The Apprentice Betting Guide (Odds, Contenders, History)

A select bunch of Apprentice candidates will be battling it out to become Lord Sugar's latest business partner. The format of the BBC series is relatively unchanged since its launch in 2005. Selected online bookmakers will be offering odds on who will win the 250K apprentice investment.

The Apprentice Betting Guide (Odds, Contenders, History)
Image: BBC

Apprentice Headlines

  • The new series of The Apprentice started on Thursday, January 5th 2023. 
  • Since the Apprentice series started in 2005 there have been nine female and eight male winners.  

Image: Damien Everett/Wikimedia Commons

Four of the last six Apprentice winners have been cake or sweets businesses. Sugar by name and nature it seems.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Editor

Cakes and Pastries

The early favourites for the Apprentice 2023 were Bradley and Joe at around 7/1.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Editor

The Apprentice Winner Betting Odds

Ahead of the 1st episode of The Apprentice, the bookmakers offered the following Apprentice odds. 

Apprentice Occupation From Betting Odds Outcome
Brad Johnson Construction North Yorkshire 7/1 Fired Task 9
Joseph Phillips Safari Guide Worcestershire 7/1 Fired Task 6
Megan Hornby Confectionary East Yorkshire 10/1
Simba Rwambiwa Sales Birmingham 10/1 Fired Task 10
Gregory Ebbs Antiques Shropshire 12/1 Fired Task 3
Shannon Martin Bridal Boutique West Yorkshire 12/1 Quit Task 2
Avi Sharma Banker London 14/1 Fired Task 9
Denisha Kaur Bharj Finance Leicestershire 14/1 Fired Task 4
Emma Browne Account Executive County Kildare, Ireland 14/1 Fired Task 1
Marnie Swindells Court Advocate London 14/1
Reece Donnelly Talent Agency Glasgow 14/1 Quit Task 6
Shazia Hussain Recruitment London 14/1 Fired Task 5
Victoria Goulbourne Pick n Mix sweets Merseyside 14/1
Dani Donovan Hair Extensions Hertfordshire 16/1
Kevin Darcy Accountant Dublin, Ireland 16/1 Fired Task 2
Mark Moseley Pest Control London 16/1 Fired Task 8
Rochelle Anthony Hair and Beauty Bedfordshire 16/1
Sohail Chowdhary Martial Arts Southampton 16/1 Fired Task 7

How To Bet on The Apprentice

Ahead of the series, some but not all of the best betting sites offer Apprentice betting. 

Ahead of the first episode, Harpreet Kaur was at odds of 9/1 to win the Apprentice last year.

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Editor

You will have a short window of opportunity to place a bet before the series kicks into full gear. 

Of the 32 Apprentice winners and runners up 21 (65.62%) have been female and 11 have been male (34.38%).

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Editor

We will add the Apprentice betting odds as soon as they are available in this section of the Apprentice blog. 

Making a bet on who will be the winning Apprentice is as easy as picking a contender from the list of candidates. 

  1. Find the bookmaker offering odds on the Apprentice. 
  2. Choose one of the possible contenders
  3. Decide how much you want to bet
  4. Check the odds and your stake to understand how much you may win if your prediction is correct
  5. Understand that if your prediction is wrong, you will lose your money. 

Francesca Kennedy Wallbank the owner of a sustainability company was last year's Apprentice favourite (3/1), she was fired in Week 5.


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May 09, 09:18am

The Apprentice Betting News Diary Timeline

The betting odds for The  Apprentice will see plenty of speculation and a lot of fluctuation. 

Here is a round-up of the Apprentice Betting Timeline from our OLBG News feed

14th March 2023


The Apprentice Betting Odds: Dani Donovan is now 2/1 FAVOURITE to win The Apprentice as All-Female Final Five unveiled for the second season in a row!

Mar 14, 09:15am

The penultimate week of The Apprentice is here with an all-female final five in the books for a second year following Simba Rwambiwa's firing last week. Our betting industry insider gives an updated look at the odds for this year's series with Dani Donovan now 2/1 at the top of the market to win the show. Rwambiwa was the third favourite to win the series according to our insider last week but this has all changed following his shock departure.

10th March 2023


The Apprentice Betting Odds: Shock firing after this week's Dog Food task sees an update to the bookie odds ahead of Interviews week in front of Lord Sugar's advisors!

Mar 10, 01:24am

Following the latest firing from this year's series of The Apprentice, we're now left with an all-female Final Five for the second season in a row. Simba Rwambiwa was the final candidate fired in the regular tasks after failing to impress Lord Sugar against Dani Donovan and Megan Hornby on Team Apex. Rwambiwa was the third favourite to win the series according to our betting industry insider but this has all changed following his shock departure on Thursday's show. Despite being on the losing side in this week's episode it's Megan and Dani who remain the favourites to win the show.

