Celebrity SAS Betting Odds (Contenders & History)

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Dive into our detailed guide about betting on the Celebrity SAS TV show, including intuitive tips based on past victories and insightful analysis on potential contenders.

Celebrity SAS Betting Odds (Contenders & History)

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Are you a fan of the heart-thumping SAS reality show? Ever considered placing a bet on your favorite contenders and making your proverbial pound from predicting the daredevils? Welcome to our comprehensive guide to betting on the Celebrity SAS TV show! 

💥Transform your Celebrity SAS predictions into winnings!

Dive right into our comprehensive guide filled with expert tips and records of past wins. Bet smart, win big, and enjoy the thrill of reality TV like never before with our thorough betting primer!💰🏆

Here, we explore histories, consider futures, analyze contenders, and equip you with all you need to make your SAS watching experience even more exciting. So, get ready to up your game and add an extra thrill to your favorite British television sensation.

Early Betting on Celebrity SAS 2024

The Celebrity SAS reality show is, of course, pre-recorded, being not suited to a live TV event, and as such, the result of 2023, will already be known, so betting opportunities may be limited. However, with action yet to start onf the planned 2024 event and with contestants already known, Betway betting site is offering betting on whether the celebrities due to take part will get through selection. Here they are with the respective odds at this time.

Safe to Say Bianco Gascoigne and Marnie Simpson are predicted to struggle judging by the bookmakers betting odds right now

1. 🥊 Anthony Ogogo (1/1): 

Image: ITV

A British professional boxer turned reality star, Ogogo's daring personality makes him one to watch in the upcoming Celebrity SAS edition.

2. 🏉 Chris Robshaw (1/1): 

Featureflash Photo Agency//shutterstock

An English former rugby captain, Chris Robshaw's leadership skills and physical prowess are anticipated to shine through in Celebrity SAS.

3. 🤸 Ellie Downie (2/1): 

Acclaimed British gymnast with a knack for fierce competition, Ellie brings agility and strength to the table on Celebrity SAS.

4. 🏀 Ovie Soko (5/2): 

Image: ITV

A professional Basketball player, Big Brother star Soko's tall frame and competitive spirit may give him an edge in Celebrity SAS.

5. 🧔 Pete Wicks (3/1): 

Image: channel4

Known for his appearances on TOWIE, Pete's charismatic personality and reality show experience might go a long way in the SAS challenge.

6. 🍒 Cherry Healy (5/1): 

Cherry Healey

Known for her entertaining documentaries, Healy's resilience and sharp intellect will no doubt come into play on Celebrity SAS.

7. 📚 Rachael Johnson (5/1): 

Fred Duval//shutterstock

An author with a daring spirit, Rachael's strategic thinking might just propel her forward in the SAS challenge.

8. 👕 Bobby Norris (6/1): 

Featureflash Photo Agency//shutterstock

TOWIE star known for his flamboyant style, Norris' outgoing personality's sure to bring an interesting dynamic to the show.

9. 👙 Georgia Harrison (6/1): 

Image: ITV

Love Island starlet Georgia brings a competitive spirit and reality TV understanding to the forthcoming SAS edition.

10. 🎭 John Barrowman (6/1): 

Fred Duval//shutterstock

Entertainer and Doctor Who star, Barrowman's performance skills and charisma are sure to light up Celebrity SAS.

11. 🎤 Shazia Mirza (6/1): 

Shazia Mirza

Stand-up comedienne with a fiery spirit, Shazia's ability to handle pressure may stand her in good stead in the upcoming SAS season.

12. ♠️ Bianca Gascoigne (7/1): 

Fred Duval//shutterstock

As a reality star and glamour model, Bianca's fierce determination makes her an exciting contender for Celebrity SAS.

13. 🎙️ Tez Ilyas (7/1): 

Image: channel4

Stand-up comedian Tez is known for his wit and quick thinking, skills that might turn vital in Celebrity SAS.

14. 💄 Marnie Simpson (10/1):

Meet Marnie | Ex On The Beach 8

Geordie Shore beauty Marnie is no stranger to reality TV drama, and her tenacity might serve her well in the SAS challenge.

2023 Celebrity SAS Contenders

Here are the contestants on the 2023 edition of Celebrity SAS which begins to air on September 26th 2023, before moving to a regular Sunday night slot at 9pm on Channel 4

1. 🎩 Matt Hancock: 

Richard Townshend, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A central figure in British politics, Matt Hancock has served as the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. 

