Louisiana Sports Betting Sites | Best LA Legal Online Sportsbooks

Louisiana sports betting sites are listed here. We only recommend legal, licensed US sports betting sites. You can register with a Louisiana sportsbook from anywhere in the US, you just need to be within the Louisiana state boundaries to deposit and bet.

OLBG has thoroughly reviewed each of these Louisiana sports betting sites so that you can see the main reasons to wager with them. Choose directly from this list or click through to the full reviews to find out more.

Online Sports Betting Sites & Mobile Apps in Louisiana

Louisiana will be blessed with no fewer than 20 legal sportsbook operating licenses. Even before being able to offer wagering opportunities, there are some pre-registration options available so that you can be set up and ready to roll once the launch date arrives

There are 6 sportsbooks we are pretty sure will be launching soon, that's the three listed at the top of this page and a further three we can be super confident will be active as soon as possible

Online SportsbookLaunch DatePartnerReview
Churchill Downs
Caesars SportsbookJanuary 2022Harrah'sRead Review
Barstool Sportsbook
Penn National
Betfred Sports
Paragon Casino ResortRead Review
DraftKingsJanuary 2022Casino Queen
FanDuelJanuary 2022Boyd GamingRead Review
Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget
BetMGMJanuary 2022MGM ResortsRead Review
BetRiversJanuary 2022New Orleans PelicansRead Review

List of Legal Online Sportsbooks in Louisiana

1. Caesars Sportsbook

With five casinos in Louisiana, Caesars could conceivably support 10 different sportsbooks, 2 per skin, but it is highly unlikely they would want to support a rival brand and dilute their market share. 

Recently rebranded from the William Hill band Caesars is a huge name in the entertainment industry and, as such have built one of the best online sports betting platform released in previously operating states in the US

2. BetFred

Betfred started operating as a sportsbook in the UK over 60 years ago, growing into one of the largest online sports betting brands in their homeland. They are now operating in the US, and Louisiana is marked as another state into which they can bring their wealth of online betting experience for US punters.

They have already launched a retail outlet in October 2021 and will be a big player with a rich history of rewarding customers with an excellent promotions package

3. BetMGM

Are already operating in several states, having built one of the best online sports betting apps available since rebranding from PlayMGM

While there has been no official announcement about their intention to join Louisiana's market, they have an ongoing deal with Boyd Gaming, so it might be given that they will partner up and offer Louisiana players a service.

4. Twinspires

Also on the rebrand radar, although technically we are talking a brand new product, Twinspires have far-reaching intentions of launching their sportsbook, having brought BetAmerica into the early online sports betting scene. 

BA has been shifted out to be replaced with the Twinspires brand with big plans for Louisiana 

5. BetRivers

Part of the Rush Street gang, BetRivers has been operating online sportsbooks in the US since New Jersey and Pennsylvania launched a few years ago. A classy mobile app becomes available to LA residents and visitors with a full range of sports betting options, great Vegas odds, and rewards.

Legal Sportsbooks Information in Lousiana

Here we can share all the information that has taken us from the passing and signing of the bill to legalize online sports betting in Louisiana to the benefits of ditching the dodgy offshore operators and using an online sportsbook that the state has legally licensed.

Current Legal Status of Online Betting in Louisiana

Retail sports betting outlets hosted or tethered to the 19 casinos in the Pelican State can have 2 Skins - 2 brands operating with the casino. With 20 potential licenses, this means there is a maximum number of 40 online operators potentially able to trade.

The reality, however, is that we will see somewhere in the region of 12, which is more than enough for Lousiana residents and the many visitors to the state annually, who might like to partake in some online sports betting whilst within the legalized and non-geo-fenced parishes.

When Did Online Sports Betting Become Legal in Lousiana?

Online sports betting became legal in Louisiana after the referendum on sports betting in the state was won by a 56-8 majority vote in November 2020. Retail sports betting began in October 2021, along with pre-registration for online wagering services.

