Master the Odds: Your Ultimate Guide to Betting on Big Brother UK 2023

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Navigate the terrain of Big Brother betting for 2023. Uncover odds, insights about contestants, presenters, and crucial strategies, including past winners' data, to give your betting game a boost.

Master the Odds: Your Ultimate Guide to Betting on Big Brother UK 2023
Jake Ashton Senior News Editor

Jake is a Football and Entertainment betting expert, with a Man City season ticket and a deep knowledge of reality TV betting angles

Big Brother Betting Guide

Ready to dive into the thrilling world of Big Brother UK betting? In this comprehensive 2023 guide, we'll unwrap betting odds, divulge details about the contestants and presenters, and provide you with strategic insights that you need for your betting triumph. From the aspiring winner's past history to key factors that can impact the game's outcome, we've got it all covered. 

🎲 Ready to bet on Big Brother 2023? 📺

Get the odds, inside scoop on contestants and presenters, and expert tips with our all-in, essential guide! 💰🚀

Whether you're a seasoned bettor looking for a competitive edge, or a TV fan trying for your first Big brother bet ever, this guide is a treasure trove of information. So, let's journey into the captivating world of Big Brother 2023, a realm where reality TV and smart betting intersect.

  • The series is confirmed to be shown on ITV2 after 5 years away from our screens.
  • New presenters for the show are AJ Odudu and Will Best 
  • Online Bookmakers will offer betting odds when the contestants for the new series are announced.

How to Bet on Big Brother 2023

To a novice, the world of online betting might look challenging, but it's actually quite accessible once you understand the basics. When it comes to predicting the outcomes of a show like Big Brother, online bookmakers provide 'betting odds' that essentially predict the likelihood of various events occurring. 

These odds are updated constantly and are determined by a variety of factors: public opinion, contestants' performances, and historical patterns of the show. You can place bets on several aspects of the series, such as who will be the winner, who will face weekly eliminations, and more.

🎲🤔 Not sure how to bet on Big Brother 2023?

💡 Online bookies provide odds predicting the likelihood of events. 💸 From picking the winner 🏆 to weekly eliminations, your research + staying on top of the show 📺 can lead to betting success! 🚀

Through research, analysing the odds, understanding the show's dynamics, and keeping up with the events of the week, you can use online bookmakers to place informed bets and make accurate predictions on popular reality TV shows like Big Brother. Happy betting!

Big Brother Betting Markets

The betting sites will offer odds on the outcome of the show

There will also be next elimination and name the finalists.

We may also have a range of BB proposition bets unrelated to the final outcome

  • Will a BB housemate walk out?
  • Will a BB housemate be called to the diary room and given a warning?
  • Will any BB housemates couple up?

📚💡 Understanding Big Brother Betting Odds

if a Big Brother contestant’s odds are 5/1, you'll win 5 units for every 1 bet if they win! 🏆 A contestant with 50/1 odds is a riskier bet, but victory means a bigger payout! 🎲💰

How to bet on Big Brother

There is a simple 5 step process to making a bet on the election

  1. Find an online betting site offering odds and bets on BIg Brother
  2. Find the housemate you are most interested in wagering on
  3. Make that selection and add them to your bet slip
  4. Select the stake you wish to wager
  5. Confirm

That's it, you are done, your bet is on, and now all you have to do is wait until the final to discover the winner  

If you make the right selection, you win, if your prediction is incorrect you will lose the stake you have bet just as with any normal bet. 

Big Brother Betting News

Our betting news department keeps up with all the entertainment betting happening every week - from TV shows to Award shows and more, tune in for the latest inside info and betting insights on your most popular entertainment event in our Entertainment betting news section.

November 16th 2023


Big Brother Betting Odds: Jordan moves into ODDS-ON FAVOURITE to win Big Brother with "legendary" final eviction revealed in last night's live feed!

November 13th 2023


Big Brother Betting Odds: Yinrun still the bookies favourite to win Big Brother with the final of the show THIS FRIDAY!

November 6th 2023


Big Brother Betting Odds: Trish now moves into 5/2 SECOND FAVOURITE after Paul and Dylan were evicted against her and Noky on Friday!

November 2nd 2023


Big Brother Betting Odds: Dylan and Paul are the betting favourites to leave ahead of Friday night's DOUBLE EVICTION with four housemates nominated!

