Bunbury Cup Preview, Tips, Runners & Trends (July Festival)

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Contested over a distance of 7f is the Bunbury Cup which is scheduled to take place at Newmarket during the July Festival. Below we have detailed past winners along with both trainer and jockey records in the race and see which trends have been set based on past winners of the Bunbury Cup.

Bunbury Cup Preview, Tips, Runners & Trends (July Festival)
Andy Powell Content Editor

Horse Racing stats man, Andy has contributed to OLBG for 18 years - An Ipswich fan and F1 fanatic, he also contributes EFL football and Motor Sport opinion.

2024 Bunbury Cup Preview

Scheduled to take place in July of each year at the Newmarket racecourse is the Bunbury Cup which features at the July Festival. The race is run over a distance of seven furlongs, it is run over a straight and is open to runners who are aged three or older.

One of the popular betting handicaps of the turf flat season in England, the Bunbury Cup is named in honour of Sir Charles Bunbury who founded the two English Classics (1000 & 2000 Guineas) staged at Newmarket.

Bunbury Cup Information:

Why not use the trends shortlist below to help you narrow down the field and then head over to the dedicated Newmarket tips page to see which runners are being supported by the OLBG expert racing tipsters to find yourself a bet? You may also be interested in other preview blogs that we have packed full of information, head down to the Other Principal races during the Newmarket July Festival section for links to these.

How competitive is the Bunbury Cup market? When looking at the over-rounds for the last 20 renewals, the most competitive market was in 2016 when the race had an over-round of 121%. The race in 2015 was a race that was most in the bookie's favour with an over-round of 134%, whilst on average over the last 20 renewals of the Bunbury Cup, the over-round has been 128%, which means the bookie expects to pay out £100 for every £128 which is bet.

Bunbury Cup Trends:

Looking at the future form, is the winner worth following next time out? From the past 20 if you had followed the winner of the Bunbury Cup next time out then you would have backed a total of 1 winner. Backing all 20 runners who have been out since to win at SP next time out, would have returned an LSP of +1.00. Remember to bookmark the racing tips page to easily access the OLBG racing picks daily.

When looking over the past 20 renewals, a time of 1:22.61 was set by Rene Mathis in 2015, which is the quickest time over that period, the runner was trained by Richard Fahey and ridden by Paul Hanagan. The slowest winning time was set in 2012 when Bonnie Brae won in a time of 1:30.91, booked to ride was Ryan Moore by the trainer David Elsworth.

These are the top three quickest-run Bunbury Cup over the last 20 renewals:

  1. Rene Mathis (1:22.61) in 2015
  2. Vale Of Kent (1:22.69) in 2019
  3. Bless Him (1:22.84) in 2022
What the expert says...
Four of the last six winners came from either the Buckingham Palace Stakes or the Royal Hunt Cup at Royal Ascot and going back further, ten of the last nineteen winners came from either of those two races.

Andy Powell - Horse Racing Betting Expert - OLBG.com

Bunbury Cup Past Winners

Here are the Bunbury Cup past winners for the last 10 renewals. Each row details the year of the race, the horse which won along with the age & weight of the horse. Also detailed is the stall where the horse came from and the total number of runners in the race. The horse's trainer at the time of winning the Bunbury Cup and the jockey is also displayed along with the starting price the horse was sent off.

YearHorse (Drawn)Info
Biggles (GB)
6yo 9-3 (18 of 15) 5/1
Ryan Moore
Ralph Beckett (GB)
Bless Him (IRE)
8yo 9-3 (3 of 18) 25/1
Jamie Spencer
David Simcock (GB)
Motakhayyel (GB)
5yo 9-10 (3 of 18) 11/2
Frankie Dettori
Richard Hannon (GB)
Motakhayyel (GB)
4yo 9-7 (14 of 17) 5/1
Jim Crowley
Richard Hannon (GB)
Vale Of Kent (IRE)
4yo 9-4 (14 of 17) 13/2
Frankie Dettori
Mark Johnston (GB)
Burnt Sugar (IRE)
6yo 9-1 (16 of 18) 7/1
Paul Hanagan
Roger Fell (GB)
Above The Rest (IRE)
6yo 8-10 (19 of 18) 12/1
Clifford Lee (5lbs)
David Barron (GB)
Golden Steps (FR)
5yo 9-0 (14 of 16) 7/1F
Frankie Dettori
Marco Botti (GB)
Rene Mathis (GER)
5yo 9-1 (10 of 17) 16/1
Paul Hanagan
Richard Fahey (GB)
Heavens Guest (IRE)
4yo 9-3 (9 of 13) 12/1
Tony Hamilton
Richard Fahey (GB)

Where have the winning runners come from?

Here are the countries where the winning trainers of the Bunbury Cup have been based:

  • GB: 20 winners with an additional 58 placings from 346 runners
  • IRE: 0 winners with an additional 0 placings from 3 runners
  • FR: 0 winners with an additional 0 placings from 2 runners

Bunbury Cup Trainer Statistics

The leading trainer in the Bunbury Cup over the last 20 renewals is Richard Hannon who has won the race two times with those two winners coming from Motakhayyel (2020 & 2021).

