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3.9/565 Ratings

Offer features

Maximum Bonus:
Offer type: New Accounts
Sports Betting Offer: Yes
3.9 out of 5
65 Ratings
Smarkets betting exchange lets you back and lay with the best betting odds and lowest commission on all major sports
  • Arbing Players Welcome
  • Advance Exchange Technology
  • Fantastic Alternative to Betfair

Top Reasons to Bet With Smarkets

  • Live Odds Data, Charts, and Graphs
  • Better Odds With Low Commission Rates
  • Superb Smarkets Betting App
Trade with 0% commission at Smarkets
Use code COMMFREE to trade with 0% commission for 60 days. New UK, IE & Malta users only. Min. £10/€10 first deposit using card or online banking. Full T&C’s apply.18+.
#ad. 18+,, T&Cs Apply

Offer features

Maximum Bonus:
Offer type: New Accounts
Sports Betting Offer: Yes

Before you open your Smarkets Account

Full guide to everything you need to know before you click the link and sign up.

Latest Smarkets Free Bet Offer - Full Details

Smarkets, as with most betting sites usually have a welcome offer for new customers registering for the first time to take advantage of. Free bets as incentives are becoming a rarity and full details of the current Smarkets welcome offer can be found below.

What is the Smarkets Sign Up Offer

The Smarkets sign up offer is an incentive to register a new account with the betting exchange. Usually, a small deposit after registering your new account details, will get you started but the terms and conditions of any offer should be fully understood before making any commitment.

The offer should not be the only reason you register a new account with them. Indeed, there are many more reasons why Smarkets is a good choice for the smart punter as an alternative to other betting exchanges on the internet. We encourage you to read this will Smarkets review before making a decision. 

Take a look at our betting Exchanges comparison article where Smarkets came out No1

Information and significant terms of the current Smarkets sign up offer are detailed below.

Trade with 0% commission at Smarkets
Use code COMMFREE to trade with 0% commission for 60 days. New UK, IE & Malta users only. Min. £10/€10 first deposit using card or online banking. Full T&C’s apply.18+.
#ad. 18+,, T&Cs Apply

Smarkets Deposit and Withdrawal Information

You have a range of Smarkets deposit and withdrawal options, these include PayPal which many bookies do not offer.

Smarkets advise that using a Visa debit card is the best option. 

You can check further details by visiting their Payment Method Comparison page. 

From 14th April 2020 gambling companies in Great Britain will not accept credit cards as a funding method. 

Method Min Max Processing Time Fee
£10 Instant 0.00
£10 Instant 0.00
£10 Instant 0.00
£10 Instant 0.00
£10 Instant 0.00
£20 Instant 0.00
£10 3-5 Business Days 0.00
Method Min Max Processing Time Fee
£10 1-6 Business Days 0.00
£10 1-6 Business Days 0.00
£10 1-2 Business Days 0.00
£10 1-6 Business Days 0.00
£10 1-2 Business Days 0.00
£10 1-2 Business Days 0.00
£20 5-10 Business Days 10.00

Smarkets Key Features

  • Cash out
  • Asian Handicap
  • Live Streaming
  • Live Chat
  • Free Bet Club
  • Casino Betting
  • Bingo
  • Poker
  • Best Odds Guaranteed

Full Smarkets Bookmaker Review

Smarkets bring a new slant to betting exchanges by seemingly positioning themselves first and foremost as a website that you dont want to miss out on. 

This fear of missing out on "the next big thing" in sports betting means you should head over to Smarkets and take a look at this cutting-edge organisation. 

Are You Missing Out?

Smarkets have a lot to offer. Are you getting all of this with your current bookmaker?

To me it has the look and feel of a 21st-century technology company rather than a traditional bookmaker, and is all the better for being designed this way, and provides one of the best betting apps on the market too.

You get a choice of different themed backgrounds by clicking the cog icon, you can choose light or dark.

You can also choose decimal or fractional odds from the cog icon, it is unbelievably refreshing that you don't have to spend hours looking for how to change the odds format as you do on many betting sites.

Select your Own Odds Format

No searching around how to find how to toggle between fractional and decimal pricing. It's the small things!

To the forefront on the homepage are a host of helpful betting focused graphs, giving the reader instant market information, the graphs are worth checking out even if you don't join immediately!

All in all you can see that software engineering and trading professionals have been at the forefront of the Smarkets exchange design.  

Low Commission

Add in a very low commission rate, interesting and off the wall blog articles, + a welcome bonus and you have a site perfectly suited to new bettors.

Joining Smarkets has been made very easy with the minimum amount of info required, to join, click any of the links on this page.

