Who's Your Bet? BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2024 Contenders and Betting Odds

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Dive deep into understanding the ins and outs of betting on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. Learn about the 2023 contenders, and their chances, and uncover the historical context.

Who's Your Bet? BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2024 Contenders and Betting Odds
Jake Ashton Senior News Editor

Jake is a Football and Entertainment betting expert, with a Man City season ticket and a deep knowledge of reality TV betting angles

Betting Odds for Sports Personality Of The Year 2024

Did you know bookmakers offer betting odds on the winner of BBC Sports Personality of the Year award? This article illuminates the path down to the glory of this prestigious award, profiling the likely winners of 2024, with a fascinating exploration of the past laureates. As we break down the stats of previous winners and the sports they graced, you'll be armed to place your bets with confidence. 

🏆 Who's your bet for BBC Sports Personality 2024?

🚀 Check out our comprehensive guide on the past, present & future of the award! 💡👉

Understand the trends, learn about the contenders, and get a grip on the odds. Uncover the thrilling narrative that encapsulates the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, and join the conversation of who will clinch the 2024 title. Will it be a glorious victory for an underdog, or another triumph for a fan-favorite? Read on to start your betting journey today.

Sports Personality Of The Year 2024 Contenders

Let's take a look at some of the leading contenders in the betting for Sports personality of the Year Award 2024

Contenders will appear here as soon as the first betting markets become available

All in all, the betting for Sports Personality of the Year 2024 could  be one of the most competitive races yet. 

What is Betting on the SPOTY 2024?

Roll the dice with SPOTY 2024! Tailor your bets to cherry-pick the award winner. It's not just about your favourite athlete, it's about who's destined for the crown. Let SPOTY odds guide your gamble, reflecting bookmakers' bets and trends. 

Transform your sporting year's climax from mere spectatorship to an envigorating betting experience. Revel in the joy of celebrating the acclaimed winners and - the kick? Your own victorious bet if you're lucky!

Sports Personality of the Year 2024 Betting Markets

Beyond the outright winner prediction, there are plenty more options to be had. Put your money into categories like the International Award or Junior Awards. Or shake things up by betting on the winner's gender. Whilst most bookies will offer bets on the winner, it might be harder to find the more niche categories, but we will let you know if they come up in our news section.

🏆 Sports Personality of the Year: 

The SPOTY Award crowns the star whose prowess at sports engulfed the UK audience.

🌍 World Sports Star of the Year: 

This accolade recognises an international athlete who dominated the global arena. 

💪 Helen Rollason Award: 

The award honours inspiring figures who've shown extraordinary achievements amid adversity.

🏅 Team of the Year: 

Commends the group of sports people who've made a mark together.

🎖️ Unsung hero: 

Recognizes local heroes who've silently and significantly contributed to sports.

⏳ Lifetime Achievement Award: 

Honors individuals with meaningful and long-time contributions to their sports field.

👶 Young Sports Personality of the Year: 

Applauds the young and promising sporting stars of the UK.

👏 Coach Award: 

Celebrates the coach/manager who led their charges to success.

💎 Diamond Award: 

Retrospective award given to the most iconic sporting moments or personalities.

📚 Expert Panel Award: 

Honours an athlete chosen by a panel of experts for their exceptional performance.

How to Make a Bet on the Winner of SPOTY 2024

Placing a bet on your selection is easy if you have decided on which sports star you think will win the contest. 

The best betting sites will have SPOTY odds from the beginning of the new year. 

To place a bet, go to your favourite betting app and head to the specials/TV section in the app menu. 

  • Here you will see the option to look at the list of contenders.
  • All you need then do is click on your selection.
  • This will open up the bet slip, at which point you will see confirmation of the betting odds being offered.
  • Now you choose your stake - most betting sites will show you how much you can expect to have returned if your prediction is correct.
  • If you are happy, hit PLACE BET to confirm your selection, stake, and bet.
  • You will be given a receipt for your bet and it will appear in your open bets in your account details.
  • Then it's just waiting to see who is finally chosen.

Sports Personality of The Year Betting News Diary Timeline

The betting odds for The Sports Personality of The Year will change throughout the year as the bookmakers react to sporting performances and bets being placed. 

Here is a round-up of Sports Personality of The Year News from our OLBG News feed

24th October 2023


BBC Sports Personality of the Year Betting Odds: Mary Earps is the NEW FAVOURITE to win this year's Sports Personality of the Year award after big World Cup showing!

2nd October 2023


BBC Sports Personality of the Year Betting Odds: Rory McIlroy now into 12/1 to win the SPOTY award this year after HUGE display in Europe's Ryder Cup win!

21st September 2023


BBC Sports Personality of the Year Betting Odds: Stuart Broad is now the 7/4 FAVOURITE to win this year's Sports Personality of the Year award!

24th August 2023


BBC Sports Personality of the Year Betting Odds: Katarina Johnson-Thompson BACKED IN to 5/1 to win SPOTY award after winning dramatic Heptathlon world title!

8th August 2023


BBC Sports Personality of the Year Betting Odds: Stuart Broad moves into 6/4 FAVOURITE for SPOTY award after retiring from Cricket after the Ashes!

30th June 2023


BBC Sports Personality of the Year Betting Odds: Frankie Dettori remains favourite for this year's SPOTY award in his final year as a jockey!

17th April 2023


BBC Sports Personality of the Year Betting Odds: Ben Stokes is 11/2 to win the SPOTY Award this year ahead of this Summer's Ashes!

3rd March 2023


Sports Personality of the Year 2023 Betting Odds: Ben Stokes remains early favourite with bookies to win the 2023 SPOTY Award with Lewis Hamilton just behind him ahead of Formula 1 season opener!

