the state, wherever you are in Nevada with the use of an app. It is well worth getting your sports betting app installed and available for use each time you visit. There are some nice bonuses to incentivise you too. 

Which Online Sports Betting Apps are Legal in Nevada?

Legal sports betting has been available at land-based operations in Nevada since 1949. So you would have expected its online sports betting facilities to be more advanced than they are. You can bet online with thirteen providers, but the process isn't easy. Casinos create mobile sports betting apps, and customers must go to the casino in person to complete forms and install the app. However, you can begin the registration online. Once you have your app installed, you can bet on sports within the state boundaries. The current live legal sports betting apps are 

  • BetMGM App
  • Atlantis Sports
  • B Connected Sports 
  • Caesars Sports App 
  • Golden Nugget Nevada
  • Rampart Sports App
  • STN Casino Sports App 
  • Treasure Island Mobile Sports App
  • SuperBook 
  • Wynnbet
  • Circa Sports App 
  • Southpoint

So while there are plenty of options to install sports betting apps, Nevada has no legal sports betting websites. Unfortunately, this has led to the high use of illegal offshore sports betting sites. However, we strongly advise users to only bet with legal, licensed sports betting sites and not to use offshore sites or illegal bookies. Use an app and brand you can trust to pay you out if you get that big win! 

So while it may not seem easy, go ahead and do it the right way and get a Nevada sports betting app with a legally licensed Nevada sportsbook. Start by hitting a link above to begin your registration. 

Sports Betting Handle In Nevada

Nevada has recorded 4 separate months where the sports betting handle as exceeded $1b. The expectation of the state performing well has been realized and there should be yet more to come before the market fully matures.

Year Month Betting Handle Taxes Handle growth
2023 May $527,205,770.00 $2,029,320.00 -9.19%
2023 April $580,550,628.00 $2,060,978.00 -30.04%
2023 March $829,842,964.00 $2,959,943.00 25.91%
2023 February $659,079,542.00 $2,786,198.00 -29.57%
2023 January $935,792,553.00 $3,404,700.00 6.29%
2022 December $880,380,248.00 $3,726,270.00 -5.24%
2022 November $929,046,456.00 $2,542,793.00 0.88%
2022 October $920,931,244.00 $3,837,983.00 21.03%
2022 September $760,891,578.00 $4,767,458.00 86.09%

Online Sportsbook Banking Options

In recent times it has been decreed within sports betting legislation that the in-person registration requirement has been dropped, and you can register for a new account online using mobile betting apps. This also includes all account management including deposits and withdrawals being made online too.

Great news and real help in being able to fully manage your online sportsbook account at your convenience with remote registration.

The even better news is there are a whole host of ways to make deposits and withdrawals to your sports betting accounts with legal sportsbooks. Take a look at these banking options

Credit & Debit Cards

Whilst credit cards are widely accepted we would advise using credit to fund your online gambling, especially if you do not have the funds to make a full repayment within the month. Betting with money you do not have is worse than betting with money you can not afford. Please see our guide to responsible gambling for more information.

Debit cards are a far better option; funds are available instantly in most cases. Withdrawals will often be processed by the sportsbook within 24 hours using this method, but depending on your bank, it could take up to 5 working days to receive your funds back to your physical account.

For quicker withdrawal methods, read on.

eWallet Solutions

E-Wallets for depositing and withdrawing from your mobile betting account include well-known brands such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Instant deposits and withdrawals within 24 hours are typical, and in most cases, there are no fees to be paid. Double-check if you want to make multiple transactions this way, as fees can be introduced if this method is abused.

Prepaid Cards

Quite often, sportsbooks and casinos offer their own branded pre-paid cards. You can load them up and make deposits and withdrawals with them quickly and be able to access the cash from ATMS. A superb addition to online money management that works seamlessly with most betting sites in Iowa

ACH Wire Transfer

A bank transfer can be a convenient way to fund your betting account. Do check for fees, however, which may vary by bank, and transactions can sometimes take time to clear on both deposits and withdrawals


A barcode scanning scheme where you can deposit cash using relevant retailers such as 7-Eleven


If you are close to the casino partnered with your online sportsbook, you can make deposits directly into your account using cash at the cash cage in the casino. Likewise, you be able to withdraw in the same manner.

Minimum Deposit & Maximum Withdrawals

All sportsbooks will have a minimum deposit requirement, but they are, in the main, around $10, so they are not prohibitive.

Also, be aware when using deposit methods if any negate the qualification of welcome bonuses. Also, check Wagering requirements of any offer.

Being able to make deposits online also negates the necessity of a visit to a physical sportsbook to make a cash deposit.

Sports Betting Options in Nevada

One thing Nevada sports betting has got going for it is there is a wide choice of sports wagering options available. Nevada isn't well known as a big sport state, but it is home to three professional teams. 

The Vegas Golden Knights play in the NHL, The Las Vegas Raiders is the new name for the Oakland Raiders as the new NFL team in Nevada and The Las Vegas Aces represent the state in the WNBA.

List of Available Sports

Collegiate Betting

College betting is HUGE! How Huge? Well, more money will be wagered on the college games at March Madness than is on the Superbowl each year!! That HUGE!

Unlike some other states, you can make bets on Iowa-based college teams, but you'll find that you can not make prop bets on individual players. Neither are in-state games or trophy wagers.

Thankfully the Best Sportsbooks for March Madness betting are listed on this page, so take a look at the offers and select whichever bonus you like the look of.