7th March 2023


The Apprentice Betting Odds: Megan Hornby dropped further into 9/4 to win The Apprentice ahead of this week's Dog Food task!

Mar 07, 09:12am

This year's series of The Apprentice is nearing Lord Sugar's hiring stage and Megan Hornby remains the favourite to win the show according to our betting industry insider. Hornby has continued to impress throughout this year's series and has been the outright favourite for the last few weeks to be hired by Lord Sugar. The latest betting odds say there's a 30% chance of Hornby winning The Apprentice this year just ahead of Dani Donovan in the market.

2nd March 2023


The Apprentice Betting Odds: Megan Hornby has '28% chance' of winning this year's Apprentice according to our betting industry expert ahead of this week's Male Beauty task!

Mar 02, 09:22am

Pest Control company owner and former soldier Mark Moseley was the latest contestant fired by Lord Sugar on The Apprentice following the recent task. Moseley's leadership wasn't good enough according to Lord Sugar last week with losing control of the profit and loss for the task given as the main reason for his dismissal in the boardroom. The lack of communication with the customers, who didn't know they would be in a proper prison experience, left the task in disarray and left Sugar with no option but to fire the Team Leader this week.

24th February 2023


The Apprentice Betting Odds: Megan Hornby remains the 5/2 FAVOURITE to win this year's Apprentice following this week's Immersive Event task!

Feb 24, 12:35pm

Sweet shop owner Megan Hornby remains the 5/2 favourite to win The Apprentice according to our betting industry insider following this week's episode. Hornby was on the losing team this week but her and Simba Rwambiwa came out of the task with their heads held high dressing up as police officers and turning around their teammates' poor mistakes. The betting odds give an implied probability of 28% that Hornby wins the show ahead of former favourite Dani Donovan who is out to 7/2 now to win.

20th February 2023


Megan Hornby New 5/2 Favourite to win in The Apprentice Betting Odds

Feb 20, 12:02pm

We have a new favourite in the betting to win The Apprentice TV show and that is Megan Hornby, who bookmakers have now made the 5/2 favourite to win Lord Sugar's quarter of a million-pound investment in a business idea.

13th February 2023


The Apprentice Betting Odds: Dani Donovan remains favourite to win this year's Apprentice after second favourite Joe Phillips was FIRED last week!

Feb 13, 10:58pm

Hair Salon owner Dani Donovan remains the favourite for this year's series of The Apprentice according to our betting industry insider ahead of this week's episode. The contestants have to design a Children's lunchbox and app on this week's show and the odds may start to change around as more contenders are fired. Donovan has a 28% chance of winning the show according to the odds after impressing in recent weeks.

8th February 2023


The Apprentice Betting Odds: Dani Donovan is the NEW FAVOURITE at 5/2 to win The Apprentice ahead of this week's Dubai Corporate Hospitality task!

Feb 08, 04:24pm

Hair Salon owner Dani Donovan is the new favourite to win this year's series of The Apprentice according to our betting industry insider ahead of this week's episode. Donovan has come right into 5/2 to win this year's series after impressing in recent weeks with former favourite Marnie Swindells drifting right out. Joe Phillips, who called himself the 'James Bond of the business world', is the second favourite at 4/1 to win the hit show.

27th January 2023


The Apprentice Betting Odds: Betting continues for The Apprentice after Lord Sugar fires another contestant after Week Four's budget task!

Jan 27, 11:50am

Marnie Swindells stays as the favourite to win this year's series of The Apprentice following Week Four's infamous Discount Task. The latest betting odds from our betting industry expert see Swindells continue as the 7/2 favourite to win the show this year despite being on the losing team this week. Joe Phillips is the second favourite according to our betting expert who has him at 5/1 in the market with a 16% chance of winning the show.

24th January 2022


The Apprentice Betting Odds: Marnie Swindells remains favourite following Week Three's CHAOTIC Cartoons task saw another candidate leave the process!

Jan 24, 01:09pm

Court Advocate Marnie Swindells remains favourite to win this year's series of The Apprentice ahead of Week Four's infamous Discount Task. The latest betting odds from our betting industry expert see Swindells remain the 7/2 favourite to win the show this year after the teams mixed for the first time last week. Joe Phillips is now the clear second favourite according to our betting expert who has him at 5/1 in the market with a 16% chance of winning the sho

13th January 2023


The Apprentice Betting Odds: Marnie Swindells now into 7/2 FAVOURITE to be hired by Lord Sugar after the girls team won Week Two's task!