Online Betting License and Tax information

Each of the 20 licenses if taken up is required to pay an initial $750,000 application and license fee, followed by a $500,000 renewal fee every 5 years. In addition to this, Platform providers also have a $350 application and license fee and a $250,000 renewal on a five years basis

All tax revenue is applied to Bond Security and Redemption funds. From there, there is an allocation of 25% to the Louisiana Early Childhood Education fund and 12% proportionately to each parish with taxable conduct occurrences. 

Finally, 3%, will be split, between the Behavioral Health and Wellness Fun, and the Sports Wagering Purse Supplemental Fund as 2% and 1%, respectively. Everything else goes into the general fund.

Louisiana Sports Betting Revenue Information

The monthly betting handle in Louisiana has been growing slowly but steadily since January 2022, and one year after launch we find the state rolling more than $200,000,000 going into 2023.

Year Month Betting Handle* Tax* Handle growth
2023 May $177,834,173.00 $3,288,023.00 -6.44%
2023 April $190,075,189.00 $2,749,480.00 -14.81%
2023 March $223,120,918.00 $3,281,387.00 26.96%
2023 February $175,738,465.00 $2,354,483.00 -28.34%
2023 January $245,235,035.00 $2,715,822.00 12.13%
2022 December $218,701,200.00 $3,747,968.00 -6.42%
2022 November $233,703,879.00 $4,019,295.00 6.69%
2022 October $219,040,606.00 $3,894,853.00 24.47%
2022 September $175,979,484.00 $3,421,263.00 57.05%

Online Sports Betting Timeline

October 2021 - Retail sports betting commences - pre-registration for online sports wagering with a few licensed operators gets underway

November 2020 - Louisiana parishes were able to vote as to whether they would accept legalized sports betting in their communities; the result was 56 of the 64 voted in favor and thus, things moved forward. However, the eight parishes that voted against it will be geo-fenced to prevent betting activity from taking place online while in those areas. Tight!

Other Sportsbooks Expected to Launch and When

The current list of operating online sportsbooks can be found above, but there remains a large number of brands and skins that can operate and plenty more partnerships to be made; the next expected brands to join Louisiana are..

  • BetMGM
  • BallyBet
  • BarStool Sportsbook
  • BetFred
  • Golden Nugget

Benefits of Using a Licensed Online Sportsbook in Louisiana

While it is not technically illegal to use a readily available offshore sportsbook to make wagers, one has to consider the associated risks.

Offshore operators have no obligation to fair play to US customers. As such, there is no protection for players' funds, whereby a sportsbook could disappear overnight along with funds you may have deposited. 

It is common to hear of horror stories of punters winning big but never being able to access the money they have rightfully won on wagers.

Online sports bettors in Louisiana gain all the benefits of using a licensed operator within the state with partnerships with land-based casinos and the safety and assurances that go hand in hand.

Most Popular Sports For Online Betting in Louisiana

Louisiana has the full range of sports that are legally available for online wagering, including everyone's favorite, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer games.

Sports Available for Online Betting in Louisiana
Motor RacingSoccerBoxing/MMA

There are around 13 sports regularly available for betting across the legal states in the US. There may be some restrictions around collegiate events, highlighted below.

College Sports Betting Restrictions

Each state has different rules regarding collegiate event betting online, and Louisiana is no exception. However, it is possible to bet on College events in the state.

Arizona Sportsbook Guides by Sport

Check out our suite of guides explicitly built for the main sports Americans like to bet on online. We've reviewed every sportsbook and offer advice as to which is the best depending on what element of the sport you want to place your wagers on.

Louisiana State sports teams you can wager online.

Louisiana sports teams fans will be pleased to be able to bet on their favorite teams throughout the year.

Professional State Teams

Sport Team/VenueLeague
FootballNew Orleans SaintsNFL
BasketballNew Orleans PelicansNBA
Rugby UnionNew Orleans GoldMajor League Rugby

College State Teams

There is a wide range of college sports teams that you may be able to wager on in the State, given there is no in-state college team betting restrictions that are often found in other states.

