Next James Bond Betting Guide (Odds, Contenders, History)

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The best betting sites have a comprehensive list of actors in their next James Bond betting market. A whole host of familiar and unfamiliar actors are in the frame, a decision is expected imminently for this iconic movie role.

Next James Bond Betting Guide (Odds, Contenders, History)
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  • The next James Bond Betting odds have seen a host of different favorites since the market opened ( Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, James Norton)
  • Rege Jean Page (Bridgerton) could be swapping his velvet tailcoat and ruffles for a stylish dinner jacket if the online sportsbooks have their James Bond odds right. 
  • Tom Hardy who we have seen most recently in Venom: Let There Be Carnage was the fan's favorite in a recent next James Bond poll.  

James Bond Contender Moneyline Odds
Rege Jean Page 163
Henry Cavill 300
Tom Holland 400
Idris Elba 700
Jack Lowden 800
Taron Egerton 800
Oscar Isaac 1000
Callum Turner 1000
Sope Dirisu 1000
Michael Fassbender 1200

Tom Hardy in the running to be the next James Bond

Next James Bond Betting Odds

With Daniel Craig stepping down from his position as 007 the search is on for his replacement.  It seems most of the actors in the next James Bond betting odds would seriously consider accepting the part were they to be offered it. 

The best betting sites have a mixture of established actors and relative newcomers at the head of the next James Bond odds. 

 There is a broad range of ages of the leading Bond candidates from the youngish Rege Jean Page to the more senior Idris Elba.  

The market currently has a host of actors and a few actresses in their extensive list of contenders,

It is of course possible that we could see a female Bond with Lashana Lynch (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) the shortest-price female contender.

Lashana Lynch

Betting on the Next James Bond (How to and Possible Markets)

Did you know it was possible to make a bet on who will be the next actor to play James Bond in the film series?

Betting sites offering betting odds on which actor, or actress even, will play the character next, after Daniel Craig's departure. 

So let's take a look at the type of wagers you are likely to find when considering who will be the next James Bond 007

Next James Bond Betting Markets

The most popular betting market available for this would be to predict the next actor, or even actress, that could take on the role of James Bond. 

A list of potential actors will be provided and odds on their chances will be supplied respectively, from those most likely to get the job, to those who might be rumored to be interested, or have been approached, right through to the best betting sites offering big odds on some rather far fetched ideas of who could step into 007's shoes. 

How to Bet on the Next James Bond

There is nothing complicated about betting on the next James Bond, it is a betting market like the Super Bowl or The Breeders Cup. 

You simply need to go to your favorite betting app and head to the TV & Specials section in the menu, selecting Next James Bond Betting.

If you do not have an active online betting account, then head over to our betting sites section where you will see a list of bookmakers available in each state. 

There are reviews on offer for each sportsbook so you can join with confidence knowing you have all the information required. 

If you don't have a currently active online betting app on your phone, take a look at the list of available bookmakers and click to see free bets

Placing A Next James Bond Bet

Here you will see the option to look at the list of actors being offered as options to bet on.

  • All you need do is click on your selection.
  • This will open up the betslip, at which point you will see confirmation of the betting odds being offered
  • Now you choose your stake - most betting sites will show you how much you can expect to have returned if your prediction is correct.
  • If you are happy, simply hit 'PLACE BET' to confirm your selection, stake, and bet.
  • You will be given a receipt for your bet, which will appear in your open bets in your account details.
  • Then it's just a matter of waiting to see who is finally chosen for the role. 

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender star of Shame and The Counsellor

11 Actors That Could be the Next James Bond

Next James Bond Bookmaker 2 August
Aaron - Taylor Johnson  
Henry Cavill  
Rege -Jean Page  
James Norton  
Tom Hardy  
Chiwetel Ejiofor  
Lucien Laviscount  
Aidan Turner  
Dan Stevens  
Jack Lowden  
Dan Stevens
Aidan Turner
James Norton 15/2
Idris Elba
Luke Evans
Jack Lowden 6/1
Sope Dirsu  
Richard Madden  
Callum Turner  
Cillian Murphy  
Oscar Isaac  
Taron Egerton  

1. Rege -Jean Page

The London-born actor came to attention as the Duke of Hastings in the Netflix period drama Bridgerton. 

2. Idris Elba

The oldest of the leading James Bond contenders at 50. However, he has shown he has the experience and gravitas to take on leading roles. 

3. Henry Cavill

The Superman actor would bring a sense of Britishness to the role in the style of former bond Roger Moore. 

4.  Chiwetel Ejiofor

Chiwetel has a string of quality theatre, cinema and tv roles under his belt and may be seen as a more erudite Bond. 

5. Aidan Turner

The Dubliner is probably fed up with being called a heartthrob after his breakthrough role as Ross Poldark in the BBC historical drama. 

6. Tom Hardy

The "biggest star" of the leading contenders, he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor  Academy Award for the Revenant, but he missed out to Mark Rylance for Bridge of Spies. 

7. Michael Fassbender

Born in Germany the actor has featured in a string of critically acclaimed movies including 12 Years a Slave and Shame. 

8. James Norton

Not as well known as his rivals, especially in the US, he has predominately featured in lower-budget movies. 

9. Jack Lowden

If the producers wish to select a "new face" to take on the James Bond mantle Lowden who is 32 would be an ideal choice. 