Smarkets User Reviews

OLBG users are still learning about the benefits of Smarkets with only a couple of reviews on this page, If you have recently joined we would appreciate your review.

Why not leave your review?

If you register with Smarkets, please come back and let us know in the user review section.

Leave a review here

From our research, we have found them scrupulously transparent and open to inquiries and ideas from customers. 

When new companies are created they can fail on customer care, as they do not have the staff of the bigger players, however, in Smarkets case you can see they have invested in training to make sure new customers are given a no-hassle experience. 

There is a community section called “Feature Requests” where you can see the questions from customers and answers from Smarkets staff, there is a willingness to implement customers ideas, you can see that action is being taken by their staff, rather than being fobbed off. 

Alternative Betting Exchange to Betfair

They are trying to offer a viable alternative to the more established betting exchanges, you do feel you are getting more of personal service with Smarkets, rather than dealing with a huge corporate entity. 

Smarkets focus is on price and offering a superior technological product.  Their live charts on the home page remind the user of financial trading rather than sports betting, this makes a refreshing change, you can see in real-time how betting markets and live prices have ebbed and flowed. 

More Modern and Technological Exchange Platform

The Betfair platform still works well and is functional, but you can see Smarkets are trying to take things forward with exchange betting.

To see Smarkets at it's busiest, a big event like the Cheltenham Festival will provide an opportunity to see just how much money is traded and available to bet on the exchange during the event. You can use prominent Cheltenham festival Tips and see just how active the markets are on the day of the races, to either back, lay or trade the selections.

Hi-Tech, Intelligent Feel & Look

There is a really nice feel about Smarkets missing with other exchanges which can be a bit 'clunky'

The look Smarkets has gone for on their web pages is high tech, aimed at those comfortable with social media sites, it is a million miles away from a traditional bookie offering. They offer all the main sports and bigger political and televised events.

How to use Smarkets Betting Exchange

One nice feature is the Betting-Education pages, where they advise and educate those new to exchanges, with a range of informative articles. 

Included in this is a funky arbitrage calculator for those who like sure-fire betting opportunities, although these days there are fewer arbitrage opportunities.

Because they are an exchange where you bet against others rather than a bookie you will never have your account restricted if the price is there and there is enough liquidity (which is growing all the time) you can place your bet.

All in all a site that should be added to your portfolio, especially with the current sign up offer available, click any of the links to sign up today. 

Smarkets Review Summary

Smarkets is the most modern betting exchange available to sports betting fans. They are pushing the technology of exchange betting forward with competitive commission rates and an easy to use platform. Smarkets has become the 2nd biggest exchange after Betfair in terms of football betting liquidity and are a very viable alternative.


Smarkets Mobile Review

Smarkets Mobile Offering

Rating 4.80 out of 5
Rating 4.70 out of 5
Not available

Why Download the Smarkets Mobile App?

If you want a low 2% commission, plus trade and arb markets, Smarkets mobile is for you.

Smarkets Mobile App

Smarkets are the newest player in betting exchanges and are growing at a rapid pace.

The Smarkets app gives you the feel of being at the cutting edge of 21st-century betting. It sits nicely alongside your Airbnb, iTunes and Uber apps on your phone’s menu. 

Smarkets strength is technology, if an app is going to introduce groundbreaking features Smarkets will be that app.

When you open the app you immediately see the markets starting soon. We especially liked the browse tab at the bottom of the menu, which made navigation to markets easy.

Clicking the browse button opens images of all the sports and the number of markets on offer.

Since the most recent Smarkets app update, online reviews have been full of praise for its brand new interface.

Cutting Edge, 21st-Century Betting Technology

Smarkets App Example

If you decide to back (support) or lay (bet against) a selection the Smarkets App has it covered.

You can then trade those prices, guaranteeing a profit before an event has finished.

Had you backed Belgium in the World Cup on Smarkets pre-kick off at 15.0 (14/1), by the time they had won the group they were on offer at 9.0 (8/1), you could then bet against them (lay), and guarantee a profit on the World Cup Winners market. 

We liked that you can track a selection’s movement, follow trends in the market, then make trades based on the price history on the screen.

That is the beauty of Smarkets, and the 2% commission means you don’t give back as much of your profits as you do on other exchanges.

Get 0% commision for a Limited Time when you sign up

Pay No Commission here

Smarkets Mobile App Summary

Available on Android or IOS, the Smarkets mobile app has been well received by those bettors looking for a viable alternative.

Smarkets liquidity has grown year on year via the app, with football and horse racing leading the way.

Other sports are playing catch up, but are seeing growth especially on Grand Slam Tennis, Major Golf Tournaments, and interestingly Politics and TV reality shows.

