Colorado Sports Betting Sites 

Colorado sports betting sites are growing at a fast rate now and there is already a great choice. You can register with any of these sites from anywhere in the country, you just have to be within the state boundaries when wagering. 

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  • Online Sports Betting Sites & Mobile Apps in Colorado

    Sports wagering in Colorado began on 1st May 2020. Each of the 33 Colorado casinos can run one licensed online sports betting site, so current sports wagering regulations will max out Colorado legal sportsbooks at 33. 

    33 sports betting sites or apps for a population of under 6 million is plenty though.

    Colorado became the 19th state to legalize sports betting following the November 2019 ballot and the 11th to allow online sports betting. 

    The state's casinos can now apply for licenses to offer in-person sports betting and launch legal online sports betting sites too. 

    There are now 17 sports betting sites live in Colorado:

    Click on the sportsbook name to see the user reviews

    # Online Sportsbook Casino Partner Launched
    1 BetRivers J.P McGills Hotel and Casino May 2020
    2 BetMGM Midnight Rose Casino May 2020
    3 Caesars Sportsbook Lady Luck, Isle of Capri Casino September 2020
    4 Pointsbet Double Eagle Hotel & Casino November 2020
    5 FanDuel Golden Gates & Mardi Gras Casinos May 2020
    6 DraftKings Golden Gates & Mardi Gras Casinos May 2020
    7 BetMonarch Monarch Casino and Resort May 2020
    8 FoxBet Lady Luck Casino
    9 SBK Bronco Billy's Casino
    10 Circa Sports Century Casino July 2020
    11 BetWildwood Wildwood Casino - Cripple Creek July 2020
    12 The Score The Lodge Casino September 2020
    13 Elite Sportsbook Red Dolly casino
    14 Betfred Saratoga Casino September 2020
    15 WynnBet Bronco Billy's November 2020
    16 TwinSpires Bronco Billy's September 2020
    17 MaximBet Johnny Nolans Casino September 2020
    18 Betway Sportsbook Famous Bonanza Casino April 2021

    List of Legal Online Sportsbooks in Colorado

    1. BetRivers

    Exclusive free promotions and best deals! BetRivers Sportsbook welcomes you to a world of benefits for the player. Try the games and take advantage of the promos that this rush Street Interactive brand has to offer, with live betting options on the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS to rival any other sportsbook in the state.

    2. BetMGM

    BetMGM Sports offers sports betting options from professional football to college basketball and even tennis and boxing matches. ... Explore online sports gambling with the huge US brand BetMGM.

    3. Caesars Sportsbook

    Ceasars Sports Betting online. Sign up for Caesars Sportsbook - America's #1 Sportsbook operator. Bet online on basketball, football, more, find the huge promotions area, and take advantage of one of the best welcome offer packages available from any online sportsbook in Colorado

    4. Pointsbet

    Fixed odds markets (Sports & Entertainment) + PointsBetting where the more your bet wins by, the more you win. Pointsbet is originally from Australia but has launched in several US states and proven very popular for more spread betting options than ever before

    5. Betfred Sports

    The King of Bonuses in the UK is the King of Promotions in the US. Look out for exciting promotions for your sports betting picks with BetFred in Colorado. With almost 100 years of sports betting history, you know these guys know what you the bettor are looking for in your wagers.

    6. MaximBet

    Every Sport you want, Odds Boosts, Live Betting, and Lots of Promotions for Registered Customers. Online MaximBet just landed in Colorado with a cool promotional welcome offer and wide-ranging sports betting offers

    7. Betway Sports

    Betway is a huge European and international sportsbook with many years of experience in giving online sports betting fans what they want. This experience is evident in the usability of their betting app and website. Highly recommended for new online sports betting enthusiasts.

    Is There a Limit to How Much I Can Bet on Sports Online?

    There may be some confusion as to how much you can bet on sports online in Colorado, thanks to the 2009 Limited-Gaming Act, when a maximum single bet size was adopted for casino games of $100.

    This applies to casino games only and so far as it is understood there is no legal limit to the maximum amount you can wager on a sporting event although expect the sportsbook to have some form of online limit without a referral, especially if you are a consistent winner!

  • Legal Sportsbooks Information in Colorado

    Colorado hit the ground running on 1st May 2020 when four online sportsbooks launched in the state. Within 12 months there were more than 20 live online sports betting options for residents and visitors to the state

    Current Legal Status of Online Betting in Colorado

    Online sports betting in Colorado has been passed as legal subject to licensing agreements, and with love 30 land-based casinos in operation, there are plenty of options for launching online sportsbooks.