Look out for our College Football Betting Guide too.

Live Betting

Talking of March Madness, my favorite sport for Live betting is basketball. The speed and ebb and flow of th action make watching and betting simultaneously exciting and throws up a lot of opportunities to find bets you might be able to find before the tip-off.

Live betting is legal, popular, and readily available at most online sportsbooks in Iowa. So to get in the thick of the action, find the Best Sportsbook for Live Betting in Nevada

What other forms of online gambling are there in Nevada?

Other forms of online betting via websites aren't available either, apart from poker. Even Fantasy Sports is banned in NV while being allowed in most states. 

Online casinos are also illegal, there is no Nevada lottery, and buying any lottery tickets online is forbidden. So there appears to be a lot of protection in place for the land-based casinos and sportsbooks, perhaps understandably when that business is so crucial to the state. There is probably some fear of the Las Vegas entertainment industry suffering, Vegas is after all the wildest city in the USA according to OLBG research. Unfortunately, we don't expect the Nevada gaming control board to change this any time soon.

Nevada is the #3 state earning the most tax revenue from commercial betting

Without federal laws for sports wagering, states are left to experiment and set their own tax revenue structures. Some states tax sportsbooks as high as 50% and others as low as 6.75%, according to the American Action Forum.

States with authorized sports wagering tend to tax in the 10-15% range, with nuances added from there. Some states deduct promotional bets, while others require disclosure, per Bloomberg Tax.

OLBG looked at how much tax revenue states generated from commercial gambling during 2021 and how that revenue compares to 2020. Data comes from the American Gaming Association and various news media outlets, with the tax total reflecting specific state and local taxes applied directly to gaming revenue. Data does not include billions of dollars paid annually by the industry via income, sales, other corporate taxes, or payroll taxes paid by gaming operators and suppliers. The national list is made up of the top 10 highest-earning states.

Nevada by the numbers

- 2021 tax revenue: $1.0 billion
- 2020 tax revenue: $609.5 million
- Year-over-year change: 67.9%

Nevada legalized retail sports betting in 1949. It has some of the oldest state gambling laws, with online sports wagering coming along in 2013. Users must enter the casino to register in person before placing bets online.

Nevada takes 6.75% of sports betting revenue for the state general fund. It was the only state with legal sportsbooks until 2018. Tax revenue could go down as more states legalize sports betting.

In seven of the top 10 states nationally, sports gambling is legal in some capacity. Every jurisdiction in the U.S. with commercial casino or sports betting operations reported an increase in gaming revenue between 2020 and 2021; 23 of 43 jurisdictions saw record annual commercial gaming revenue in 2021, according to the AGA.

The biggest gains in gaming revenue alone were documented in Tennessee and Michigan, each of which reported the first full year of sports betting revenue. Eight of the 10 states that gained the most tax revenue from commercial gambling overall in 2021 are located in the East or Midwest.

The Supreme Court in 2018 found the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act unconstitutional, effectively eliminating the federal law that had halted authorized sports wagering across the country and leaving it up to individual states to determine rules for sports betting.

Fast-forward to 2021, when commercial gaming revenue in the United States topped $53 billion. Gambling generated nearly $11.7 billion in tax revenue for the 33 states (and Washington D.C.) with some form of legalized sports betting, according to data from the American Gaming Association.

Twenty-four states and Washington, D.C., allow mobile sports betting activity, as of March 2023. Florida took legal online sports bets from November to December 2021, until a federal judge struck down the agreement. The state has halted legal sports gaming for now. Maine, Massachusetts, and Nebraska are some of the states that recently legalized sports betting in some way. Those states are expected to roll out plans, projects, or further regulatory actions in 2023.

Read on to find out the five highest-ranked states that earn the most tax revenue from commercial gaming.

States that earn the most tax revenue from commercial gaming

#1. Pennsylvania: $2.0 billion in tax revenue from commercial gaming in 2021
#2. New York: $1.1 billion in tax revenue from commercial gaming in 2021
#3. Nevada: $1.0 billion in tax revenue from commercial gaming in 2021
#4. Maryland: $814.4 million in tax revenue from commercial gaming in 2021
#5. Ohio: $759.3 million in tax revenue from commercial gaming in 2021

NV Online Sports Betting Related Questions


NV Online Sports Betting Sites FAQs

  • What is the best sports betting site in NV?

    There may be better betting sites for basketball than there are for other sports in NV. Likewise, if you playing parlays, here will be better sportsbooks too. Using sportsbook articles to find the best for each is the best way to ensure you are using the best betting site for the type of wagers you want to make online.

  • Where can I get free bets for betting sites in NV?

    Sports betting sites in NV will offer free bets and incentives to become a new customer. Compare NV free bets to find the best for you, whilst understanding the terms and conditions of the offer and any wagering requirements which see bonus fund turned into real money you can withdraw.

  • What is the legal age in NV for using sports betting sites?

    To register with and use a sports betting site in Nevada you must be aged 21 years or over. You can expect to find age and identity verification procedures in place when registering.

  • Do I need to register in person for a sports betting site in NV?

    When opening an online sports betting site account in Nevada, you can make the initial registration online but will have to visit in person to verify and make a deposit in the first instance.

  • How many Online Sports Betting Sites will there be in NV?

    As of December 2020 there were 11 licenses awarded to online sportsbooks to legally operate. Included in the list are William Hill, BetMGM and Wynn Sports

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