October 26th 2023


Big Brother Betting Odds: Trish is the 11/10 bookies FAVOURITE to be the next housemate to be evicted with three housemates against each other this week!

October 23rd 2023


Big Brother Betting Update: Yinrun moves into ODDS-ON favourite as Chanelle is massive market mover into joint second in the market!

October 19th 2023


Big Brother Betting Odds: Henry CLEAR FAVOURITE to be evicted on Friday night as he goes up against Zac in second eviction of the series!

October 16th 2023


Big Brother Betting Odds: Yinrun remains CLEAR FAVOURITE to win this year's Big Brother as bookies also offer odds on who will be evicted next!

October 13th 2023


Big Brother Betting Odds: Bookies give odds on the FIRST EVICTION of the series with Kerry and Farida up against each other!

October 9th 2023


Big Brother Betting Odds: Yinrun is the 7/2 FAVOURITE to win this year's Big Brother after the massive reality show reboot kicked off last night!

December 19th 2022


Big Brother UK Presenter Betting Odds: Rylan back into 1/4 FAVOURITE to host the reboot of Big Brother with the show DELAYED until Autumn 2023!

October 14th 2022


Big Brother UK Presenter Betting Odds: Radio 1 DJ Vick Hope the new 2/1 FAVOURITE with bookies to present the reboot of Big Brother after auditions open for the show!

September 6th 2021


Big Brother UK Presenter Betting Odds: Maura Higgins now ODDS ON at 8/11 with bookies to host Big Brother's reboot!

August 24th 2021


Big Brother UK Presenter Odds - Laura Whitmore 25/1 to host the REBOOT of Big Brother UK after quitting Love Island earlier this week!

August 5th 2021


Big Brother UK Presenter Odds - Maya Jama now INTO 5/1 to host the REBOOT of Big Brother UK!

August 2nd 2021


Big Brother UK - Rylan the 1/4 favourite to present the CONFIRMED ITV REBOOT of Big Brother!

Big Brother UK Winners History

The UK's Big Brother spectacle took the nation by storm, quickly becoming a television essential for its audience. Debuting in the summer of 2000 on Channel 4, the show captivated roughly 4.5 million fans. The Rest, as they say, is History!

The first victory went to the genuine and relatable builder, Craig Phillips, from Liverpool, who won the hearts of those dialling in to vote. By series 19, the latest one broadcasted in the UK, the crown was claimed by Cameron Cole. By this stage, the series had switched homes to Channel 5.

Series Year BB Winner Housemates
19 2018 Cameron Cole 16
18 2017 Isabelle Warburton 22
17 2016 Jason Burrill 19
16 2015 Chloe Wilburn 18
15 2014 Helen Wood 19
14 2013 Sam Evans 14
13 2012 Luke Anderson 17
12 2011 Aaron Allard-Morgan 15
11 2010 Josie Gibson 21
10 2009 Sophie Reade 22
9 2008 Rachel Rice 21
8 2007 Brian Belo 23
7 2006 Pete Bennett 22
6 2005 Anthony Hutton 16
5 2004 Nadia Almada 13
4 2003 Cameron Stout 13
3 2002 Kate Lawler 14
2 2001 Brian Dowling 11
1 2000 Craig Phillips 11

Celebrity Big Brother Previous Winners

Interspersed with the regular contestants, the production also conceptualised sticking celebrities in the BB house to see how they would get on - Chaos ensued with some very notable events over the years. There is no current sign of the celebrity version appearing on our screen yet, but we can certainly expect discussions to happen if the first Big brother in 5 years interests an audience one again.

Big Brother UK: A Roller Coaster of Drama, Celebrities, and Anticipation for Its Return

Along with the everyday participants, the producers cleverly decided to throw celebrities into the Big Brother house, resulting in unforgettable segments filled with chaos and disruption. Although we're yet to see signs of the celebrity version returning to our screens, if the first Big Brother in half a decade captures viewers' interest as it once did, discussions about its comeback are undoubtedly on the horizon.

Series Year Winner Housemates
22 2018 Ryan Thomas 13
21 2018 Shane Jenek/Courtney Act 16
20 2017 Sarah Harding 15
19 2017 Coleen Nolan 18
18 2016 Stephen Bear 15
17 2016 Scotty T 16
16 2015 James Hill 14
15 2015 Katie Price 15
14 2014 Gary Busey 14

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