UK General Election Betting Odds

Betting on the General Election is a popular pastime in the UK. Review general election betting odds to help make your decision regarding betting on the UK General Election. Researching the political climate can mean better probability for your predictions on this important event in UK politics.

UK General Election Betting Odds
The General Election Betting Tips and Odds Preview

UK General Election Headlines

Regardless of the date of the next UK General Elections, betting odds are supplied ahead of time by betting sites with political betting markets. Bets can be placed on all manner of possibilities and outcomes based on polling, voting and the eventual results. General election betting as well as Next Prime Minister predictions will remain popular throughout the interim as local government polls feed the speculation of what could happen in a general election.

There is no scheduled date for a general election in the UK as yet, but the latest the next general election can take place would be five years from the day on which an incumbent government first met, which in the current case is 17th December 2019.

This means the government will be dissolved on Tuesday, 17th December 2024, unless dissolved sooner by HRH The King of England - Polling would take place no later than 25 days after dissolution. 

General Election Betting Odds

When thinking of betting on the UK General Election, the first outcome one might consider is which will be the winning party. 

Government After The Next UK General Election

Here we can bet on which party will be in power following the public vote

Outcome Odds - December 2022 Odds - October 2022
Labour Majority 4/5 4/5
No Overall Majority 6/4 11/8
Conservative Majority 6/1 5/1
Conservative Minority 10/1
Labour Minority 100/30
Labour-Lib Dem Coalition 7/1
Labour-Lib Dem-SNP Coalition 20/1
Labour-SNP Coalition 16/1
Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition 25/1

What is Betting on the UK General Election

Betting on the UK general election is a great way to add excitement and entertainment to the political drama. Whether you're looking for a straightforward bet on who will win in each constituency, or something a bit more complex like who will be the next prime minister after the election, there are plenty of options available for those looking to get involved. From individual constituencies to wider political outcomes, there are all kinds of bets that can be made with bookmakers and specialist betting websites throughout the UK.

General Election Betting Markets

Betting markets on the general election range from individual constituencies to wider political outcomes, offering plenty of options for those looking to make a bet. Let's look at some examples.

Year Of UK General Election Betting Odds

2024 is still the favourite year for the next UK General Election as the conservatives are in a position of stress at the time of writing and any call for an early vote may put their position of power in jeopardy. December 17th 2024 is when the government will be dissolved naturally after 5 years in power, with voting having to take place at least 25 days after that date, so 2024 looks the most likely time right now for the next general election although 2025, could also be possible if the current government hang on until the very last moment.

Year of UK General Election Odds - December 2022 Odds - October 2022
2024 4/9 4/9
2023 5/2 5/2

UK General Election Majority Betting

If you believe no majority government or either the Conservatives or Labour will gain a majority that market is available to bet on. An overall majority is the aim of each political party at a General Election. This allows them to govern more easily as their proposals and bills in government are more likely to be passed having this majority. 

Some governments have had their legislation hampered because of a very small or non-existent majority. Any party must get 326 seats or more for a majority.

Outcome Odds - December 2022 Odds October 2022
Labour Majority 4/5 4/5
No Overall Majority 11/8 11/8
Conservative Majority 6/1 5/1

To Win Most Seats At the Next General Election

  • Sir Keir Starmer and his Labour Party look on course for to win the most seats at the next General Election. 
  • He has had to do very little such has been the meltdown of the Conservative Government. 

Betting on the most seats at the next General Election

Month Party Odds % Chance Month Party Odds % Chance
February 2023 Conservative 7/2 22.22% February 2023 Labour 1/6 85.47%
December 2022 Conservative 9/4 30.80% December 2022 Labour 1/4 80%
October 2022 Conservative 13/8 38% October 2022 Labour 8/15 65%
September 2022 Conservative 11/8 42% September 2022 Labour 8/15 65%
July 2022 Conservative 4/5 55.56% July 2022 Labour 10/11 52.36%
April 2022 Conservative 4/7 63.69% April 2022 Labour 5/4 44.44%

Betting on a UK Majority at the next General Election

Hung Parliament

A hung parliament is when no single party has more than 50% of the seats. Because they do not have the seats or votes they need to rely on other parties to support them. A hung Parliament makes it awkward to pass legislation.

The bookmakers already have an array of majority betting markets.

Overall Majority Betting 

  • No Overall Majority
  • Conservative Majority
  • Labour Majority
  • Liberal Democrat Majority
  • Conservative Minority
  • Labour Minority
  • Liberal Democrat Minority

What Will Be The Size Of The Majority?

  • Conservatives 1-20 Seats
  • Conservatives 20-50 Seats
  • Conservatives 50-100 Seats
  • Labour 1-20 Seats
  • Labour 20-50 Seats
  • Labour 50 -100 Seats

Most Seats

  • Conservative
  • Labour


  • Conservatives Seats -Over/Under
  • Labour Seats - Over/Under

UK General Election Betting Markets

In the UK there are currently 650 parliamentary seats, these seats are contested at each General Election. 

Each political party naturally hopes to win the election and then win enough seats to have a majority,

These 650 seats in the UK Parliament mean 326 seats are needed for a majority. 

A majority means that the winning party has more seats than all the other parties put together, and can implement its manifesto promises without too much interference from opposition parties. 

Ante-Post Betting is available from the best betting sites on how many seats each party will win, + will they achieve a majority, + how big will that majority be. 