Here are the Bunbury Cup trainer statistics over the last 20 renewals for trainers who have entries in the 2024 renewal, those not listed have not had a runner. (R = Runners, W = Winners, P = Places including winners, Win LSP is based on 1pt Win and EW LSP is based on 0.5pt Win & 0.5pt Place):

Richard Hannon7-2-3+5.50+6.20
David Simcock9-1-3+17.00+12.63
David O'Meara9-0-0-9.00-9.00
George Margarson7-0-3-7.00-1.36
Charles Hills5-0-1-5.00-3.62
Michael Bell4-0-0-4.00-4.00
Jim Goldie3-0-1-3.00+1.63
John & Thady Gosden3-0-1-3.00-1.87
Ian Williams2-0-1-2.00+1.63
K R Burke2-0-0-2.00-2.00
Charlie Fellowes2-0-0-2.00-2.00
Simon & Ed Crisford1-0-1-1.00-0.06
Charlie Johnston1-0-0-1.00-1.00
Jennie Candlish1-0-0-1.00-1.00

Bunbury Cup Jockey Statistics

The leading jockey in the Bunbury Cup over the last 20 renewals is Ryan Moore who has won the race three times with those three winners coming from Plum Pudding (2009), Bonnie Brae (2012) and Biggles (2023).

Here are the Bunbury Cup jockey statistics over the last 20 renewals for jockeys who have entries in the 2024 renewal, those not listed have not had a runner. (R = Runners, W = Winners, P = Places including winners, Win LSP is based on 1pt Win and EW LSP is based on 0.5pt Win & 0.5pt Place):

Ryan Moore12-3-6+14.50+11.63
Jim Crowley4-1-1+2.00+0.13
Clifford Lee1-1-1+12.00+7.50
William Buick8-0-1-8.00-6.87
James Doyle7-0-2-7.00-3.00
Tom Eaves6-0-1-6.00-4.00
Tom Queally6-0-0-6.00-6.00
Neil Callan6-0-0-6.00-6.00
Sean Levey5-0-2-5.00+1.51
Silvestre De Sousa4-0-3-4.00+4.00
Kieran O'Neill2-0-1-2.00+2.00
David Allan2-0-0-2.00-2.00
Kieran Shoemark2-0-0-2.00-2.00
Rossa Ryan1-0-0-1.00-1.00
Lewis Edmunds1-0-0-1.00-1.00

Bunbury Cup Trend Analysis

The trend factor which had produced 10+ winners and shows the best LSP, an LSP of +17.00 is when runners had 3 starts in the past 90 days. The worst performing factor that has failed to produce a single winner is when runners last win was 2 starts ago, when backing these the trend shows a record of 0-48.

Here are the most recent winning draws along with the further placings in brackets:

  • 2023: Winner in 18 (3,16) [15 Runners]
  • 2022: Winner in 3 (17,5,6) [18 Runners]
  • 2021: Winner in 3 (14,10,6) [18 Runners]
  • 2020: Winner in 14 (4,5,13) [17 Runners]
  • 2019: Winner in 14 (11,17,8) [17 Runners]

The course which has produced the most winners of the Bunbury Cup is Ascot, there has been a total number of 10 winners of this race who ran at Ascot last time out.

The race is open to both sexes with the Male runners having produced a total of 19 winners from a total of 341 runners whilst the Female runners have produced 1 winner from a total of 10 runners.

Looking over the past renewals, these are the stallions whose offspring have produced multiple winners of the Bunbury Cup:

  • Heeraat (2 Wins)
  • Primo Dominie (2 Wins)

These are the stallions whose offspring have not produced a winner of the Bunbury Cup despite multiple attempts:

  • Exceed And Excel (0 Wins from 16 runners)
  • Acclamation (0 Wins from 9 runners)
  • Indian Ridge (0 Wins from 7 runners)
  • Invincible Spirit (0 Wins from 7 runners)
  • Pivotal (0 Wins from 6 runners)

Looking at the winning odds over the last 20 renewals, the biggest-priced winner was Bless Him in 2022, winning for David Simcock at odds of 25/1 under the guidance of Jamie Spencer. Looking at the runners at the head of the market over the last 20 renewals there have been 2 winning favourites in the race. Remember to use the best racing tipsters along with the information on this page to find you a bet on the 2024 Bunbury Cup.

Bunbury Cup Trend Shortlist

Newmarket will host the 2024 renewal of the Bunbury Cup which will be run at 4:00 pm on Saturday 13th July 2024 and these are the runners who perform best based on the trends along with the trainer and jockey and their record in the race (Runs-Wins-Places Win LSP / EW LSP):

  • 15/15 Lethal Levi (12/1)
    • K R Burke (2-0-0 -2.00 / -2.00)
    • Clifford Lee (1-1-1 +12.00 / +7.50)
  • 15/15 Percys Lad (10/1)
    • Daniel & Claire Kubler (0-0-0 0.00 / 0.00)
    • Tom Eaves (6-0-1 -6.00 / -4.00)

Others: Carrytheone (14/15), Gorak (14/15), Bless Him (13/15), Dark Thirty (13/15), Divine Libra (13/15), Mostabshir (13/15), Ropey Guest (13/15), Finns Charm (12/15), Talis Evolvere (12/15), Summerghand (11/15), Awaal (10/15), Mustajaab (10/15), Aalto (9/15), Darkness (9/15), Spirit Genie (9/15), Yorkshire (9/15), Londoner (6/15) and Abduction (5/15).