You should have no issues in getting your bets matched on these events and take a look at the OLBG horse racing tips and find better prices on the Smarkets Exchange than typical industry Sp's

All in all, an app for the modern way of betting, aimed at those comfortable with new technology, is that you?

3.9 out of 5 65 Ratings
37 Reviews

Smarkets Info & Bookmakers Reviews

Check What Others Say About Smarkets and Write Your Own Review


"Smarkets review"

Reviewed: April 2022
by freddiehayes79

This website is excellent for graphics. You also get a percentage prediction of what chance your bet has for success. You have to admire that ! Customer service is great on this site too. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who has a long history of sports betting. The welcome bonus of a £20 refund for your first losing bet isnt too bad either. Very good bookie. Thumbs up


"Great Exchange Site"

Reviewed: October 2022
by CJMST380

Smarkets is not your normal bookmaker. It's an exchange site that also uses best prices and these would be some of the best on the market , huge range of sports to consider. If you like exchange betting then you should like Smarkets.


"0% commision"

Reviewed: April 2022
by jamesburnet22

The option to take 0% commission for an extended time for new accounts on this exchange platform and the liquidity of their markets makes this a great introduction into exchange betting and laying

Add your review
Trade with 0% commission at Smarkets
Use code COMMFREE to trade with 0% commission for 60 days. New UK, IE & Malta users only. Min. £10/€10 first deposit using card or online banking. Full T&C’s apply.18+.
#ad. 18+,, T&Cs Apply

Smarkets User Guide

Current Smarkets Promotion

Smarkets like all new businesses need to build their customer base.

They do this in many ways, but a tried and trusted method is to give their new customers a generous sign up offer.

Once you have taken advantage of the smarkets promotion and joined you will be offered a range of value prices.

Smarkets Promos For Existing Customers

Fewer existing customer promotions available on the Smarkets website than with traditional bookies.

Smarkets account holders do occasionally receive promos via email.

How to Open a Smarkets New Account

So you have decided to take advantage of the smarkets sign up offer and open a new smarkets account.

Just read on for the comprehensive smarkets sign up details on how you go about this.

You should be able to view and click the smarkets new customer banner on this page.

Once you have clicked the smarkets banner the registration page opens.

Here you will need to complete the following mini-sections.




That is it, you are a smarkets new customer 

  • You now bet, lay, and trade sports to your hearts content.
  • You can now take advantage of smarkets industry low commission rates.
  • You can now get a smarkets bonus.
  • You can now improve your trading via the smarkets betting education tools.

The smarkets betting education tools are a great resource for those looking to make bigger profits and cut out costly mistakes.

Smarkets say “We simplify peer-to-peer trading on sporting and political events” 

This just means it’s easy to get your bets on at a price you want!

Smarkets Related Questions

  • How do you use Smarkets

    Smarkets is like any other exchange bookmaker. If you have used Betfair before you will have no trouble at all in understanding how Smarkets works. If you've never used a betting exchange before then i would suggest taking a look at the basics of exchange betting.

  • Is Smarkets better than Betfair?

    In some cases yes, and in some cases no. This is a frequent question, so we undertook a task of comparing side by side each of the four betting exchanges available. Smarkets came out on top in a couple of sections. So it will depend on what you are looking for. Take a look at our betting exchanges comparison guide for more information.

  • What is exposure on Smarkets?

    Exposure means the same as liability - Each means the maximum amount you could lose if your bet, be it a back or lay bet, be unsuccessful. If you had bet £50 on Sunderland to win, your exposure would be the £50 stake.

    If you had laid Sunderland at 1.50 [1/2] not to win for £50, the exposure here would be the same as what you would win had you bet them to win - eg £25

    Again, check our betting exchanges basics for a full explanation on liability and exposure. 

  • How long does it take to withdraw from Smarkets?

    Smarkets are pretty smart in dealing with your withdrawal requests. How long it takes for your fund to arrive with you will depend on the withdrawal method you use with online payment providers acting much quicker than traditional banking methods. more details can be found in the baning options section at the head of this Smarkets review.

  • Who are Smarkets

    Smarkets have been around as a betting exchange for longer than most people realise. Formed in 2010, they have grown rapidly to compete in the betting exchange market, and in 2017 were names as the 25th fastest growing company in Europe.

Latest Welcome Offer

Trade with 0% commission at Smarkets
Use code COMMFREE to trade with 0% commission for 60 days. New UK, IE & Malta users only. Min. £10/€10 first deposit using card or online banking. Full T&C’s apply.18+.
#ad. 18+,, T&Cs Apply
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