    Never fear, skins have been pretty quickly let loose on the state too.

    When Did Online Sports Betting Become Legal in Colorado?

    Following a residents ballot to approve legal online sports betting in the state in 2019 which voted in favor of legalized sports betting in the state of Colorado, six months later we had the first online sportsbooks opening their virtual doors for business.

    BetMGM, FanDuel, BetRivers and Draftkings were the first to go live on May 1st 2020. Since then, there have been a whole host of other brands launched and now operating including Caesars Sportsbook, Betway, BetFred Sports, Maximbet and more that can be found at the top of this page.

    Online Betting License and Tax information

    License fees in Colorado are set by the Colorado Department of Revenue and certainly look to be not as prohibitive as figures seen on other states.

    In addition, there is a 10% tax which is going to help fund the state water plan amongst other things.

    Colorado Sports Betting Revenue Information

    It took just four months of online sports betting activity for the handle to run through the 9 figure monthly mark and by the end of 2020, that figure had reached an eye-watering $280,000,000.

    Yet more was to come as steady growth continued throughout 2021 topping out at $469m by November that year.

    A further 12 months on and $500m was achieved no fewer than 3 times in 2022, with the highest monthly figure coming in November 2022 when $547,947,364.13 was the registered sports betting handle for the month.

    Year Month Betting Handle* Taxes** Handle Growth
    2023 January $542,247,595.49 $2,560,902.58 5.44%
    2022 December $514,272,416.44 $2,559,898.66 -6.15%
    2022 November $547,947,364.13 $2,536,404.48 5.01%
    2022 October $521,788,252.03 $2,303,221.04 17.09%
    2022 September $445,624,933.04 $2,949,757.51 54.84%
    2022 August $287,791,796.64 $1,785,233.26 12.22%
    2022 July $256,451,197.52 $1,086,227.58 -17.37%
    2022 June $310,371,137.34 $259,712.84 -13.02%
    2022 May $356,842,203.20 $1,642,490.32 -8.28%
    2022 April $389,065,510.53 $1,195,022.89 -22.22%
    2022 March $500,203,059.22 $1,307,292.22 15.01%
    2022 February $434,925,327.65 $295,499.03 -23.31%
    2022 January $567,106,604.64 $1,421,383.15 24.66%
    2021 December $454,937,195.61 $756,663.11 -3.00%
    2021 November $469,007,302.06 $1,926,211.32 -2.96%
    2021 October $483,314,746.45 $1,210,838.23 20.00%
    2021 September $402,757,752.95 $459,318.81 93.38%
    2021 August $208,271,236.89 $712,206.29 16.27%
    2021 July $179,124,675.98 $979,945.51 -21.12%
    2021 June $227,074,256.52 $1,173,268.36 -7.88%
    2021 May $246,488,626.35 $621,321.30 1.89%
    2021 April $241,919,886.32 $1,061,640.35 -18.05%
    2021 March $295,211,102.89 $1,019,397.33 14.33%
    2021 February $258,219,369.48 $317,135.10 -19.14%
    2021 January $319,354,103.29 $1,147,423.47 13.87%
    2020 December $280,443,909.98 $473,429.60 23.61%
    2020 November $226,872,186.87 $710,251.80 9.90%
    2020 October $206,441,153.59 $739,695.12 1.25%
    2020 September $203,882,793.41 $30,355.99 60.96%
    2020 August $126,666,237.91 $165,420.01 116.15%
    2020 July $58,600,805.04 $223,202.19 53.66%
    2020 June $38,136,949.16 $217,945.02 48.85%
    2020 May $25,621,761.63 $96,544.78 N/A

    Source: Colorado Department of Revenue

    Online Sports Betting Timeline

    2021 - BetFred Sports, Betway and MaximBet are among many other brands now available for online betting on sport in the State of Colorado.

    The betting handle for sports for the month of October was close to $500m, a figure expected to be beaten by the end of December.

    2020 - May 1st sees the launch of the first online sportsbooks taking wagers from home computers, mobile phones and tablets with betMGM< BetRIvers Fanduel and DraftKings all launching on day 1.

    2019 - A public referendum on sports betting is up for the November elections after the legal and regulated sports betting bill was introduced in April and signed into law in May 2019 by Governor Polis.

    Other Sportsbooks Expected to Launch and When

    There are already more online sportsbooks operating in Colorado than in any other state in America, but with over three dozen retail casinos, each able to operate an online sportsbooks there could yet be more to come.

