Hungarian General Election Betting Odds and History

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A General Election in Hungary is likely to take place in 2022 and online bookmakers are gearing up for a close contest. The Hungary Election will gauge whether the country has continued with its strident nationalistic approach or moved to a slightly more liberal European stance. As with most countries, there is a myriad of disparate groups vying for power, especially in opposition to current PM Viktor Orban.

Hungarian General Election Betting Odds and History
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Hungary General Election

  •  Viktor Orban wins a fourth term as Prime Minister of Hungary. 

  • Both the bookmakers and betting exchanges had the 58-year-old incumbent as the odds on favourite.

  • The six opposition parties who joined forces to try and defeat Prime Minister Viktor Orban fell well short with only around 37% of the vote.

Hungarian Election: Fidesz - KNDP Majority

Viktor Orban has now been in power for over 12 years, he painted the opposition as ganging up against him with no policies except to kick him out of office.

The Hungarian Election would normally pass many by, but interest has grown due to Orban being such a divisive figure. 

Viktor Orban Hungary

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Viktor Orban is the bad boy of the European Union, hardly a month goes past without some European leader or bureaucrat admonishing the 58-year-old leader for his views or proposed piece of restrictive legislation. 

Hungary has no business being in Europe any more

Mark Rutte - Dutch Prime Minister

Amongst a raft of accusations he has been accused of human rights violations, curtailing press freedom, interference with court procedures, and nepotism, yet his Fidesz party won nearly 50% of the vote at the 2018 Hungarian election and he remains a  hugely popular figure especially with the older generation. 

He is odds on favourite to be Prime Minister Of Hungary after the election. 

Amassed against Orban is a truly disparate coalition alliance, specifically formed to beat him at the General Election, they have rather unimaginatively called themselves the United Opposition. 

The list of parties coming together to take on the PM is as follows

  • Jobbik
  • LMP
  • Green Party
  • Momentum Movement
  • Hungarian Socialist Party
  • Dialogue For Hungary

As you can see they are strange bedfellows it would be like Labour joining forces with the SNP, Brexit Party, and Monster Raving Loony Party to defeat Boris Johnson. 

Below you can see the current betting exchange odds on a Fidesz - KNDP (Viktor Orban) majority at the next Hungarian Election. 

Betting initially has Fidesz - KNDP odds on to retain power and win a majority, but after the opposition chose Peter Marki- Zay as their leader the betting odds have flip-flopped. 

His party may not win as many seats as the last election but he individually may well remain as PM. 

Hungarian Election: Fidesz - KNDP Majority

Yes/No Betting Odds
Yes 1.42
No 2.78

There will be further betting odds and markets on the next Hungarian Election and we shall bring you all the up-to-date prices from the best betting sites. 

Hungarian Election History

 Hungary Election Election Winners  Seats Won Main Opposition Seats Won
2022 Fidesz -KDNP
135/199 United For Hungary (Coalition) 57/199
2018 Fidesz -KDNP 133/199 Jobbik 23/199
2014 Fidesz -KDNP
133/199 Hungarian Socialists (MSZP) 38/199
2010 Fidesz -KDNP
263/386 Hungarian Socialists (MSZP) 59/386
2006 Hungarian Socialists (MSZP) 190/386 Fidesz -KDNP

Political odds are being offered more and more by bookmakers as they see the level of interest in politics from their customers. 

Leading politicians and journalists are gauging the popularity of candidates not just by polls but by what the odds compilers at the best betting sites and leading bookies are quoting.

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