Matchbook Betting Exchange Review

The Matchbook Betting Exchange prides itself on being a growing betting exchange community, and wants to drive forward with cutting edge technology, and a focus on rewarding you the customer.

As a new account holder of theirs you can take advantage of one of their regular sign up offers, which can be one of the most generous of all the betting exchanges.

To take advantage immediately click the link, or if you want to know more about opening a Matchbook betting account read on.

Top Reasons to Bet With MatchBook

  • Very strong on US Sports
  • Great odds
  • Low commissions

Before you open your Matchbook Account

Full guide to everything you need to know before you click the link and sign up.

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To help grow users of the site Matchbook have a industry leading sign up offer, all bettors should not miss out on this offer while it lasts. it’s hard not to be impressed with Matchbook’s generosity. Click any of the links to read the full details

Please make sure that you read through and understand the terms and conditions of free bet / bonus / promotion offers prior to signing up to Matchbook. 

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Full Matchbook Bookmaker Review

Matchbook are a medium sized exchange looking to grow. Their Modus Operandi is to grow liquidity on core sports, once that has been achieved they will add further sports, their focus is customers so they can add liquidity.  

On checking a recent midweek EPL game a couple of hours before kick-off they had 25 markets and a turnover of: $368,832, on Betfair they had over 100 markets and a turnover at the same time of well over a million pounds, so there is a way to go, but Matchbook should be able to match most bets on big events.

4.0 out of 5

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"Sure bettor? You must use Matchbook"

Reviewed: November 2014
by pasqdek

This newest exchange has overtaken Betfair in the back-lay sure bets markets. True, it does not cover all the sports yet, it offers less varied market selections and charges commission even on losing bets. But, at 1% it is still very competitive rate compared to 5% of betfair and other echanges. It offers much bigger liquidity from the start of the market opening. Additionally, it does offer very good prices for Lay markets that allow for decent 3-5% sure bet profits. Day in day out. If you are used to the betfair interface you will find it a bit tricky at the beginning to use Matchbook but eventually you will find it works just fine. There are a few annoying quirks but they are being chiseled out and from week to week it becomes an ever more important tool in a serious gambler's portfolio. It is still a new player on the market but I highly recommend using it as much as possible for bigger profits


"A must have for professionals"

Reviewed: November 2014
by infinite

Matchbook is owned by one of the biggest sports bettors in the world. It is a place where professionals with big bankrolls bet. Their license makes them a safe place to bet at and the transactions are handled quite fast. They have turned into a real competitor in the industry as their liquidity allows bettors to match bets on the major markets at around the same limits found at pinnacle sports. As an exchange, their commission is applied for every bet placed, so it is not an ideal platform for traders. Their site can also be disappointing at times, but most of the times this is where the best odds can be found, so it is a must have for every punter who aspires to be a professional. Try them out and you will see for yourself.



Reviewed: November 2014
by ludidjole

quite clearly and simply. good offer leagues and good value odds. For now ok.


"Good addition to the Exchange Portfolio"

Reviewed: November 2014
by adamross

I find Matchbook an extremely useful Exchange Betting Account to hold. The prime benefit is the market leading commission rate of 1%. Beware that commission is taken out whether your bets win or lose - and that can take a little getting used to - especially if you are betting to large stakes when your losing bet can have further losses that you need to factor in to your accounts. However, once you get used to this, it is easy enough to quickly adjust your bets accordingly. Again, for those making significant bets, the difference between paying 1% and 5% commission is huge - so the potential benefit of using Matchbook should be considered. What then of reliability, look and feel and liquidity? I have found some slow response times when connecting via a laptop through Internet Explorer maybe Chrome or other browsers are better? However, I have never encountered a problem via the Matchbook Mobile App. I find the look and feel and ease of use of the Matchbook Site to be very good and I haven't yet encountered any reliability issues. It seems as least as robust as the competition. I am principally interested in liquidity for the major markets for Premiership and International Football matches WDW. The liquidity here is excellent. However this is not so good for the Correct Score Markets. For those that bet on Tennis and American Sports, again the offering is very good and there are often reductions on the already very low commission rates. The other principal sport on which I bet is Horse Racing. Unfortunately, Matchbook does not currently offer markets here, although I have read that they plan to introduce this in time for Cheltenham 2015. All in all then, I would recommend everyone to open a Matchbook Account. There is a fairly modest opening offer - but the benefits are principally longer term with the low commission. On the key markets in which they operate, they have the edge over the other Exchanges and they are a useful addition to the Punters Armoury.