11th January 2023


Sports Personality of the Year 2023 Betting Odds: Ben Stokes is the early favourite with bookies to win the 2023 SPOTY Award after coming RUNNER UP to Beth Mead last year!

13th December  2022


Sports Personality of the Year Betting Odds: Beth Mead now given a 98% CHANCE of winning the Sports Personality of the Year award with bookies saying it's extremely likely according to the odds!

Things to Consider when Betting on Sports Personality Awards

Betting isn’t merely about fan favourites; it's investment in potential future stars too. Dare to predict yearly sports successes - consider major events, player participation, and performance likelihood. Pay extra attention to sports aired on BBC. Want a pro tip? Analyze past winners' sports. Spoiler: snooker and golf haven't triumphed since the '80s!

List of SPOTY winners since 2010

A single, startling performance can skyrocket a sports star from obscurity to renown—case in point, Emma Raducanu's astonishing US Open win. Radiant personalities and Olympic Golds carve your way to the shortlist, but bagging Wimbledon? That's a SPOTY slam dunk, as Andy Murray can testify!

2023Mary EarpsFootball
2022Beth MeadFootball
2021Emma RaducanuTennis
2020Lewis HamiltonMotor Racing
2019Ben StokesCricket
2018Geraint ThomasCycling
2017Mo FarahAthletics
2016Andy MurrayTennis
2015Andy MurrayTennis
2014Lewis HamiltonMotor Racing
2013Andy MurrayTennis
2012Bradley WigginsCycling
2011Mark CavendishCycling
2010Tony McCoyHorse Racing

Sports Personality Winners By Sport

Everyone in the UK is sports fan although may not follow a particular sport until something remarkable happens. Here we break down the SPOTY winners by Sport and year for some insight to what it takes for the SPOTY award to be secured - I am sure (age Dependant) remember the event and why most of these winners picked up the trophy


From Mo Farah on Super Sunday at the Olympics to the glory period of Seb Coe, Steve Ovett and Steve Cram, it is hard to forget any of these amazing athletes who put in world-beating performances and world records

1954Sir Chris Chataway
1955Gordon Pirie
1963Dorothy Hyman
1964Mary Rand
1968David Hemery
1972Mary Peters
1974Brendan Foster
1978Steve Ovett
1979Sebastian Coe
1982Daley Thompson
1983Steve Cram
1987Fatima Whitbread
1991Liz McColgan
1993Linford Christie
2002Paula Radcliffe
2004Kelly Holmes
2017Mo Farah

Motor Racing

Winning a Formula 1 World Championship generally means a very high chance of winning Sports Personality of the year. Lewis Hamilton has probably become the exception but has still joined Nigel Mansell and Damon hill in picking up the award on two occasions as well as 2 runner-up spots too!

1959John Surtees
1961Stirling Moss
1973Jackie Stewart
1986Nigel Mansell
1992Nigel Mansell
1994Damon Hill
1996Damon Hill
2014Lewis Hamilton
2020Lewis Hamilton


Emma Raducanu became the latest tennis based winner of SPOTY, after an amazing and surprise inw at Flushing Meadows in the US Open in 2021, becoming the 2nd Canadian-born UK representative to win SPOTY - Then we have Scotlands Andy Murray, who has gone one better and picked it up three times in total to date - Another Wimbledon or any Grand Slam win in 2024 would put him in the mix again! And Who can forget, [if you were around] Virginia Wade picking up the silver.

1969Ann Jones
1977Virginia Wade
1997Greg Rudeski
2013Andy Murray
2015Andy Murray
2016Andy Murray
2021Emma Raducanu


Boxing has had fewer winners than sports above already covered, and quite often people are surprised to remember Frank Bruno NEVER winning it - He was runner up twice - Boxing stars able to go one better include Joe Calzaghe with his incredible career record and one of the greatest Heavyweight boxers of all time Lennox Lewis

1967Henry Cooper
1970Henry Cooper
1985Barry Mcguigan
1999Lennox Lewis
2007Joe Calzaghe


An Ashes win or a fantastic test series can catapult cricketers to the fore in nominations and winning - England has not won the Ashes since 2015, and are long overdue glory. An Ashes win would see any team member and particularly the Captain at the head of the Sports Personality of the Year Betting

1956Jim Laker
1975David Steele
1981Ian Botham
2005Andrew Flintoff
2019Ben Stokes


Come from the world of Cycling, whether it be road or track you will need to pick up an Olympic Gold or maybe the Tour De France to win SPOTY, here are the roll-call of Cycling winners of the award.

1965Tommy Simpson
2008Chris Hoy
2011Mark Cavendish
2012Bradley Wiggins
2018Geraint Thomas


Nothing but the very best would be required for a footballer to pick up the trophy in this day and age. A World Cup win OR Euros win would do it, and Bobby Moore from 66 can attest as did groundbreaking Beth Mead for England's Lioness success in 2022. A good season in the Premier League is just not going to cut it.

1966Bobby Moore
1990Paul Gascoigne
1998Michael Owen
2001David Beckham
2009Ryan Giggs
2022Beth Mead
2023Mary Earps

Editorial Information

This article was constructed by our Senior News Editor and Entertainment Specialist Jake Ashton who reports daily for OLBG News on all Entertainment, Reality TV and Award show betting. Jake is often quoted in the national press for his opinion on entertainment betting and manages all of the Entertainment and TV Specials Blogs on OLBG.

Jake Ashton

Jake Ashton

Senior news editor

Jake is a keen reality TV fan and our expert on Specials betting, encompassing, Reality TV and Award shows among others. If it is a niche market found in the Specials section of a betting site, Jake has seen it and written about it. If he isn't at the Etihad watching Man City that is!

Source of data come from The BBC and Wikipedia along with odds from bet365

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