Jan 13, 04:09pm

Marnie Swindells is the new favourite to win this year's series of The Apprentice after the girls team won Week Two's Bao Bun task. The latest betting odds from our betting industry expert put Swindells as the 7/2 favourite to win the show this year as we head into Week Three's Cartoon task. Gregory Ebbs and Joe Phillips are the joint second favourites according to our betting expert who puts them both at 5/1 in the market.

11th January 2023


The Apprentice Betting Odds: 'Del Boy of Teesside' Brad Johnson remains the bookies favourite at 7/1 to win this year's Apprentice ahead of Week Two!

Jan 11, 12:47pm

Week Two of The Apprentice airs this Thursday evening and bookies continue to give odds on the potential winner of the show. Brad Johnson, who dubbed himself as the 'Del Boy of Teesside', is the 7/1 favourite for this year's series after Week One.

Betway have a whole host of odds for the candidates of this year's series with Megan Hornby the favourite female candidate at 10/1. The Hull sweetshop owner is looking for Alan Sugar to invest in her business which is described as the 'perfect hen do location'.

6th January 2023


The Apprentice Betting Odds: Brad Johnson the favourite after Week One after Ireland's Emma Browne was the first FIRED by Lord Sugar!

Jan 06, 11:38am

Emma Browne was the first contestant fired by Lord Sugar in this year's series of The Apprentice. Browne was given the boot by Lord Sugar after being disruptive to the girls team after constant bickering on the task.

The Irish contestant was a 12/1 shot to win the show before Thursday's episode but was the first person fired. 

The Apprentice Images

Dani Donovan - Age 25

The hair salon owner from Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire says her unique selling proposition is her personality and says that she wants to inspire would-be business owners. The 26-year-old Dani Donovan says her business fills a huge gap in the market.  

Image: BBC.

Marnie Swindells -  Age 28

Image: BBC

Marnie Swindells is a Court Advocate from London, she says she can be a bit headstrong but so far in this series she has come across as balanced and one of the better candidates. 

She is also a Gold Medal-winning boxer so should be able to handle the rough and tumble of the boardroom. 

Megan Hornby - Age 25

Megan HornbyImage: BBC

The East Yorkshire-born Megan Hornby runs a successful sweet shop, she said she found a gap in the market and went for it. She thinks with the Lord Sugar investment she could grow the brand nationally.

Rochelle Raye Anthony - Age 35

Rochelle AnthonyImage: BBC

Another hair salon owner who says she is the Kim Kardashian of the business world by bringing glamour to business.

Knows the hair industry like the back of her hand and thinks with Lord Sugar on board would be a force to be reckoned with. 

Victoria Goulbourme - Age 28

Victoria GoulbourneImage: BBC

Victoria Goulbourne is a former Flight Attendant from Merseyside and through that job she says her customer service skills are unrivalled. The Lord Sugar investment could make her sweets business fly

You've Been Fired

FIRED: Simba Rwambiwa, Image BBC

The 26-year-old Sales rep from Birmingham has come across as thoughtful and considerate. The self-confessed perfectionist says his business guarantees profit - a  very bold statement to put to Lord Sugar.

FIRED: Avi Sharma, Image: BBC

The Banker who graduated from Nottingham University in 2019 is the youngest candidate at just 24 on this series of The Apprentice.

He says he wants to escape the banking rat race.

FIRED:  Brad Johnson, Image: BBC 

The North Yorkshire-born entrepreneur was made redundant in 2019 and then set up a construction company 

He prides himself on his determination and work ethic and actually having a proven company he thinks will stand him in good stead with Lord Sugar.  

FIRED: Mark Moseley Image: BBC

FIRED: Denisha Kaur Bharji: Image: BBC

FIRED: Emma Brown: Image: BBC

FIRED: Gregory Ebbs: Image: BBC

FIRED: Joseph Phillips: Image: BBC

FIRED: Kevin Darcy: Image: BBC

Quit: Reece Donnelly: Image: BBC

Quit: Shannon Martin: Image: BBC

FIRED: Shazia Hussain: Image: BBC

FIRED: Sohail Chowdhary: Image: BBC

The Apprentice History

The Apprentice format was created by producer Mark Burnet in 2004 with Donald Trump as the first host. 

In 2005 the series arrived in the UK with Alan Sugar in the Trump role. 

Originally candidates were competing for an apprenticeship with one of his companies, this changed in 2007 to a business investment. 

