Next UK Prime Minister Odds | Betting History and Trends

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Next UK Prime Minister Odds | Betting History and Trends
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Next Prime Minister Betting

  • Sir Keir Starmer is the odds-on favourite (2/5) to be the next Prime Minister of the UK after current Conservative leader Liz Truss
  • The Labour Party are clear favorites to win most seats when the country goes to the polls.
  • Liz Truss is around +200 to be PM after the next General Election.
  • Betting sites have the PM odds on TO NOT even be the Conservative leader at the next General Election!!

Sir Keir StarmerSir Keir Starmer could be heading to Number 10.

Next Prime Minister After UK General Election

Next Prime Minister After General Election Moneyline
Sir Keir Starmer -150
Liz Truss 250
Boris Johnson 3300
Rishi Sunak 4000

Liz TrussConservative leader Liz Truss

Next Prime Minister

Momentum is with Labour with all of the best betting sites. The Conservatives will need to win back the confidence of the country.

Betting Apps | Best UK Sports Betting Apps

Betting Apps | Best UK Sports Betting Apps

Next UK Prime Minister After Liz Truss

Next PM After Liz Truss Moneyline
Sir Keir Starmer -111
Rishi Sunak 1100
Boris Johnson 1400
Penny Mordaunt 2000
Liz Truss

The new Conservative leader is now 8/13 to NOT be the leader of her party at the Next General Election.

Liz Truss looks like she knows what she is doing and has to be given a chance to implement her plans.

OLBG Member: StarMan15

Placing A Next Prime Minister Bet

These are uncertain times, politics is in troubled waters like never before. Unless her tax gamble pays off I cannot see Liz Truss remaining in power for long.

OLBG Member: Tigerled

You simply need to go to your favorite betting app and head to the Politics section in the menu, then select Politics > UK > then find the Next Prime Minister Markets. 

If you do not have an active online betting account, then head over to our Sportsbooks section where you will see a list of bookmakers available in the UK.

We have in-depth bookmaker reviews so you can see what other users think of them before deciding, or head over to thesportsbooks promos where you can see the list of welcome offers currently available from all betting sites. 

  • All you need do is click on the candidate or party. 
  • This will open up the bet slip, at which point you will see confirmation of the betting odds being offered
  • Now you choose your stake - most betting sites will show you how much you can expect to have returned if your prediction is correct.
  • If you are happy, simply click PLACE BET, to confirm your selection, stake, and bet.
  • You will be given a receipt for your bet and it will appear in your open bets in your account details.
  • Then it's just a matter of waiting to see who becomes the next UK Prime Minister. 

UK Prime Ministers Since 1945

  • Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair are the longest-serving Prime Ministers of recent years. 
  • The Iron Lady served nearly 12 years and the Labour Leader just over 10 years.  
Boris Johnson

BOJO was Prime Minister of the UK for three years and 44 days before being ousted by his own party.

The PM with the shortest tenure since the war was Conservative Sir Alec Douglas Home with just 363 days in office.

In part, the Promufo Affair saw him and the Conservatives lose the support of the country.

UK Prime Minister Tenure Party
Boris Johnson 2019-2022 Conservative
Theresa May 2016-2019 Conservative
David Cameron 2010-2016 Conservative
Gordon Brown 2007-2010 Labour
Tony Blair 1997-2007 Labour
John Major 1990-1997 Conservative
Margaret Thatcher 1979-1990 Conservative
James Callaghan 1976-1979 Labour
Harold Wilson 1974-1976 Labour
Edward Heath 1970-1974 Conservative
Harold Wilson 1954 -1970 Labour
Alec Douglas Home 1963-1964 Conservative
Harold Macmillian 1957-1963 Conservative
Antony Eden 1955-1957 Conservative
Winston Churchill 1951-1955 Conservative
Clement Attle  1945-1951 Labour

Not including Liz Truss, the following parties have held power since 1945. 

  • A Conservative Prime Minister has been at Number 10 for 47 Years.
  • A Labour Prime Minister has been at Number 10 for 30 Years.  
After The Second World War

The Labour Party led by Clement Attlee won a landslide victory in 1945 with their post-war recovery plan.

  • The youngest Prime Ministers since 1945 are David Cameron and Tony Blair who both took office aged 43.
  • The oldest Prime Minister since 1945 was Neville Chamberlain who was 68 when he became Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister who had the shortest time in office was George Canning, he served for just 119 days.

He was only 57 when he died in office.

Prime Minister Days In Office Party
Liz Truss 44 Days Conservative
George Canning 119 days Tory
The Viscount Goderich 144 days Tory
Bonar Law 211 days Conservative
The Duke of Devonshire 225 days Whig
The Earl of Shelburne 266 days Whig
The Earl of Bute 317 days Tory

Who are the longest-serving Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom?

The longest-serving PM is Sir Robert Walpole, he was in office between 1721 and 1742.  

Prime Minister Days In Office Party
Tony Blair 10 years, 56 days Labour
Henry Pelham 10 years, 191 days Whig
Margaret Thatcher 11 years, 208 days Conservative
Lord North 12 years, 58 days Tory
William Ewart Gladstone 12 years, 126 days Liberal
The Marquess of Salisbury 13 years, 252 days Conservative
The Earl of Liverpool 14 years, 305 days Tory
William Pitt the Younger 18 years, 343 days Tory
Sir Robert Walpole 20 years, 314 days Whig

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