Sir Keir Starmer

As the election draws closer more markets are created by the bookies on individual constituencies, with the ante-post markets ebbing and flowing with each piece of "breaking news" 

UK Government Majoritys

Below are the majority achieved by the winning party at each General Election. 

In 2017 Theresa May, after calling a snap election tried to govern with a minority but was eventually forced by her backbenchers to resign over the interminable Brexit negotiations.

General Election Winning Party Majority
2019 Conservative Majority 80
2017 Conservative Minority -14
2015 Conservative Majority 12
2010 Conservative/Liberal Coalition 78
2005 Labour 66
2001 Labour 167
1997 Labour 179
1992 Conservative 21
1987 Conservative 102
1983 Conservative 144

In 1997 the Labour Party under Tony Blair won a landslide victory with a majority of 179 seats.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Betting Expert

What Is A Working Majority?

As opposed to a majority you may hear the term "working majority"  this is because certain members of parliament do not vote on legislation.

The speaker and his three deputies do not vote. (4)

Currently, Sinn Fein does not take their seats in the House Of Commons, they have 7 MP's.

So the number of voting MPs is now 639 from 650. 

Here is the breakdown from the 2019 General Election. 

  • Conservative Votes 363
  • Opposition Votes 276
  • A Working Majority of 85

Therefore in most cases, the current Government can pass legislation at will knowing it has a large working majority. 

Most Seats At The Next General Election

Will the Conservatives or Labour win the most seats at the next election?

You can see how the most seats odds have changed below, the Conservatives are struggling and Labour are making substantial gains. 

Month Party Odds % Chance
February 2023 Conservative 7/2 22.22%
December 2022 Conservative 9/4 30.80%
October 2022 Conservative 13/8 38%
September 2022 Conservative 11/8 42%
July 2022 Conservative 4/5 55.56%
April 2022 Conservative 4/7 63.69%

General Election Betting News Diary Timeline

The betting odds for The Next General Election will fluctuate with every rousing statement or gaffe from the leaders of the parties. 

Here is a round-up of the Next General Election Betting News from our OLBG News feed

November 24th 2022 


UK General Election Betting Odds: Labour have a 66% CHANCE of having the most seats at the next General Election according to the latest bookie odds!

Nov 24, 12:06pm

The next General Election isn't due until January 2025 so it may well be another couple of years at least until we see the next election take place in the UK. An early election may well be called but that's usually chosen by the Prime Minister and it's doubtful that Rishi Sunak will want to do that. Bookies say that Labour will win the most seats at the next General Election with odds given of 1/2 that they do so. Smarkets give a 66.7% chance of it happening with Labour expected to have a big chance of gaining massively at the next General Election.

October 26th 2022


Rishi Sunak Betting Specials: Sunak struggles expected at Number 10 with bookmakers giving him an 11% chance of increasing Conservative Majority at next General Election!

Oct 26, 12:05pm

A new era of British Politics got underway this week with Rishi Sunak becoming the new Prime Minister after Liz Truss resigned from the position. Bookmakers are already giving specials on Sunak's reign including odds around the next General Election, whenever that may be. According to the odds, there's just an 11% chance that Sunak increases the Conservative Majority at next General Election, which is currently at 80 seats. BetVictor makes it 1/25 that there is no increase in seats at the next General Election for the Conservative party against the 8/1 odds that there will be.

23rd September 2021


Bookmakers now go 2-1 for a General Election in 2023 - What Are Labour's Chances?

Sep 23, 09:22am

The Labour party conference will take place from this weekend in Brighton and things are set to get heated with the reinstatement of the leadership electoral college bandied about before we've even got started.

Betting sites have reacted with a switch-up in betting odds on a range of political betting markets. 

30th August 2021


Bookmakers Shorten Rishi Sunak to Win the Next General Election

Aug 30, 09:51am

As Chancellor, one would expect Rishi Sunak to be in the news a great deal, and this weekend is no exception as details of granted planning permission for his home are in the news.

Whilst that may be completed in the short term, Sunak can look forward to bookmakers' confidence that he is most likely to be Conservative leader and the next prime minister at some point from 2024 onwards if the correct betting odds probabilities are accurate.

General Elections Since 2000

General Election Year Winner Elected Prime Minister  Winning Seats Majority Percentage Of Votes
2019 Conservatives Boris Johnson 365 80 43.6%
2017 Conservatives Theresa May 317 -9 42.4%
2015 Conservatives David Cameron 330 12 36.9%
2010 Conservatives David Cameron 306 -20 36.1%
2005 Labour Tony Blair 355 66 35.2%
2001 Labour Tony Blair 413 167 40.7%

Betting On Politics

Go to your favourite betting app and head to the index, then select politics. 

If you do not have an active online betting account, head over to our betting sites section, where you will see a list of bookmakers available in the UK. 

We have in-depth reviews so you can see what other users think of them before deciding, or head over to the free bets page where you can see the list of welcome offers currently available from all UK betting sites. 

Select A Bookmaker For the UK General Election

If you don't have a currently active online betting app on your phone, take a look at the list of available bookmakers. The choice is vast and all have an in-depth assessment of their pros and cons.

General Election Bookmakers

This article was written by OLBG political betting expert Nigel Skinner, edited and published by Editor-in-Chief Steve Madgwick and last updated on 20th March 2023

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