Louisiana Live Betting Online Options

With a wealth of professional sports teams in Louisiana, you'll be pleased to find that live online betting is coming to the state.

Live betting allows the customer to place bets during the game, either while play is in action or during quarter breaks, etc.

The betting odds are constantly updated as the action unfolds and you can enjoy watching the game and making a bet in the comfort of your home so long as you have an active online sports betting account and are within one of the legalized parishes in Louisiana.

In addition to predicting the outcomes on the money line or betting lines provided by the sportsbooks, you can make selected wagers once the action has begun, either as play continues or during quarters.

The best online sportsbooks in Louisiana will offer, usually at the head of the events menu, games and matches available to make wagers on in-play, across football, basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, and Tennis well as other sports too.

How to Start Betting online with Louisiana Sportsbooks

Payment TypeDepositsWithdrawals
Debit/Credit CardsYesNo
Pre Paid CardsYesNo

You may already have some online betting experience f you have ever used an offshore sportsbook; if you haven't, good for you, you know not to take risks with your hard-earned cash.

Well, any concerns over the security of your deposited money are over with legal online sports betting and legislative licensing in place for selected online sportsbooks in Louisiana

This section will run through the simple procedure to start making your wagers online with new sportsbooks.


The age requirement to have an online sportsbook account is over 21, and to be in the state or parish to make deposits and wagers. you can, however, register for an online account and get set up without being physically located in these areas

There are a few things you will need to provide when registering online, and they will include:

  1. Personal details such as name and address
  2. Security information such as passwords, email and mobile numbers
  3. Selecting a depositing method and choosing a welcome offer.

How to Deposit

All banking transactions and management can now be undertaken conveniently online with any of the convenient authorized payments method listed in this section.

All you need to do is select the banking option that is the most convenient for you, including credit and debit cards or eWallet solutions like Skrill.

Banking Options for Louisiana Sportsbooks

There is a wide range of banking options available to online sports bettors for Pelican state sportsbooks

Method Min Max Processing Time Fee
$10 $0 Instant Free
$10 $0 Instant Free
$10 $0 Instant Free
$10 $0 Instant Free
$0 $0 Instant Free but bank charges may apply.
$10 $0 Instant Free
$10 $0 Instant Fees may apply.
$10 $0 Instant Free
$0 $0 Instant Free
Method Min Max Processing Time Fee
$0 $0 15 Minutes Free
$ $
$ $
$ $
$ $
$ $

Credit & Debit Cards

While credit cards are widely accepted, we would advise using credit to fund your online gambling, especially if you do not have the funds to fully repay within the month. Betting with money you do not have is worse than betting with money you can not afford. Please see our guide to responsible gambling for more information.

Debit cards are a far better option, funds are available instantly in most cases. Withdrawals will often be processed by the sportsbook within 24 hours using this method, but depending on your bank, it could take up to 5 working days to receive your funds back to your physical account.

For quicker withdrawal methods, read on.

eWallet Solutions

E-Wallets for depositing and withdrawing from your mobile betting account include well-known brands such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. instant deposits and withdrawals within 24 hours are typical; in most cases, there are no fees to be paid. Double-check if you want to make multiple transactions this way, as fees can be introduced if this method is abused.

Prepaid Cards

Quite often, sportsbooks and casinos offer their own branded pre-paid cards. You can load them up, make deposits and withdrawals with them quickly, and access the cash from ATMs. A superb addition to online money management that works seamlessly with most betting sites in Iowa

ACH Wire Transfer

A bank transfer can be a convenient way to fund your betting account. Do check for fees, however, which may vary by bank, and transactions can sometimes take time to clear on both deposits and withdrawals.


A barcode scanning scheme where you can deposit cash using relevant retailers such as 7-Eleven


If you are close to the casino partnered with your online sportsbook, you can make deposits directly into your account using cash at the cash cage in the casino. Likewise, you'll be able to withdraw in the same manner.