Youngest and Oldest Apprentice Candidates

At just 19 Lottie Lyon and Ryan-Mark Parsons (series 15) have been the youngest apprentice candidates. Amy Anzel (series 16) is the oldest at 48.

The winner would now receive 250K and Lord Sugar as their business partner. 

The theme tune used on The Apprentice creates tension and anticipation and is by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev.

Apprentice Viewing Figures

The show regularly pulls in around 7 million viewers in the UK.

Series Premiere date Finale date Winner Runner-up Average viewers (millions)
1 16 February 2005 4 May 2005 Tim Campbell Saira Khan 2.6
2 22 February 2006 10 May 2006 Michelle Dewberry Ruth Badger 4.43
3 28 March 2007 13 June 2007 Simon Ambrose Kristina Grimes 5.62
4 26 March 2008 11 June 2008 Lee McQueen Claire Young 7.29
5 25 March 2009 7 June 2009 Yasmina Siadatan Kate Walsh 8.37
6 6 October 2010 19 December 2010 Stella English Chris Bates 7.87
7 10 May 2011 17 July 2011 Tom Pellereau Helen Milligan 8.8
8 21 March 2012 3 June 2012 Ricky Martin Tom Gearing 7.35
9 7 May 2013 17 July 2013 Leah Totton Luisa Zissman 7.34
10 14 October 2014 21 December 2014 Mark Wright Bianca Miller 7.4
11 14 October 2015 20 December 2015 Joseph Valente Vana Koutsomitis 7.33
12 6 October 2016 18 December 2016 Alana Spencer Courtney Wood 7.28
13 4 October 2017 17 December 2017 Sarah Lynn / James White 6.94
14 3 October 2018 16 December 2018 Sian Gabbidon Camilla Ainsworth 7.32
15 2 October 2019 18 December 2019 Carina Lepore Scarlett Allen-Horton 7.17
16 6 January 2022 24 March 2022 Harpreet Kaur Kathryn Louise Burn 7.09
17 5 January 2023
Average 6.89

Apprentice Winners 2005-2022

The Age of The Apprentice

The average age of the winning apprentices is 27 Years. The youngest winners have been aged 24 (Leah Totton, Mark Wright, Alana Spencer) and the oldest winner is 31 (Tom Pellereau).

Apprentice Year Of Show Apprentice Winner Business
2022 Harpreet Kaur Sweet Cookie Treats
2019 Carina Lepore Bakery - Dough Artisan Bakehouse
2018 Sian Gabbidon Swimwear
2017 Sara Lynn/James White Information Technology/Sweets
2016 Alana Spencer Luxury Cake Business
2015 Joseph Valente Plumbing
2014 Mark Wright Search Engine Optimisation
2013 Leah Totton Cosmetic Clinic
2012 Ricky Martin Recruitment
2011 Tom  Pellereau Manicure
2010 Stella English Hired
2009 Yasmina Siadatan Hired
2008 Lee McQueen Hired
2007 Simon Ambrose Hired
2006 Michelle Dewberry Hired
2005 Tim Campbell Hired

Michelle Dewberry

The 2006 winner Michelle Dewberry has forged a successful broadcasting career. She presents Dewbs & Co on the GB News channel.

The Apprentice Winners Data

The table below shows the tasks the Apprentice winners undertook and how successful they were in the tasks. 

The WIN column shows how they did when they were project managers, so you can see that Carina Lepore won 3 times and Tom Pelleru and Mark Wright lost both times they were in charge of a task. 

The LOSE column shows how many times they lost as a project manager with series 8 winner Ricky Martin losing 2 of his 3 project manager tasks. 

The IN column shows how many winning teams they were in, the top performers here were Carina, Harpreet and Michelle. 

TASKS LOST is self-explanatory with every Apprentice winner losing at least one task. 

Season Candidate WIN LOSE IN TASK LOST
15 Carina Lepore 3 0 7 1
16 Harpreet Kaur 2 1 7 1
4 Lee McQueen 2 0 6 3
2 Michelle Dewberry 1 1 7 2
6 Stella English 2 0 6 1
14 Sian Gabbidon 2 0 5 3
1 Tim Campbell 1 1 6 2
13 Sarah Lynn 1 1 6 2
12 Alana Spencer 1 0 6 1
3 Simon Ambrose 1 1 5 4
11 Joseph Valente 1 1 5 3
13 James White 1 1 5 3
5 Yasmina Siadatan 3 0 3 4
8 Ricky Martin 1 2 5 1
9 Leah Totton 1 0 4 4
10 Mark Wright 0 1 4 5
7 Tom Pellereau 0 1 3 5

The Perfect Apprentice

2019 winner Carina Lepore is the most successful winning apprentice of all time with a 91% task win rate.