Lowden was last seen by many in Capone alongside another Bond possible Tom Hardy. 

10. Taron Egerton

The Kingsman and Rocketman actor is towards the head of the betting with some of the best betting sites but much bigger odds at others. Shop around for the best odds on his chance.

11. Tom Holland

If there is an actor whose fame is on the up then Tom Holland who has played Spiderman since 2015 is that actor, a true blockbuster star. 

Idris Elna

Idris Elba is many James Bond fan's number 1 choice to replace Daniel Craig.

Things To Consider When Betting On The Next James Bond

Producer Albert Broccoli once said that Bond should be played by an actor between 35 and 40 years of age, but as you can see that advice has not always been heeded.  

You can see that Roger Moore was 58 when he starred in A View To A Kill.  

Sean Connery (Age 32-51) George Lazenby (Age 30) Roger Moore (Age 46-58) Timothy Dalton (Age 41-43) Pierce Brosnan (Age 42-49) Daniel Craig (Age38-53)
Dr. No On Her Majestys Secret Service Live and Let Die The Living Daylights Golden Eye Casino Royale            
From Russia with Love The Man with the Golden Gun Licence To Kill Tomorrow Never Dies Quantum of Solace            
Goldfinger The Spy Who Loved Me The World Is Not Enough Skyfall            
Thunderball Moonraker Die Another Day Spectre            
You Only Live Twice For Your Eyes Only No Time To Die            
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Octopussy                  
Diamonds Are Forever A View to a Kill                  
Never Say Never Again                      

James Bond Nationalities

Will we ever see a non-UK actor land the role of James Bond?

Former James Bond Place Of Birth
Daniel Craig Chester, England
Pierce Brosnan County Louth, Ireland
Timothy Dalton Colwyn Bay, Wales
Roger Moore London, England
George Lazenby New South Wales, Australia
David Niven London, England
Sean Connery Edinburgh, Scotland

What Have Public Polls on the Next James Bond had to Say?

As you can imagine interest is growing in the next James Bond. 

In the UK the public opinion organization YouGov asked a series of questions to the British Public on James Bond, you can see whether you agree or disagree below. 

Would it be acceptable for the character to be female?

31% of respondents thought it would be acceptable for the character to be female, and 53% thought it would be unacceptable. 

This poll result is in line with our own poll.

Who do Brits want as the Next James Bond?

It was a battle of the Tom's when asked who should be the next Bond - Hardy (27%) was the most popular, but Hiddlestone (16%) polled well and was the only other potential 007 in double figures.

James Bond Contenders YouGov Respondents

  • Tom Hardy 28%
  • Tom Hiddlestone 16%
  • Richard Madden 9%
  • Michael Fassbender 9%
  • James Norton 7%
  • Luke Evans 6%
  • Sam Heughan 3%
  • Lashan Lynch 2%
  • Jack Lowden 1%

Is the character sexist or has he changed his womanizing ways?

  • 37% thought that the character has always been a sexist one. 
  • 22% thought the character was once sexist but has changed his ways. 
  • 11% thought the character has never been sexist at all.

James Bond Timeline

September 2022

The producers seem no closer to making a decision and with no news comes more wild speculation and the addition of more and more possible and unlikely Craig replacements causing some fluctuation to the odds further down the market. The one constant is Idris Elba at the head of the market though. Wagers continue to come consistently for his chance.

August 2022

The main mover in the odds is Idris Elba, punters having backed him into as low as +250 to get the role. 

June 2022

12 Years A Slave actor Chiwetel Ejiofor has the acting credentials to raise the status of James Bond. 

Bookmakers have cut the odds for him take the role from +1250 in March to as low as +400 in June 2022. 

May 2022

No change in a relatively stagnant market, we have known we needed a new James Bond since 2019 yet the producers are keeping us on tenterhooks.

Could they be waiting on a particular actor needing to clear his/her schedule for the next 5 years? 

April 2022

Rege Jean Page has been at the top of the market for the last 6 months and it looks like the bookies do consider him a real contender. 

Michael Fassbender has the acting quality to bring a certain style to the new James Bond.

Tom Hardy who for a long time had been favoured seems to have lost some of his supporters.

March 2022

The eyes of the world will be on the Oscars at the end of the month, an announcement of the next James Bond could garner huge publicity if the new licenced to kill actor is revealed at this time. 

Betting momentum in the last month has been with Rege Jean Page & Henry Cavill. 

Some bookmakers had Idris Elba (+200) much shorter in the betting than its rivals, do they know something?

Other sportsbooks slashed the odds on Aidan Turner becoming James Bond after receiving serious interest in the 38-year-old actor.

February 2022

If the sportsbooks know anything about who will play the next James Bond then Rege Jean Page will be getting the role. He is now the clear and outright favourite with ALL of the biggest betting firms.

January 2022

We looked at the top 3 in the betting in January 2022, you can view the current James Bond odds at the top of the page. 

As you can taking the best odds can make a big difference to your return, always check the best betting sites for the best odds. 

Date Actor Sportsbook 1 Sportsbook 2 Sportsbook 3
26th January Tom Hardy 250 200 275
26th January Rege Jean Page 350 275 350
26th January Henry Cavill 500 500 500

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