    Who they might be, given that the main names have already launched in the state one can only guess, but there could be a new brand or two pop up at some point suing 2022.

    Benefits of Using a Licensed Online Sportsbook in Colorado

    Whilst it is not technically illegal to use a readily available offshore sportsbook to make wagers, one has to consider the associated risks.

    Offshore operators have no obligation to fair play to US customers and as such, there is no protection for players' funds, whereby a sportsbook could disappear overnight along with funds you may have deposited. 

    It is not uncommon to hear of horror stories of punters winning big but never being able to access the money they have rightfully won on wagers.

    Online sports bettors in Colorado gain all the benefits of using a licensed operator within the state with partnerships with land-based casinos and the safety and assurances that go hand in hand.

    Not to mention the benefits of the taxes that the operators have to pay to the state that go into beneficial programs for state residents rather than offshore operators who can operate tax free and pocket all the profits.

  • Most Popular Sports For Online Betting in Colorado and Which Sportsbook to Use

    Most forms of sports betting are allowed in Colorado and the Colorado Gaming Control have issued a full list of events upon which licensed Colorado books can accept wagers on. The list is regularly being expanded and updated. 

    College sports are currently missing but there are plans to add these which will make the bets available via Colorado sports betting sites one of the most comprehensive from all states which have legalized online sports betting to date. 

    Sports is big in Colorado with the Colorado Rockies representing the state in MLB, Denver Nuggets in MBA, Denver Broncos in the NFL. The Colorado Rapids are in the MLS. Colorado Avalanche are in the NHL.

    The popularity of betting on sports will change with the seasons, and as one sport comes to the end of a season, then another may top the list, but closing off December 2020 with both football and basketball in progress, the following number of wagers were bet on each.

    # Sport Value
    1 Football $88.1m
    2 Basketball $42.8m
    3 NCAA Basketball $35.2m
    4 NCAA Football $14.9m
    5 Table Tennis $10.9m

    Source: Colorado Department of Revenue

    If you asked most people what the top sports for betting in Colorado were you might expect them to name Football and basketball betting. You might not expect Table Tennis to be in there!

    What is interesting is the prominence of Table Tennis as a sport attracting wagers. The value is much higher than we might ordinarily expect. Perhaps a hangover from when it was one of the limited options due to COVID, but it remains interesting that it is hanging onto a high percentage of betting turnover into the end of the year.

    Colorado Sportsbook Guides by Sport

    Check out our suite of guides built specifically for the main sports Americans like to bet online. We've reviewed every sportsbook and offer advice as to which is the best depending on what element of the sport you want to place your wagers.

    Best Sports Books In Coloado for Football Betting

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    College Sports Betting Restrictions

    There are some restricted bet types when it comes to Collegiate events, and some prop betting will not be allowed if not sanctioned by the relevant sports league. Quite simple if you can not bet on it, it will not be available on the sportsbook, so you don't have to worry about betting on something you shouldn't be.

    Colorado State Sports Teams You Can Wager Online

    Colorado sports teams fans will be pleased to be able to bet on their favourite teams online throughout the year.

    Sport Team League
    Football Denver Broncos NFL
    Basketball Denver Nuggets NBA
    Baseball Colorado Rockies MLB
    Soccer Colorado Rapids MLS
    Hockey Colorado Avalanche NHL
    Lacross Denver Outlaws MLL

    Colorado Live Betting Online Options

    With a wealth of professional sports teams in Colorado and hundreds of thousands of fans, there is always some live sporting action to be found, and one of the great things about online sports betting is the ability to place wagers on the action as it is happening.

    In addition to predicting the outcomes either on the money line or betting lines provided by the sportsbooks, you are able to make selected wagers once the action has begun either as play continues or during quarters.

    The best online sportsbooks in Colorado will offer, usually at the head of the events menu, games and matches that are available to make wagers on in play.

  • How to Start Betting Online with Colorado Sportsbooks

    Payment Type Deposits Withdrawals
    Debit/Credit Cards Yes No
    Pre Paid Cards Yes No
    PayPal Yes Yes
    Skrill Yes Yes
    ACH/eCheck Yes Yes

    Legal online sports betting is obviously very new to Colorado and those that have steered away from unlicensed offshore operators may not be fully aware of just how easy the new legislation has made it to be able to make legal wagers online on your favorite sports.

    This section will run through the simple procedure to get started with making your wagers online with new sportsbooks.