2. 🎤 Gareth Gates: 

Image: itv

From 'Pop Idol' to 'Dancing on Ice', Gareth Gates has showcased his singing prowess and charming charisma on various platforms.

3. 🌟 Michelle Heaton: 

Featureflash Photo Agency//shutterstock

An acclaimed British singer best known for her dynamic presence in the pop group Liberty X.

4. 🎸 Siva Kaneswaran: 

Kathy Hutchins//shutterstock

A former member of the popular boy band The Wanted, Siva Kaneswaran has captured hearts with his soulful tunes.

5. 👠 Danielle Lloyd: 

shutterstock//Featureflash Photo Agency

A successful English model and television personality, Danielle Lloyd is celebrated for her appearances in various beauty pageants, including Miss England.

6. 💌 Melinda Messenger: 

Featureflash Photo Agency//shutterstock

Presenter and model, Melinda Messenger gained recognition as a glamorous TV host, best known for her stint on 'Live from Studio Five'. 

7. ⚽ Jermaine Pennant: 

Image: Fred Duval//shutterstock

This former professional footballer has made his mark with clubs like Liverpool and Wigan Athletic, with his life off the pitch attracting just as much attention.

8. 🏉 Gareth Thomas: 

A retired Welsh rugby player, Gareth Thomas has made valuable contributions to rugby union and league, as well as bravely representing the LGBTQ+ community in sports.

9. 🕺 James 'Arg' Argent: 

Image: ITV

Known affectionately as 'Arg', this TOWIE star is renowned for his cheeky persona and love of singing.

10. 🦋 Montana Brown: 

Joe Seer//shutterstock

An English reality TV star who soared to fame after her stint on Love Island, Montana Brown has since forged a successful media career.

11. 🎾 Teddy Soares: 

Image: ITV

Another Love Island alumni and now Financial Consultant, Teddy Soares is remembered for his affable charm and easy-going demeanor on the show.

12. 💄 Amber Turner: 

Image: ITV

Bursting onto the TOWIE scene in 2017, Amber Turner has kept viewers hooked with her fiery personality and high-profile friendships.

13. 🎭 Zoe Lyons: 

Image: bbc

Comedian Zoe Lyons is beloved for her incisive humor, having appeared in multiple panel shows and stand-up tours.

14. 📺 Kirsty-Leigh Porter:

Howard Potts//Wikimedia Commons 

An accomplished actress known for her roles in popular British soap operas such as Emmerdale and Hollyoaks.

15. 🏃‍♀️Perri Shakes-Drayton: 

filip bossuyt from Kortrijk//Wikimedia Commons

British retired track and field athlete whose prowess has seen her compete in the Olympics and win European and World medals.

16. 🥇 Jon-Allan Butterworth MBE: 

Image: PA

A Paralympic cyclist who has repeatedly demonstrated his resilience and determination, winning numerous medals and gaining an MBE for his efforts.

What is Betting on Celebrity SAS

The best betting sites have the list and odds for each contestant.

 Each price represents a percentage chance. 

If you think their percentage chance of completing the course is greater than the odds reflect you should place a Yes bet. 

Celebrity SAS Betting

Dwain Chambers odds ahead of the 1st show indicate a 54% chance of completing the course, if you think that should be nearer 75% then the odds offer value.

How Do I Place  a Celebrity SAS Bet

There is a simple 5 step process to making a bet on Celebrity SAS

  1. Find an online betting site offering odds for this series of the Celebrity SAS, you should find the odds on the bookmakers index page under specials
  2. Find the character you are most interested in wagering on
  3. Make that selection and add them to your bet slip
  4. Select the stake you wish to wager
  5. Confirm

That's it, you are done, your wager is on, and now all you have to do is wait until the final of Celebrity SAS to discover who has passed the course. 

If you make the right selection, you win, if your prediction is incorrect you will lose the stake you have wagered just as with any normal bet.

List Of Celebrity SAS Winners

Ahead of the new series we can see that 6 recruits have completed the SAS course successfully, that is from a total of 36. (16.66%)

Four men and two women have battled their way through hostile tasks. 

In this series, the number of celebs taking part has increased to 14, which could mean that 2 or 3 pass the 2022 course based on historical percentages.  

Series Passed The SAS Course Profession
1 Wayne Bridge Footballer
2 Lauren Steadman Paralympian
Locksmith DJ
3 Alexandra Burke Singer
Aled Davies Paralympian
Wes Nelson Reality TV Star

List Of Celebrity SAS Winners

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