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"An Improving Exchange"

Reviewed: July 2017
by TheGamblingGuru

For those unfamiliar with how a betting Exchange works, Matchbook provide a platform for customers to bet against each other rather than a traditional bookmaker where you are betting 'against the shop' Therefore they actively encourage winning bettors and even have an insights section with loads of educational articles on how to become a bettor gambler! They now have Horse Racing too which seems to have taken over as their most popular offering as well as Soccer, Tennis, US Sports etc. Their soccer markets have improved massively over the last few years with live offerings on a huge selection of leagues on top of lots of additional handicap/total markets. In terms of pricing, I have followed them on odds comparison sites and they frequently tend to be best priced, shopping around is definitely worth it as we all know. The sign up offer they have in place is pretty useful too, essentially commission free bets for the first 5 weeks which all adds up! Even after the 5 weeks their commission structure is about 1% which is a lot less than the likes of Betfair and Betdaq. Slowly but surely they seem to have become the main rival to Betfair and with Betfair having taken their foot off the gas with their Sportsbook I can see Matchbook going from strength to strength!

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"Good safe exchange site"

Reviewed: November 2014
by BlubberBoy

Nice and easy to use. And a good opening offer. I just wish the minimum bet value was lower. Generally impressed though as this site represents good competition for Betfair.


"Safe environment for betting"

Reviewed: December 2014
by Definitelynotanot

The first time I remember seeing the name Matchbook was on Asianconnect's page. Because this brokerage firm offers only good to very good options to place bets, I consider that a plus for Matchbook. The fact that I was required to verify my identity through documents before making a deposit made a good impression for me, and is something I remember seeing only at Pinnacle. The majority of companies don't have the decency to ask for verification before you deposit funds. They do it only upon a withdrawal. Customer support seemed nice, and the verification e-mail with the approval was sent within ten minute after sending my scanned copies. The fact that they have their own "gravity" or personality with the lowest commission in the industry is great. They should strive to get more exposure through publicity though, because that would add more liquidity for all Matchbook customers. For example, why not make a promotion for new players that will give them ten or more days with 0% commission to try the exchange. Ten or more days to use the exchange with 0% commission and then get the lowest commission in the industry sounds more attractive than just the last part. The word would spread out among users from other exchanges and a lot of people would try it I think and remain to add more liquidity. The main problem with Matchbook is that there are only the mainstream markets to use. I couldn't find Italian Second Division for example. So they should really try to add more markets in the future. I like Matchbook overall, and I think it's a safe environment to be betting on sports, which for me is the number one requirement. For example, when they exited the US market some years ago, they made sure to pay the balances for all US customers. I would rate Matchbook 3.5 stars, but 3.5 is not allowed here so I will stay at 3 stars to try and remain objective. As a comparison, I would rate 5 stars only Sbobet and Pinnacle.


"Not the finished article but promising"

Reviewed: December 2014
by rjholland

I was a bit sceptical at first but they seem to be quite promising. They have a smooth website, which is quite easy to find your way around particularly if you are used to Betfair. Most of the major markets have a fair amount of liquidity too, which I was actually quite surprised about, although some of their minor markets are shallow and others are very slow to form. Their selection of markets is OK, although they are missing some standard markets, i.e. their range of rugby union bets is limited. They also do not currently offer horse racing, which will be a big negative for many punters. The 1% commission is a good bonus though and I shall be checking their odds before I place any bets on the exchanges from now on. Settlement so far has been almost instantaneous, but I can’t speak for their withdrawals, although they do seem to insist on the ID checks that are commonly annoying among certain bookies. They do not seem to be the finished article yet given the lack of some key markets and overall liquidity, but anything that challenges Betfair’s monopoly of the exchanges is good in my opinion. So as more people start to use Matchbook hopefully the liquidity will grow and the range of markets will expand. I’ll be keeping a close eye on them now and in the future.



Reviewed: November 2014
by SteveLiverpool

I'm not a regular user on the exchanges but with an attractive opening offer on enhanced odds I gave it a go. Site seems OK in general but I don't like the high minimum that needs to be used as a deposit 18.87 I believe and also found the number of markets limited to only a handful of the top games within the football section. The beauty of Betfair for me is that as well as the exchange I can also place an accumulator should I want to, which as far as I can see isn't possible here. With all that in mind, in its current state I won't look to use Matchbook going forward.

None of our users rated this as 1 out of 5 stars.

Matchbook User Guide

Matchbook Frequently Asked Questions

Is there enough liquidity on Matchbook?

On bigger sports dosen’t seem to be issues, especially in the 30 minutes before the events start, smaller sports they are still building.

Do I need a separate account for the Matchbook Casino?

No the one account covers all your activity on Matchbook

How can I deposit/withdraw?

Matchbook permits payments from Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards, Paysafecard, Neteller and Skrill. N.B Withdrawals cannot be processed to Mastercard due to banking restrictions.