Apprentice FAQ

The Apprentice (UK)

The Apprentice TV show is always incredibly popular with viewers and punters regularly pulling in audiences of over 7 million. 

  • Do bookmakers offer Apprentice betting odds?

    Apprentice betting odds are available at the start of each series.

  • Who is the favourite to win the Apprentice?

    The favourite along with all the new Apprentice candidates will be published shortly. 

  • Have more males or females won the Apprentice?

    8 males and 9 females have won the Apprentice including when the prize was shared in the 2017 series.  

The Last Series of The Apprentice

Apprentice Candidate From Age Pre-Launch Betting Odds Business Background Status
Francesca Kennedy Wallbank Surrey 26 3/1 Sustainability FIRED EPISODE 5
Akshay Thakrar London 28 4/1 Marketing FIRED EPISODE 9
Amy Anzel London 48 6/1 Beauty FIRED EPISODE 6
Kathryn Louise Burn Swindon 29 6/1 Online Pyjamas FINALIST
Harpreet Kaur West Yorkshire 30 9/1 Desserts WINNER
Alex Short Hertford 27 10/1 Commercial Cleaning FIRED EPISODE 4
Nick Showering London 31 12/1 Finance FIRED EPISODE 8
Akeem Bundu-Kamara London 29 14/1 Finance FIRED EPISODE10
Aaron Willis Chorley, Lancashire 38 20/1 Flight Operations Instructor FIRED EPISODE 10
Conor Gilsenan London 28 20/1 Sales FIRED EPISODE 2
Harry Mahmood Coventry 35 20/1 Operation Manager FIRED EPISODE 1
Navid Sole London 27 20/1 Pharmacy FIRED EPISODE 3
Sophie Wilding Cheltenham 32 20/1 Cocktail Bar FIRED EPISODE 7
Stephanie Affleck Kent 28 20/1 Children's Store FIRED EPISODE 11
Brittany Carter Bristol 25 25/1 Hotels FIRED EPISODE 11
Shama Amin Bradford 41 25/1 Children's Nursery WITHDREW EPISODE 3

  • Episode 1
  • 6th January 2022
  • Cruise Task

Harry Mahmood is fired in the first week after proving argumentative. 

You're Fired audience thought him unlucky to lose his place. 

  • Episode 2
  • 13th January 2022
  • Toothbrush Task

Rugby player Conor Gilsenan was another who seemed unfortunate to be fired, however, the boy's design of the toothbrush could not have gone any worse, and someone needed to go. 

  • Episode 3
  • 20th January 2022
  • Non Alcoholic  Drink task

Pharmacist Navid Sole was brought back into the boardroom by project manager Sophie Wilding along with Akshay Thakrar. 

In a tense boardroom, Navid was fired, it could have been any one of the three!

  • Episode 4
  • 27th January 2022
  • Selling Fish

Alex Short forgot to sell or even mention the Catch of the Day in the fish task. 

That FINished his time on The Apprentice 2022 and he was fired by Lord Sugar. 

  • Episode 5
  • 3rd February 2022
  • Design A Video Game.

The early favourite Francesca Kennedy Wallbank left the series after this task.

Her role as Sub Team Leader came under scrutiny after she misspelt the title of the video game, and it was GAME OVER.  

  • Episode 6
  • 10th February 2022
  • Tour Task

Amy Anzel was fired after not stepping up throughout the series, most observers thought her time was up. 

  • Episode 7
  • 17th February 2022
  • Driverless Vehicle Task

Sophie Wilding was fired after her team lost the task, she was deemed to have confused her colleagues when briefing them. 

  • Episode 8
  • 24th February 2022
  • Silverstone Team Building

Nick Showering a finance manager was fired after doing very little of value in this episode.

  • Episode 9
  • 3rd March 2022
  • TV Selling

The candidates were tasked with selling a range of goods via a shopping channel.

Team leader Akshay Thakrar was held accountable after his team lost, he was the latest candidate fired.  

  • Episode 10
  • 10th March 2022
  • Create a new baby food.

The final two male candidates were fired, leaving a semi-final of 4 female apprentices.  

  • Episode 11
  • 17th March 2022
  • The Interviews

Lord Sugar has chosen his finalists with Harpreet (Dessert Parlour) and Kathryn (Pyjamas) fighting it out for the investment. 

Episode 12

  • 24th March 2022
  • Harpreet Kaur is now in business with Lord Sugar after she was crowned the Apprentice winner. 
  • Her freshly baked goods company Barni has been already rebranded Oh So Yum.  

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