Minimum Deposit & Maximum Withdrawals

All sportsbooks will have a minimum deposit requirement, but they are, in the main, around $10, so they are not prohibitive.

Also, be aware of when using deposit methods if any negate the qualification of welcome bonuses. Also, check Wagering requirements of any offer.

Being able to make deposits online also negates the necessity of a visit to a physical sportsbook to make a cash deposit.

What Type Of Wagers Can I Make on Sports Online in Louisiana?

There are no restrictions based on the wager type, within reason, that you can make in the state.

You'll have the options of the most common betting lines, money line, and total betting markets, as well as a whole new world of proposition-type bets on all sports available for wagering.

Louisiana is the #8 state earning the most tax revenue from commercial betting

Without federal laws for sports wagering, states are left to experiment and set their own tax revenue structures. Some states tax sportsbooks as high as 50% and others as low as 6.75%, according to the American Action Forum.

States with authorized sports wagering tend to tax in the 10-15% range, with nuances added from there. Some states deduct promotional bets, while others require disclosure, per Bloomberg Tax.

OLBG looked at how much tax revenue states generated from commercial gambling during 2021 and how that revenue compares to 2020. Data comes from the American Gaming Association and various news media outlets, with the tax total reflecting specific state and local taxes applied directly to gaming revenue. Data does not include billions of dollars paid annually by the industry via income, sales, other corporate taxes, or payroll taxes paid by gaming operators and suppliers. The national list is made up of the top 10 highest-earning states.

Louisiana by the numbers

- 2021 tax revenue: $573.1 million
- 2020 tax revenue: $421.3 million
- Year-over-year change: 36.0%

In-person betting launched in October 2021. Online sportsbooks launched in 2022. They are one of the only states that legalized online sports betting in the South.

The Louisiana Lottery also gained a broad permit to place betting kiosks in restaurants, bars, and truck stops. The state makes a 10% tax rate on retail sports betting revenue. And they charge 15% on online/mobile sports betting revenue.

In seven of the top 10 states nationally, sports gambling is legal in some capacity. Every jurisdiction in the U.S. with commercial casino or sports betting operations reported an increase in gaming revenue between 2020 and 2021; 23 of 43 jurisdictions saw record annual commercial gaming revenue in 2021, according to the AGA.

The biggest gains in gaming revenue alone were documented in Tennessee and Michigan, each of which reported the first full year of sports betting revenue. Eight of the 10 states that gained the most tax revenue from commercial gambling overall in 2021 are located in the East or Midwest.

The Supreme Court in 2018 found the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act unconstitutional, effectively eliminating the federal law that had halted authorized sports wagering across the country and leaving it up to individual states to determine rules for sports betting.

Fast-forward to 2021, when commercial gaming revenue in the United States topped $53 billion. Gambling generated nearly $11.7 billion in tax revenue for the 33 states (and Washington D.C.) with some form of legalized sports betting, according to data from the American Gaming Association.

Twenty-four states and Washington, D.C., allow mobile sports betting activity, as of March 2023. Florida took legal online sports bets from November to December 2021, until a federal judge struck down the agreement. The state has halted legal sports gaming for now. Maine, Massachusetts, and Nebraska are some of the states that recently legalized sports betting in some way. Those states are expected to roll out plans, projects, or further regulatory actions in 2023.

Read on to find out the five highest-ranked states that earn the most tax revenue from commercial gaming.

States that earn the most tax revenue from commercial gaming

#1. Pennsylvania: $2.0 billion in tax revenue from commercial gaming in 2021
#2. New York: $1.1 billion in tax revenue from commercial gaming in 2021
#3. Nevada: $1.0 billion in tax revenue from commercial gaming in 2021
#4. Maryland: $814.4 million in tax revenue from commercial gaming in 2021
#5. Ohio: $759.3 million in tax revenue from commercial gaming in 2021

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