*Trainer & Jockey numbers are Runs-Wins-Places Win LSP / EW LSP, Runners, Odds and Trends Passed/Failed correct at the time of posting (12:25 pm Thursday 11th July 2024), if no odds were available at the time of posting then forecasted odds are used.

If you are not a fan of the traditional trends above and you want a more in-depth way of using the Bunbury Cup trends from previous renewals then we have created the scoring trends, these are calculated by looking at over 100 factors including aspects of breeding, horse factors, things like runs, wins and places during their career, under certain circumstances like over the trip or on the ground and many more.

Using all of this information we can assign each horse a score based on how past runners in the Bunbury Cup performed when running under the same factors, we assign 80% of the score for the win statistics and 20% of the score for place statistics. Here are the top two scoring runners in the 2024 Bunbury Cup based on the information above, why not compare those to what the OLBG racing tipsters are tipping?

Here are the top 3 scorers at the time of posting (12:25 pm Thursday 11th July 2024):

  • 🥇 Bless Him (25/1)
    • David Simcock (9-1-3 +17.00 / +12.63)
    • Marco Ghiani (0-0-0 0.00 / 0.00)
  • 🥈 Ropey Guest (20/1)
    • George Margarson (7-0-3 -7.00 / -1.36)
    • Tom Queally (6-0-0 -6.00 / -6.00)
  • 🥉 Dark Thirty (20/1)
    • Richard Hannon (7-2-3 +5.50 / +6.20)
    • Sean Levey (5-0-2 -5.00 / +1.51)

Others: Spirit Genie, Talis Evolvere, Darkness, Carrytheone, Summerghand, Percys Lad, Gorak, Abduction, Aalto, Divine Libra, Finns Charm, Mostabshir, Yorkshire, Londoner, Mustajaab, Lethal Levi and Awaal.

Other Principal races during the Newmarket July Festival

Remember to head to the Newmarket predictions page to see which runner the racing tipsters support in the Bunbury Cup. Below are the other principal races that we cover during the July Festival with links to each race blog as well as information for last year's winners.

Friday at the July Festival

The highlight on the Friday, known as Ladies Day is the Princess of Wales's Stakes, a group 2 contested over one mile and four furlongs.

RaceLast WinnerInfo
13:50 Newmarket
Bahrain Trophy Stakes
Castle Way (GB)
3yo - 9/2
Charlie Appleby
William Buick
14:25 Newmarket
July Stakes
Jasour (GB)
2yo - 16/1
Clive Cox
Jim Crowley
15:00 Newmarket
bet365 Sprint Handicap
Quinault (GER)
3yo - 4/1
Stuart Williams
Connor Planas
15:35 Newmarket
Princess of Wales's Stakes
Israr (GB)
4yo - 7/2
John & Thady Gosden
Jim Crowley

Saturday at the July Festival

Festival Friday as it is known features the Group 1 Falmouth Stakes which is part of the British Champion Series and is run over a mile.

RaceLast WinnerInfo
13:50 Newmarket
bet365 Handicap
Killybegs Warrior (IRE)
3yo - 20/1
Charlie Johnston
Kevin Stott
14:25 Newmarket
Duchess of Cambridge Stakes
Persian Dreamer (USA)
2yo - 5/1
Dominic Ffrench Davis
Kevin Stott
15:35 Newmarket
Falmouth Stakes
Nashwa (GB)
4yo - 4/1
John & Thady Gosden
Hollie Doyle

Sunday at the July Festival

As the name would indicate, 'July Cup Day', the main race on the final day of the July Festival is the July Cup, another race which is part of the British Champion Series, this race is contested over six furlongs.

RaceLast WinnerInfo
14:50 Newmarket
bet365 Mile Handicap
Highbank (IRE)
3yo - 11/1
Charlie Appleby
William Buick
15:25 Newmarket
Superlative Stakes
City Of Troy (USA)
2yo - 4/6
A P O'Brien
Ryan Moore
16:00 Newmarket
Bunbury Cup
Biggles (GB)
6yo - 5/1
Ralph Beckett
Ryan Moore
16:35 Newmarket
July Cup
Shaquille (GB)
3yo - 5/2
Julie Camacho
Rossa Ryan

Article Contributor Information

We are blessed with an excellent team of specialists and experts at OLBG. Contributing to creating and maintaining this Bunbury Cup Preview are at hand, Andy and James. They both work on the Horse racing tips team team looking after the tipsters and managing the tips settlement, whilst also creating and managing all of the horse racing event previews for Flat Racing.

James Banting

James Banting

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Andy Powell

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