    You will have to register to open a sportsbook account in COlorado but can do so from anywhere within the US. However, to make deposits, manage your banking, or place wagers you will have to be physically located within the state and over the age of 21.

    There are a few things you will need to provide when registering online and they will include:

    1. Personal details such as name and address
    2. Security information such as passwords, email, and mobile numbers
    3. Selecting a depositing method and choosing a welcome offer.

    How to Deposit

    In line with most other states in the US now, there is no need to make registration or deposit of funds in person at a casino cash cage that we are aware of. All transactions can now be undertaken, conveniently online.

    All you need to do is select the banking option that is the most convenient for you, including credit and debit cards or eWallet solutions like Skrill.

    Banking Options for Colorado Sportsbooks

    There are a wide range of banking options available to online sports bettors for Colorado sportsbooks

    Method Min Max Processing Time Fee
    $10 0 Instant 0.00
    $10 0 Instant 0.00
    $10 0 Instant 0.00
    $10 0 Instant 0.00
    0 0 Instant 0.00
    $10 0 Instant 0.00
    $10 0 Instant 0.00
    $10 0 Instant 0.00
    0 0 Instant 0.00
    Method Min Max Processing Time Fee
    0 0 15 Minutes 0.00

    Credit & Debit Cards

    Whilst credit cards are widely accepted we would advise using credit to fund your online gambling, especially if you do not have the funds to make a full repayment within the month. Betting with money you do not have is worse than betting with money you can not afford. Please see our guide to responsible gambling for more information.

    Debit cards are a far better option, funds are available instantly in most cases. Withdrawals will often be processed by the sportsbook within 24 hours using this method, but depending on your bank, it could take up to 5 working days to receive your funds back to your physical account.

    For quicker withdrawal methods, read on.

    eWallet Solutions

    E-Wallets for depositing and withdrawing from your mobile betting account include well-known brands such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. instant deposits and withdrawals within 24 hours are typical and in most cases, there are no fees to be paid. Double-check if you want to make multiple transactions this way, as fees can be introduced if this method is abused.

    Prepaid Cards

    Quite often sportsbooks and casinos offer their own branded pre-paid cards. You can load them up and make deposits and withdrawals with them quickly and be able to access the cash from ATMs. A superb addition to online money management that works seamlessly with most betting sites in Iowa

    ACH Wire Transfer

    Using a bank transfer can be a convenient way of funding your betting account. Do check for fees, however, which may vary by bank, and transactions can sometimes take time to clear on both deposits and withdrawals


    A barcode scanning scheme where you can deposit cash using relevant retailers such as 7-Eleven


    If you are close to the casino partnered with your online sportsbook you can make deposits directly into your account using cash at the cash cage in the casino. Likewise, you'll be able to withdraw in the same manner.

    Minimum Deposit & Maximum Withdrawals

    You'll find all sportsbooks will have a minimum deposit requirement, but they are in the main around $10 so not prohibitive.

    Also, be aware of when using deposit methods if any negate the qualification of welcome bonuses. Also, check Wagering requirements of any offer.

    Being able to make deposits online also negates the necessity of a visit to a physical sportsbook to make a cash deposit.

    What Type Of Wagers Can I make on Sports Online in Colorado?

    There are no restrictions based on the wager type, within reason, that you can make in Colorado.

  • CO Online Sports Betting Related Questions

    CO Online Sports Betting Sites FAQs

    • How do I know which is the best Sports Betting Site in CO?

      When betting on sport, or making a particular bet like a parlay, you want to be assured you are betting with the best sportsbook. Take a look at our sportsbook articles where you'll find the answers to all of the sports betting questions you have like who is the best betting site for football?

    • Can I get free bets at Sports Betting Sites in CO

      When looking to register with an online sports betting site, you are sure to be presented with a welcome bonus or free bet offer in Colorado. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and understand any wagering requirement attached to the offers.

    • What is the legal age for online sports betting sites in CO?

      All online betting activity requires the user to be a minimum of 21 years of age. Expect some form of age and identity verification systems in place when opening a new online sportsbook account.

    • Do I have to register or deposit in person for an online sports betting site in Colorado?

      At the current time, new customers wishing to open and deposit to an online betting site in Colorado are not required to do so in person

    • How many Colorado Online betting Sites will there be?

      There are already 17 legally licensed online sportsbooks in Colorado. not all are operating online as yet, but have the licenses awarded to be able to do so.

      Among those already trading and taking wagers online, are BetMGM, BetRivers and William Hill

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